Saint Eva & Lepland

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The Northern Kingdom of Saint Eva & Lepland
Flag of Saint Eva & Lepland
Motto: "Pax et libertas in aeternum." ("Peace and freedom for eternity.")
Anthem: Islands of Majesty
National colours
Light blue, dark blue and light brown
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesDutch
National animalOtter
National flowerRose
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy
• King
Daniel Redman
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• 2014 estimate
150 000
CurrencyLeplandian Dollar (LPD)
Calling code684
Internet TLD.lp

The Northern Kingdom of Saint Eva & Lepland is an island country located in the Aeternum Ocean in northern Internatia, and its closest neighbours are Carpathia, Dulcet Ebullience, Sunetti and Irlandia. It was formerly a territory of the Kingdom of the Dysprosian Islands, but achieved independence after a revolution.

Geography[edit | edit source]

The islands are located in the Aeturnum Ocean. Lepland was the first island to be colonised by settlers, and three towns exist on the hilly island. Forests are present at both ends of the island. Until recently St. Eva was uninhabited, but explorers found deposits of gold and other precious metals and gems in the Heartache Mountains near Lake Arcanium.

Cars are banned in Saint Eva & Lepland, in an effort to minimise the country's carbon footprint. A monorail system extends between the three main cities on Lepland, and ferries can be booked to cross between Lepland and Saint Eva. Majority of transport into and out of the country is via Woodchester Airport, as the Aeturnum Ocean tends to be rough sailing.

Early history[edit | edit source]

Saint Eva was first sighted by Kosmanaut explorers in the early 18th Century. However, they approached from the east, and discovered impassible rock formations and whirlpools. More of the same was discovered to the south, so they gave up on the islands as inaccessible and continued south.

Famed Dysprosian explorer Emily Woods was exploring the region some years later. They approached the uninhabited islands from the north, and made landfall at what would eventually become Woodchester. The island was claimed as territory of the Kingdom of the Dysprosian Islands.

The territory was named Lepland, after the large amount of butterflies that inhabited the area (order Lepidoptera) - the Internatian Butterfly House is located in modern day Woodchester. Another nearby island was originally called Orange Island, after the monarch butterflies that were especially present on this island, but the name has been corrupted into Loran Island. Another larger island was soon discovered, and named after the Dysprosian Saint Eva, patron saint of explorers.

Recent History[edit | edit source]

The New Republic of Saint Eva & Lepland reverted to an absolute monarchy following a referendum.

Queen Candice Wheeler was assassinated by a terrorist group, the Scarlet Hand, in 2015. As she had no children, she was succeeded by her newlywed husband Daniel Redman as monarch.