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I haven't updated this in years so it's time to give the page a major overhaul.

Names to refer me as: Aurora, Svai
Age: 22
Country: Lithuania
Gender (pronouns): female (she/her)
Zodiac sign: Leo


ESCForum username: NancyAura
Current avatar: Mantas Banišauskas from The Roop, wearing his fancy orange round sunglasses, with a flower crown on top. Taken from The Roop's one of instastories.
Current title: spicy season (an Israeli 2021 entry quote)
Current location: the winners of Eurovision that never won Eurovision (a joke related to the fact that our 2006 entry, "We Are the Winners", has not won at all, and neither did we, ever)
Current signature: mai dire mai dire mai dire mai dire mai (a Sanremo 2021 6th placing entry quote)

Spotify On Repeat Top 30

Place Country Artist Title Year
1 France Marius "Les chansons d'amour" 2022
2 Slovenia LPS "Disko" 2022
3 United Kingdom Sam Ryder "Space Man" 2022
4 Italy Tananai "Maleducazione" 2021
5 Italy Samuel "Elettronica" 2022
6 Slovenia LUMA "All In" 2022
7 Italy SANTI FRANCESI "Signorino" 2022
8 Serbia Konstrakta "In corpore sano" 2022
9 Australia Sheldon Riley "Not the Same" 2022
10 Romania WRS "Llámame" 2021
11 United States/Poland Ochman "River" 2022
12 Italy Tananai "Baby Goddamn" 2021
13 Serbia Sara Jo "Muškarčina" 2022
14 Azerbaijan Nadir Rustamli "Fade to Black" 2022
15 Italy Achille Lauro "Stripper" 2022
16 Austria LUM!X ft. Pia Maria "Halo" 2022
17 Italy Tananai "Calcutta" 2019
18 Estonia/Armenia Stefan "Hope" 2021
19 Italy Willie Peyote "Mai dire mai (La locura)" 2021
20 Switzerland Michael von der Heide "Il pleut de l'or" 2010
21 Italy Tananai "Sesso occasionale" 2022
22 Australia Voyager "Dreamer" 2022
23 Finland/Estonia Jyrise "Plaksuta" 2021
24 Australia Seann Miley Moore "My Body" 2022
25 Estonia Jaagup Tuisk "Kui vaid" 2021
26 Italy Rkomi "Insuperabile" 2022
27 Italy Negramaro "Mentre tutto scorre" 2005
28 Estonia Elina Born "Linnuteid" 2021
29 Italy Tananai "Giugno" 2020
30 Italy Motta "Dov'è l'Italia" 2019