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Valdzrene Refubliq
Republic of Valdron
Flag of
Motto: "From the abyss, towards the light"
Anthem: "Banapohi et Caponye ire fe ey"
Royal anthem"Valdzronaic"
Location of Valdron in Internatia.
Location of Valdron in Internatia.
Official languagesEnglish, Valdronian, Sarollean
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Valdronian, Sarollean
Recognised regional languagesMarsotian, Forrae
DemonymValdrane (person only), Valdronian (any), Sarollean (any in New Sarollea)
GovernmentDemocratic Constitutional Monarchy
• President
Rama Ganana (de facto)
• His Excellent, Majestical Leader and Overlooker of Valdronia and Sarollea
Kannym IV
Setei d'Govern (House of Government)
Le Obesaiet (The Overlook)
• Total
371,078 km2 (143,274 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
4,000,000 by 2015
• 2014 census
• Density
8.05/km2 (20.8/sq mi)
very high
CurrencyValdronian Zarite (vz) (VZI)
Time zoneFIT
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Drives on theright
Calling code42

Valdron is a country in Internatia. It is known locally as the Country Of Tranquil Vibrancy and has a high standard of living. Valdron is one of the most peaceful countries in Internatia, only recently suffering from a quick terrorist war and a tsunami during the first half and middle of 2014.

Valdron has extremely close links with Territrius and Bubblique, thanks to the adoption of a Valdronian prince known simply as Callum. Part of the organisations of Internatia Free Trade Association and North Internatia Treaty Organisation, Valdron is a loyal and committed country, helping any of its friends that are in need.


Many citizens don't consider Valdron a country, as Valdronians have been out and around Internatia for years. First, they went south of Internatia, then to the north of Internatia, then moving into San Remo before finishing in the former land of Fierce.

Valdron started off as a small community-like island outside of Internatia's view. As more people frolicked into the island, it was clear Valdron would need an extension, so they twinned with another territory (which was reportedly inside Ancient Internatia), Sarollea. Sarollea was located in the far east in the Avantia continent, and had around 10,000,000 people living there at the time. However, when Sarollea was victim of the bloody Siege Of Hribúna, the country fell, and Valdron took it over as a de facto territory.

However, many countries like Caprika and Monteverde (now Bubblique) have taken the Sarollean territory, despite being part of Valdron. However, today, no territorial claims are being held.


Valdron has its own highlands as well as its lowlands. The highest mountain is Mount Vaunerbae, standing at 3,988m tall. The highlands are mountainous, hilly and home to the highest city of the country, Cantabiot. Valdron is bordered by Spirevo (to the west), Bubblique (to the north), Kaledonii (also to the north), Pebbleland (yet another one to the north) and Caprika (to the north-east). Valdron is located near a quake zone as well, with the most recent disaster being the Marsotian Tsunami of 2014 (9th February 2014, to be precise), which killed 123 people and costed millions of zarites in damage.

Valdron is a very vast country in the aspect of population, with only 8 people per square kilometer. The majority (around one third of the whole population) live in Vuirai, with around 1,090,879 people according to the 2013 census.

Valdron & The IBU/ISC[edit]

Valdranes are massive fans of the ISC, and for the first time in their history, Valdron got the chance to participate. From ISC 20, Valdron joined the IBU, but protests soon arisen when they didn't get a quick entry, as Beige won the 20th contest and decided to enter for 2 more editions. The protests stopped quickly, however, as Valdron now participates in the ISC.

Beforehand, Valdron only participated in the Junior Internatia Song Contest, where their first result was a humiliating last place with only 25 points. They still participate, and are hoping to do better than their last attempt.