Junior Internatia Song Contest 51

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Junior Internatia Song Contest 51
Ignite Your Inner Flame
JISC51 logo.jpg
Final4 October 2020
VenueDPR Jindalea Sanggumdang, DPR Jindalea
Host broadcasterSanggumdang Central Broadcasting Station (SCBS)
Number of entries11
Returning Hanzyuki
Withdrawing Gandhara
Voting systemEach country awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Winning song Levië
"Toujours pas d'amour"

The Junior Internatia Song Contest 51 will be the 51st edition of Junior Internatia Song Contest, a spin-off of Internatia Song Contest dedicated to young artists. The contest will be held in Sanggumdang, DPR Jindalea after Gandhara declined due to lack of time required in hosting. SCBS was chosen to host because DPR Jindalea had come second in 49th edition of the contest.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01  Mărium Kinder-ele "Echo" 11 33
02  Polland Viki Gabor "Not Gonna Get It" 7 57
03  Pönö Emu's Pink Windmill Kids "Can't Stop the Music" 6 57
04  Lettuce Irene Gil "Dime La Verdad" 9 51
05  Folkloria Darina Krasnovetska "Іnsajd" 10 47
06  Hanzyuki Aurora Kapo "Kercej me yjet" 2 70
07  DPR Jindalea (host) Ivolga "Together We are Strong" 5 62
08  Levië Priscilla "Toujours pas d'amour" 1 77
09  Daǔlska BOY STORY ft. Jackson Wang "Too Busy" 8 52
10  Bubblique Tanya Mezhentseva "Ostanovis" 4 63
11  Kharó Nia Sioux ft. Coco Jones "SLAY" 3 69