V in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationVTV
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Melodi Grand V
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 8
Best result3rd: OSC 9, OSC 14, OSC 17, OSC 28
Worst result15th: OSC 13 SF

V made its debut in the 8th Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest and has taken part in every edition since. The country had previously voted in OSC 7 as part of the international jury.

V has alternated between a national final (Melodi Grand V) and internal selection. As per the rules of selection implemented by national broadcaster VTV, every single song entered by V to the Outernatia Song Contest must begin with the letter "V".

The best result for the country is 3rd place, achieved three times: in the 9th edition of the contest with "Vultures" by Vaults, in the 14th edition with "Vlasy" by Fallgrapp and in the 17th edition with "Verbovaya doschechka" by Illaria.

V is known for its eccentric voting patterns, mostly notably in OSC 11 when they gave a total of 6 points to the entire top ten.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete

Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
8th Japan Yoko Kanno feat. Iceland Arnór Dan Icelandic "Von" 9 49 No semi-finals
9th United Kingdom Vaults English "Vultures" 3 91
10th Sweden iamamiwhoami English "Vista" 9 63
11th Iran Pallett Persian "Vagabond" 18 44
12th Chile Astro Spanish "Volteretas" 13 64
13th United States MOTHXR English "Victim" Failed to qualify 15 25
14th Slovakia Fallgrapp Slovak "Vlasy" 3 95 No semi-finals
15th Finland Tiisu feat. Sallamarja Finnish "Virtaset" 5 101 7 69
16th Turkey Mabel Matiz Turkish "Vals" Failed to qualify 14 37
17th Ukraine Illaria Ukrainian "Verbovaya doschechka" 3 106 4 65
18th Netherlands Sevdaliza English "Valley" 5 77 No semi-finals
19th Germany Oskar Schuster Instrumental "Vleurgat" 16 64 6 61
20th Canada Grimes feat. United States Janelle Monaé English "Venus Fly" 17 62 9 51
21st Italy YOMBE English "Vulkaan" 6 78 8 55
22nd Australia The Acid English "Veda" Failed to qualify 12 46
23rd Russia Bestiarium Votic "Vihma" Failed to qualify 19 30
24th Serbia Teodulija Instrumental "Vilinska igra" 13 68 6 59
25th Norway L.E.A.F. ft. Helisir Norwegian "Vinda" 4 104 8 52
26th Peru Danitse Spanish "Viaje" 17 62 11 40
27th South Korea Hoon English "Vastness" Failed to qualify 13 49
28th France S A Y C E T feat. Vietnam Phoene Somsavath English "Volcano" 3 115 1 69