List of sovereign states in Outernatia

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Current states[edit]

Flag Map English short name English formal name Capital Population Area
Flag of Almarania
Map showing Alma Livre
Alma Livre Alma Livre Platonia 14,830,000
Flag of Almarania
Map showing Almarania
Almarania United States of Almarania Saída 72,888,000 1,198,091 km2 (462,586 sq mi)
Flag of Auspikitan
Map showing Auspikitan
Auspikitan Auspikitan Suacaerus 26,390,000
Flag of Aurävaan
Aurävaan Aurävaan Ekops 745,234
Flag of EdvinOla
Map showing EdvinOla
EdvinOla EdvinOla Arbiola 3,450,000
Flag of Fierce
Map showing Fierce
Fierce The Federate States of Fierce Sasston 16,564,389 414,840 km2 (160,171 sq mi)
Flag of Frostfall
Map showing Frostfall
Frostfall Principality of Frostfall Snowhead 5,530,547 183,723 km2 (70,936 sq mi)
Flag of Gandhara
Map showing Gandhara
Gandhara Arab Republic of Gandhara Rhea 32,114,607 672,172 km2 (259,527 sq mi)
Flag of Gebze
Map showing Gebze
Gebze Republic of Gebze Anibal 329,195 21,178 km2 (8,177 sq mi)
Flag of Háttųka
Map showing Háttųka
Háttųka Háttųka Karkkana 3,500,000 183,023 km2 (70,666 sq mi)
Flag of Kimmystan
Map showing Kimmystan
Kimmystan Kimmystan Nordfjord 4,563,456 945,444 km2 (365,038 sq mi)
Flag of Jinxria
Map showing Jinxria
Jinxria Jinxria Piltover 1,001,100 461,306 km2 (178,111 sq mi)
Flag of Lettuce
Map showing Lettuce
Lettuce Bolivarian Republic of Lettuce Hugo Chávez City 5,232,456 30,054 km2 (11,604 sq mi)
Flag of Monteverde
Map showing Monteverde
Monteverde Kingdom of Monteverde Stettino 27,159,990 2,164,716 km2 (835,802 sq mi)
Flag of Noxus
Map showing Noxus
Noxus Noxus Zaun 64,970 2,246 km2 (867 sq mi)
Flag of Poland
Map showing Poland
Polland United Kingdom of Polland Krakow 40,000,000
Flag of Ponásikwa
Map showing Ponásikwa
Ponásikwa The Forestland of Ponásikwa Kapupaha 8,396,000 542,470 km2 (209,449 sq mi)
Flag of Boenoe
Pönö Pönö Pönölä 3,000,300
Flag of Raingate
Map showing Raingate
Raingate Principality of Raingate Solitude 10,500,000
Flag of Rascia
Map showing Rascia
Rascia Kingdom of Rascia Stari Ras 15,000,000
Flag of Laranjeirian Confederation
Map showing Laranjeirian Confederation
Laranjeirian Confederation Laranjeirian Confederation Pomar 200,004,000 961,907 km2 (371,394 sq mi)
Flag of Sanlyona
Map showing Sanlyona
Sanlyona Republic of Sanlyona Undayoh City 2,380,518 785,603 km2 (303,323 sq mi)
Flag of Thorway
Map showing Thorway
Thorway The Kingdom of Thorway Halmishamn 4,500,000
Flag of V
Map showing V
V The Vassaldom of V Vermeil 5,229,165
Flag of Vicotria
Map showing Victoria
Victoria Kingdom of Victoria Mirabella 27,500,000 455.916 km2 (176 sq mi)
Flag of Xara Khanate
Map showing Xara Khanate
Xara Khanate Xara Khanate Khanqal 17,253,212
Flag of Zeme Kūku
Map showing Zeme Kūku
Zeme Kūku Zeme Kūku Cherry-On-Top 105,011 km2 (40,545 sq mi)

Dependent territories[edit]

Flag Map English short name English formal name Capital Population Area
Flag of Roseau
Map showing Roseau
Roseau Roseau Keljda 393,514 6,876 km2 (2,655 sq mi)
Flag of St Gustav
Map showing St Gustav
St Gustav St Gustav Toboggan 1,034,397 13,487 km2 (5,207 sq mi)

Former states[edit]

Flag English short name English formal name Capital Succeeded by
Flag of Green Apple
Green Apple Kingdom of Green Apple Lovely Tomatoe  EdvinOla