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I haven't updated this in years so it's time to give the page a major overhaul.

Names to refer me as: Aurora, Svai
Age: 23
Country: Lithuania
Gender (pronouns): female (she/her)
Zodiac sign: Leo


ESCForum username: NancyAura
Current avatar: Mantas Banišauskas from The Roop, wearing his fancy orange round sunglasses, with a flower crown on top. Taken from The Roop's one of instastories.
Current title: spicy season (an Israeli 2021 entry quote)
Current location: the winners of Eurovision that never won Eurovision (a joke related to the fact that our 2006 entry, "We Are the Winners", has not won at all, and neither did we, ever)
Current signature: mai dire mai dire mai dire mai dire mai (a Sanremo 2021 6th placing entry quote)

Spotify On Repeat Top 30[edit | edit source]

Place Country Artist Title Year
1 Italy Motta "E poi finisco per amarti" 2021
2 Italy Tananai "Giugno" 2020
3 Malta Destiny "Je me casse" 2021
4 United Kingdom Coldplay "People of the Pride" 2021
5 Italy Willie Peyote "Mai dire mai (La locura)" 2021
6 Australia Voyager "Dreamer" 2022
7 France Marius "Les chansons d'amour" 2022
8 Poland Marek Grechuta "Dni, których nie znamy" 1971
9 Iran Sirvan Khosravi "Zire aab" 2020
10 Hungary Leander Kills "Nem szól harang" 2017
11 Germany ABAY "Paradise Circus" 2017
12 Italy Tananai "Baby Goddamn" 2021
13 Serbia Konstrakta "In corpore sano" 2022
14 Italy Achille Lauro "Stripper" 2022
15 Finland Vilma Jää "Saatanan saalistaja" 2021
16 Spain Rayden "Calle de la Llorería" 2021
17 Italy Yuman "Mille notti" 2021
18 United Kingdom Sam Ryder "Space Man" 2022
19 Italy Tananai "Maleducazione" 2021
20 Ireland U2 "Vertigo" 2004
21 Italy SANTI FRANCESI "Signorino" 2022
22 Spain Ana Mena "Duecentomila ore" 2022
23 United Kingdom The Feeling "Rosé" 2006
24 United Kingdom Young Kato "Sunshine" 2014
25 United Kingdom Archive "Seamless" 2002
26 Turkey Mor ve Ötesi "Deli" 2008
27 Italy Le Vibrazioni "Tantissimo" 2022
28 Austria LUM!X ft. Pia Maria "Halo" 2022
29 Czech Republic Benny Cristo "Omaga" 2021
30 Spain Sara Deop "Make You Say" 2021