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Kingom of Monteverde
Flag of Monteverde
Coat of Arms of Monteverde
Coat of Arms
and largest city
Official languagesItalian, Polish, English
Recognised regional languagesCassubian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Casimir II
• Prime Minister
Filip Czarnecki
Consolidation 10th century
• Total
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• 2013 estimate
• Density
7,223/km2 (18,707.5/sq mi)
HDIIncrease 0.915
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CurrencyLis (MLI)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Drives on theright

Monteverde, oficially the Kingdom of Monteverde, is a sovereign state located in North-East Internatia. Monteverde covers an area of 375 984 square kilometres (145 168 sq mi), and it has a population of about 27 million people.

Monteverde is home to three main linguistic groups, the Polish-speakers (about 37%), Italian-speakers (about 34%), and English-speakers (about 26%). There is also a Cassubian-speakers community that exists in North-East Monteverde. Monteverde's linguistic diversity and related political conflicts are reflected in the political history and a complex system of government.


The name Monteverde is derived from Italian language. The word monte means mountain and verde means green.


Map of Monteverde2.png
Flag State Capital Language
Flag of Sandra.png Sandra Nowe Miasto Polish
Flag of Zielona Gora.png Zielona Góra Zdrój Polish
Flag of Ursus.png Ursus Prolew Polish
Flag of Kaszebe.png Kaszëbë Gardë Cassubian, Polish
Flag of Tune.PNG Tune New Furlan English
Flag of Lagos.png Lagos Danzica Italian
Flag of Vigneto.png Vigneto Pomerania Italian
Flag of Lontano.png Lontano Bienale Italian
Flag of Stettino.png Stettino Stettino Italian, Polish, English

Monteverde is bordered by Pebbleland, Tikata, Hanzyuki, Luzze, West Bombo, Oalia, Kaledoni, Edoriada and Zephyrus. The total area of Monteverde is 375 984 square kilometers (145 168 square miles), making it ranked in the top 20 of the largest countries in Internatia. Monteverde has a population of over 27 million people, which makes it the one of the most populous country in the Internatia. Monteverde is a unitary state made up of 9 states: Stettino, Sandra, Zielona Góra, Ursus, Kaszëbë, Tune, Lagos, Vigneto and Lontano.


Music of Monteverde[edit]

The country has a long and rich musical tradition. In the 17th century, composers like the Monteverdian Wenceslaus Bergman wrote some of the finest pieces of the era. Contemporary, Monteverde is one of the few countries in Internatia where rock dominate over pop music, while all kinds of alternative music genres are encouraged.

Monteverde participates in the Internatia Song Contest from the tenth edition on. The National Selection for Monteverde is the Misja Interwizja, held by the national broadcaster, TMV.

Edition Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
10th Amy Macdonald This Is The Life 3 126 XX XX
11th Margaret J It Will Be Lovely Day X X 14 38
12th Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding I Need Your Love 10 115 11 65
13th Marina and The Diamonds Bubblegum Bitch 46 89 10 62
14th Marzia Gaggioli "Wróć Do Mnie" XX XX 17 32
15th Young Guns "Bones"
16th Kyla La Grange TBA
17th The Neighbourhood "Sweater Weather"


Monteverde enjoy teams sports and football is its most popular sport. Basketball and volleyball are also popular. The three sports have their own federations, the Monteverde Football Federation, the Monteverde Basketball Federation and the Monteverde Volleyball Federation.

Tennis, archery, golf, handball, boxing, athletics, biathlon, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, speed skating, cycling, rhytmic gymnastics, ice hockey, badminton, fencing, swimming and weightlifting are other popular sports.