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Republic of Waticania
Република Ватиканија
Flag of Waticania
and largest city
Official languagesWaticanian, English
Recognised national languagesMacedonian, French, Portuguese
• President
Tayson Jardine
• 08 December 2017 estimate
CurrencyWatis (WWS)
Internet TLD.wn

Waticania (Macedonian: Ватиканија), officially The Republic of Waticania, is a country located on the western continent of Outernatia. To the south it is bordered by Laranjeiras, and to the east by Auspikitan. The country's capital is Criplulbury, with 1,106,566 inhabitants. Other larger cities include Karth, Rurilčevo, Yanaliti, among others.


The last official estimate of the population of Waticania in December 2017, gives a figure of 4,527,939 inhabitants. According to the last census data the largest ethnic group in the country are the Waticanians, with the second largest being the Macedonians, dominating the northern part of the country.

Nationality Figure
Waticanian 3,263,535
Macedonian 691,859
Auspikitani 236,486
Laranjeiran 92,405
Timivarian 64,850
Bitlish 54,295
Monteverdian 39,684
Easterosian 27,498
Others 57,327
Total 4,527,939


Map of Waticania
City Region Figure
Criplulbury - 1,106,566
Karth Southwest 463,819
Rurilčevo Vatikanski 393,571
Yanaliti East Waticania 291,722
Meščišta Vatikanski 230,199
Eckes Criplul Region 217,714
Chianel Southwest 191,594
Chouteau Southwest 183,483
Capitindy Central Waticania 179,853
Jinji Central Waticania 170,581
Bouvier Southwest 145,943
Semboforo East Waticania 123,753
Dangdamba East Waticania 101,578
Papagual East Waticania 84,931
Muttontown Southern Waticania 67,924
Flayk Central Waticania 66,419
Haunds Southern Waticania 44,385
Lil' Bury Criplul Region 36,843
Other (rural) areas - 427,061
Total 4,527,939

There are seven regions in Waticania: Criplul Region, Southwest, Vatikanski, East Waticania, South Waticania and Central Waticania, and the city of Criplulbury, which acts as its own region. In them, there are 18 official cities, with the largest one being the capital, Criplulbury, followed by Karth, Rurilčevo, and Yanaliti as the other cities with notable populations.


The official language in the country are Waticanian, spoken by about 92% of the population, and English, spoken by 84% of the population. Other minority languages include Macedonian in the Vatikanski Region (17%), French in three of the regions (15%), and Portuguese in Southern Waticania (9%).


The Waticanian music is comprised of a variety of music styles, with the most famous ones being pop-punk, indie and rock music. The most well known act in the country are The Hounds, a Macedonian/Waticanian rock band.

Waticania showed interest in participation in the Internatia Song Contest in April 2015, thus joining the Waiting List for ISC and joined the ISC spin-off OSC. But, the country lost interest in the Internatian Song Contest, thus withdrew from the Waiting List on July 8th, 2015.

However, the Republic of Waticania actively took part in The Outernatian Song Contest, and has scored a few good placings in the contest, until their withdrawal in December 2016.

Waticania applied to the Internatian Song Contest Waiting List again in November 2016. They officially debuted in the contest in the 63rd edition in Soldini, Porielana.

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