List of sovereign states in Internatia

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Current states[edit]

Flag Map English short name English formal name Capital Population Area
Flag of Alexandria
Map showing Alexandria in Internatia
Alexandria Alexandria Agata 6,501,237 179,739 km2 (69,398 sq mi)
Flag of Alteus
Map showing Alteus in Internatia
Alteus Bovine Republic of Alteus Wyverncliff 550,000 70,344 km2 (27,160 sq mi)
Flag of Amsteris
Map showing Amsteris in Internatia
Amsteris The Democratic Republic of Amsteris Param 40,500,618 109,940 km2 (42,448 sq mi)
Flag of Anselmsuusonia
Map showing Anselmsuusonia in Internatia
Anselmsuusonia The Reym-L-Dneurbic Republic of Anselmsuusonia Pensa 1,389,401 10,003 km2 (3,862 sq mi)
Flag of Aonach
Map showing Aonach in Internatia
Aonach The Democratic Republic of Aonach Láirge 14,514,670 450,217 km2 (173,830 sq mi)
Flag of Atsoumpalia
Map showing Fervorosia in Internatia
Atsoumpalia Former Oussoulandic Republic of Atsoumpalia Athi Koulli 1,000,000 75,809 km2 (29,270 sq mi)
Flag of Bubblique
Map showing Bubblique in Internatia
Bubblique The Princessipality of Bubblique Burbuja 5,726,398 375,984 km2 (145,168 sq mi)
Flag of Caprika
Map showing West Bombo in Internatia
Caprika Kingdom of Caprika New-Cap City 56,000 85,996 km2 (33,203 sq mi)
Flag of Carpathia
Map showing Carpathia in Internatia
Carpathia The Kingdom of Carpathia Soarelele 10,874,725 180,676 km2 (69,759 sq mi)
Flag of Chruno
Map showing Chruno in Internatia
Chruno Parliamentary Republic of Chruno Yottobán 57,695 776 km2 (300 sq mi)
Flag of DimkaRUS
Map showing DimkaRUS in Internatia
DimkaRUS *D*I*M*K*A*R*U*S* Capital D! 7,691,785 311,312 km2 (120,198 sq mi)
Flag of Dvipantara
Map showing Dvipantara in Internatia
Dvipantara United Kingdom of Dvipantara Srivijaya 26,542,000 40,839 km2 (15,768 sq mi)
Flag of Jindalea
Map showing Jindalea in Internatia
DPR Jindalea Democratic People's Republic of Jindalea Jindalea Capital 68,342,308 891,005 km2 (344,019 sq mi)
Flag of Edoriada
Map showing Edoriada in Internatia
Edoriada People's Republic of Edoriada Benea 3,256,000 78,101 km2 (30,155 sq mi)
Flag of Eriod
Map showing Eriod in Internatia
Eriod Eriod Taobh an Uisce 5,451,229 134,023 km2 (51,747 sq mi)
Flag of Evergreen Lands
Map showing Evergreen Lands in Internatia
Evergreen Lands Democratic Federation of Evergreen Lands Antarille 23,663,411 157,698 km2 (60,888 sq mi)
Flag of Grolskira
Map showing Grolskira in Internatia
Grolskira The Beautiful Republic of Grolskira Dlimon 9,803,125 380,666 km2 (146,976 sq mi)
Flag of Hanzyuki
Map showing Hanzyuki in Internatia
Hanzyuki Republic of Hanzyuki Nek Ménage 3,450,032 38,039 km2 (14,687 sq mi)
Flag of Haven
Map showing Haven in Internatia
Haven The Kingdom of Haven Haven 11,054,000 94,680 km2 (36,556 sq mi)
Flag of H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug
Map showing H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug in Internatia
H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug Kijŏng-dong 37,484,201 425,891 km2 (164,437 sq mi)
Flag of Huania
Map showing Beige in Internatia
Huania Republic of Huania Bilnius 94,201 265,876 km2 (102,655 sq mi)
Flag of Irdminia
Map showing Irdminia in Internatia
Irdminia The Liberal Democracy of Irdminia Skyrim 2,193,689 103,327 km2 (39,895 sq mi)
Flag of Kaeros Islands
Map showing San Monique in Internatia
Kaeros Islands Kaeros Islands Wyvernvale 5,370,000 62,002 km2 (23,939 sq mi)
Flag of Kaledonii
Map showing Kaledonii in Internatia
Kaledonii Kaledonii Kāra 21,877,925 111,499 km2 (43,050 sq mi)
Flag of Kaministiquia
Map showing Kaministiquia in Internatia
Kaministiquia Tribal Federation of Kaministiquia Kasabonika 653,205 3,687 km2 (1,424 sq mi)
Flag of Keohretcha
Map showing Keohretcha in Internatia
Keohretcha The Kingdom of Keohretcha Edlovlis 13,794,000 78,753 km2 (30,407 sq mi)
Flag of Kosma
Map showing Kosma in Internatia
Kosma The Republic of Kosma Luna 8,545,900 75,516 km2 (29,157 sq mi)
Flag of Lacrea
Map showing Lacrea in Internatia
Lacrea The Republic of Lacrea Ción 3,757,411 12,521 km2 (4,834 sq mi)
Flag of Leshia
Map showing Leshia in Internatia
Leshia Kingdom of Leshia Leshkent 9,365,983 313,126 km2 (120,899 sq mi)
Flag of Lost Islands
Map showing Lost Islands in Internatia
Lost Islands The Republic of Lost Islands Esonáth 43,419 251 km2 (97 sq mi)
Flag of Luzze
Map showing Luzze in Internatia
Luzze The Republic of Luzze Lovendalen 6,000,001 191,176 km2 (73,813 sq mi)
Flag of Men̈́sa
Map showing Men̈́sa in Internatia
Men̈́sa The Surrealistic Republic of Men̈́sa Llanfairngultrumlocus 364,525 111,296 km2 (42,972 sq mi)
Flag of Nicolas' Neighbour
Map showing Nicolas' Neigbour in Internatia
Nicolas' Neighbour The Princedom Of Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-ia 1,938,641 136,815 km2 (52,825 sq mi)
Flag of Ova Anova
Map showing Ova Anova in Internatia
Ova Anova Ova Anova Nakatonka 205,300 33,165 km2 (12,805 sq mi)
Flag of Pebbleland
Map showing Pebbleland in Internatia
Pebbleland Republic of Pebbleland Rosetown 38,017,936 3,579,760 km2 (1,382,153 sq mi)
Flag of Pen Island
Map showing Pen Island in Internatia
Pen Island Pen Island Lumturi 650,000 203,334 km2 (78,508 sq mi)
Flag of Porielana
Map showing Swelatie in Internatia
Porielana Republic of Porielana Soldini 10,780,400 9,084 km2 (3,507 sq mi)
Flag of Rata Sum
Map showing Rata Sum in Internatia
Rata Sum Hwaiting Republic of Rata Sum Keipop 32,172,013 117,668 km2 (45,432 sq mi)
Flag of St. Eva & Lepland
Map showing St. Eva & Lepland in Internatia
Saint Eva & Lepland The Northern Kingdom of Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester 150,000 21,494 km2 (8,299 sq mi)
Flag of Sockistan
Map showing Sockistan in Internatia
Sockistan 1-30 Regions of Sockistan Miembro Puru Fantasma 4,001,273 261,608 km2 (101,007 sq mi)
Flag of Spirevo
Map showing Spirevo in Internatia
Spirevo The Republic of Spirevo Siegeslinde 38,900,000 142,460 km2 (55,004 sq mi)
Flag of Spitzenbergen
Map showing Spitzenbergen in Internatia
Spitzenbergen Republic of Spitzenbergen Vespiario 114,783 498 km2 (192 sq mi)
Flag of St Olaf
Map showing St Olaf in Internatia
St Olaf Kingdom of St Olaf Gafloofen 7,275,324 189,579 km2 (73,197 sq mi)
Flag of Stylé
Map showing Dulcet Ebullience in Internatia
Stylé The Nation of Stylé Vogue 263,000 117,501 km2 (45,367 sq mi)
Flag of Sunetti
Map showing Sunetti in Internatia
Sunetti The United Islands of Sunetti Iubesca 17,033,596 132,458 km2 (51,142 sq mi)
Flag of Tashkveny
Map showing Tashkveny in Internatia
Tashkveny The Commonwealth of Tashkveny Invertulloch 157,221,597 687,394 km2 (265,404 sq mi)
Flag of Territrius
Map showing Territrius in Internatia
Territrius Holy Kingdom of Territrius Aquaticia 70,000 9,817 km2 (3,790 sq mi)
Flag of Tikata
Map showing Tikata in Internatia
Tikata Federal Kingdom of Tikata Madakia 55,457,950 545,236 km2 (210,517 sq mi)
Flag of Tjärsklanjska
Map showing Bitland in Internatia
Tjärsklanjska Duchy of Tjärsklanjska Divježinjborg 231,273 18,696 km2 (7,219 sq mi)
Flag of Tonallán
Map showing Tonallán in Internatia
Tonallán Holy Empire of Tonallán Tlahuilco 24,665,211 465,122 km2 (179,585 sq mi)
Flag of Valdron
Map showing Oalia in Internatia
Valdron Republic of Valdron Vuirai 3,755,551 371,078 km2 (143,274 sq mi)
Flag of Volnytaria
Map showing Volnytaria in Internatia
Volnytaria Free Republic of Volnytaria New Amsterlin 20,600,000 696,553 km2 (268,941 sq mi)
Flag of Yazminia
Map showing Yazminia in Internatia
Yazminia Socialist Republic of Yazminia Liechgrado 30,504,608 239,676 km2 (92,539 sq mi)
Flag of Yutuland
Map showing Yutuland in Internatia
Yutuland Federal Republic of Yutuland Jesenriq 4,500,000 39,112 km2 (15,101 sq mi)
Flag of Zephyrus
Map showing Zephyrus in Internatia
Zephyrus The Kingdom of Zephyrus Dramaskus 2,575,000 33,139 km2 (12,795 sq mi)

Former states[edit]

Flag English short name English formal name Capital Succeeded by
Flag of Ahraspen
Ahraspen Ahraspen Belegol  Porielana
Flag of Angelland
Angellandia Angellandia Cherub  Dvipantara
Flag of Beige
Beige United States of Beige Tuscan City  Huania
Flag of Bitland
Bitland Kingdom of Bitland Pixopolis  Tjärsklanjska
Flag of Brickistan
Brickistan Country formerly known as Queendom of Brickistan Little Brick Rock  Eriod (2nd)
Flag of Canedonia
Canedonia Canedonia Palace City  St Olaf
Flag of Daǔlska
Daǔlska Republick of Daǔlska Bresten  Fervorosia
Flag of Dinokratys & Shrikidai
Dinokratys & Shrikidai The Biggest Name for the Most Serene Southern Republic of Dinokratys & Shrikidai Sontiegru  Aonach
Flag of Dulcet Ebullience
Dulcet Ebullience (1st) Dulcet Ebullience Iceswemark Finway  Stylé
Flag of Fervorosia
Fervorosia Fervorosia N/A  Atsoumpalia
Flag of Fierce
Fierce (1st) The Federated States of Fierce Sasston  Valdron
Flag of Green Apple
Green Apple Kingdom of Green Apple Lovely Tomatoe  Alteus
Flag of Harlequenia
Harlequenia The Kingdom of Harlequenia Funnytown  Pen Island
Flag of Irlandia
Irlandia Irlandia Heiditown  Haven
Flag of Karuex and Qargering
Karuex & Qargering Karuex & Qargering Xue  Nouvelle-Acadie
Flag of Kwonia
Kwonia The Kingdom of Kwonia Venus  Beige
Flag of L.M Lažovi
L. M Lažovi The Republic of Lepi Mali Lažovi Rosewood  Ahraspen
Flag of Marvelia
Marvelia The Kingdom of Marvelia Amor  Rata Sum
Flag of Monteverde
Monteverde Kingdom of Monteverde Stettino  Bubblique
Flag of Mukaltin
Mukaltin (1st) Grand Duchy of Mukaltin Millequanso  Angellandia
Flag of Nouvelle-Acadie
Nouvelle-Acadie Nouvelle-Acadie N/A  Zephyrus
Flag of Novatlantida
Novatlantida Kingdom of Novatlantida Platonia  Leshia
Flag of Oalia
Oalia Oalia Orollo City  Fierce
Flag of Puntíkov
Puntíkov Puntíkov The capital city of Puntíkov  Kaministiquia
Flag of Randomia
Randomia Randomia Numanuma  Thorway
Flag of Rötenrod
Rötenrod United Iced Kingdom of Rötenrod Aggycy  Amsteris
Flag of San Monique
San Monique The United Isles of San Monique Lördsberg  Kaeros Islands
Flag of San Remo
San Remo (1st) The Republic of San Remo Rhea  Men̈́sa
Flag of Sibinia
Sibinia The Republic of Sibinia Harmir  Evergreen Lands
Flag of Symphony Isles
Symphony Isles Socialist Democratic Islands of Symphony Violetta  Green Apple
Flag of St. Olaf
St. Olaf Republic of St. Olaf Gafloofen  Spitzenbergen
Flag of Swelatie
Swelatie Swelatie Porteece  L.M Lažovi
Flag of T.E.T.R.I.S.
T.E.T.R.I.S. T.E.T.R.I.S. Puzzle  Puntíkov
Flag of Thorway
Thorway The Kingdom of Thorway Halmishamn  Yutuland
Flag of Üürnikoise
Üürnikoise Üürnikoise Ü  Hanzyuki
Flag of West Bombo
West Bombo Kingdom of West Bombo Adelénian  Caprika
Flag of Winterlune
Winterlune Winterlune Nocturnia Alexandria Alexandria
Flag of Xhanostania
Xhanostania Kingdom of Xhanostania Setovia Pebbleland Pebbleland