DPR Jindalea in the Junior Internatia Song Contest

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DPR Jindalea
Member stationSanggumdang Central Broadcasting Station (SCBS)
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearanceJISC 2
Best result1st: JISC 50
Worst result14th: JISC 14

The Democratic People's Republic of Jindalea made their debut in the 2nd edition of the Junior Internatia Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Tittle Place Points
2nd DPRK Schoolchildren's Choir "My Country Is the Epitome of Our Generalissimo's Whole Life" 5 65
Did not participate between 3rd and 9th edition.
10th Dayana Kirillova "Poslye Dozhdya" 2 100
Did not participate between 11th and 12th edition.
13th Zina Kupriyanovich "Navstrechu vetru" 5 79
Did not participate
15th Dayana Kirillova "Non Stop" 14 58
Did not participate between 16th and 48th edition.
49th Korean Children Union "Our School Comrades" 2 78
50th Kuralay Meyrambek "Sagynysh kuyim elime" 1 92
51st Ivolga "Together we are Strong" 5 62
52nd Vasilisa Matveeva "Vdohnovenie" 4 64
53rd LemonGrass "Baila Sin Miedo" 1 36