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Internatia Song Contest
Official logo of Internatia Song Contest since 29th edition
GenreSong contest
Country of originList of countries
Location(s)List of host cities
Running time3 hours
Production company(s)IBU
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original run4 December 2011 – present
Related showsInternatia Second Chance Contest
Junior Internatia Song Contest
Outernatia Song Contest
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The Internatia Song Contest is a monthly singing competition held among many of the active member countries of the Internatia Broadcasting Union (IBU).

Each member country submits a song to be performed on live television and radio and then casts votes for the other countries' songs to determine the most popular song in the competition. The Contest has been broadcast every edition since its inauguration in 2011. It is also one of the most watched non-sporting events in the Internatia.


The contest was based on the Eurovision Song Contest. The first Contest was held in the town of Sansails, Spirevo, on 4 December 2011. Eight countries participated — each submitting one song. This was the only Contest in which less than ten songs were performed: since the 2nd edition all Contests have had more than 18 participants. The 1st Contest was won by Territrius.


The format of the Contest has changed over the editions, though the basic tenets have always been thus: participant countries submit songs, which are performed live in a television programme transmitted across the Internatia Network by the IBU simultaneously to all countries. A "country" as a participant is represented by one television broadcaster from that country: typically, but not always, that country's national public broadcasting organisation. The programme is hosted by one of the participant countries, and the transmission is sent from the auditorium in the host city. During this programme, after all the songs have been performed, the countries then proceed to cast votes for the other countries' songs: nations are not allowed to vote for their own song. At the end of the programme, the winner is declared as the song with the most points. The winner receives, simply, the prestige of having won, and the winning country is invited to host the second next edition.

The programme is invariably opened by one or more presenters, welcoming viewers to the show. Most host countries choose to capitalise on the opportunity afforded them by hosting a programme with such a wide-ranging international audience, and it is common to see the presentation interspersed with video footage of scenes from the host nation, as if advertising for tourism. Between the songs and the announcement of the voting, an interval act is performed. These acts can be any form of entertainment imaginable.

As national broadcasters join and leave the IBU feed, the IBU/Internatia logo is displayed.


Eligible participants include Active Members (as opposed to Associate Members) of the IBU. Active members are those who are located in states that fall within the Internatia Broadcasting Area, or are member states of the Council of Internatia.

Active members include broadcasting organisations whose transmissions are made available to at least 98% of households in their own country which are equipped to receive such transmissions. If an IBU Active Member wishes to participate, they must fulfil conditions as laid down by the rules of the Contest.

As of ISC 140, 153 countries have participated at least once. These are listed here alongside the edition in which they made their debut:

Edition Country making its début entry
1st  Grolskira,  DPR Jindalea,  Nicolas' Neighbour,  Saint Eva & Lepland,  Spirevo,  Tashkveny,  Territrius,  T.E.T.R.I.S
2nd  Anselmsuusonia,  Brickistan,  Dulcet Ebullience,  Eriod,  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug,  Kosma,  Luzze,  San Monique,  Sibinia,  Sockistan,  Sunetti,  Symphony Isles,  Tikata,  Tonallán,  Üürnikoise,  Volnytaria,  Winterlune,  Xhanostania
3rd  Irlandia,  Mukaltin,  Randomia,  Swelatie
4th  DimkaRUS
5th  Novatlantida
6th  Dinokratys & Shrikidai,  Rötenrod
7th  Bitland,  Irdminia,  Oalia,  Yazminia
8th  Canedonia,  Carpathia,  Kwonia,  Lacrea,  Marvelia,  Puntíkov,  San Remo
9th  Alexandria,  Chruno,  Edoriada,  Harlequenia,  Keohretcha  Lost Islands,  Pebbleland,  Thorway
10th  Daǔlska,  Monteverde,  Republic of St. Olaf,  West Bombo
11th  Kaledonii
12th  Aonach,  Ħanei Čaravāz,  Karuex and Qargering,  Ova Anova,  Spitzenbergen
13th  Amsteris,  Beige,  Fervorosia,  Nouvelle-Acadie,  Yutuland
14th  Tjärsklanjska
15th  Angellandia,  Caprika,  Fierce,  L.M Lažovi,  Stylé
17th  Haven,  Pen Island,  Rata Sum
18th  Atsoumpalia
19th  Evergreen Lands
20th  Ahraspen,  Dvipantara,  Leshia
21st  Porielana,  Zephyrus
23rd  Bubblique,  Huania,  Valdron
24th  Kaeros Islands,  Kaministiquia
25th  Green Apple,  Men̈́sa
26th  Alteus,  St Olaf
30th  Alma Livre,  Ruthsina
31st  Laranjeiras
32nd  Háttųka
33rd  Sanlyona
34th  Auspikitan,  Noxus
37th  Gebze
38th  Lettuce,  Zeme Kūku
39th  Ponásikwa,  Xara Khanate
41st  Gandhara
43rd  Kimmystan,  Pönö,  Timivar,  Victoria
44th  Land of Jhe Freeh
45th  Darkria
46th  Republica Libera
48th  Aurävaan
50th  Raingate
51st  Trešlend,  Trolofloppia
52nd  Percheron
54th  Limnoupolitana
56th  Arcorar
59th  Chimeria,  Ivanotia
62nd  Spinachia
63rd  Waticania
67th  Radamede
68th  Pinnipedia
69th  Enot'ebia,  Unovah
70th  EdvinOla
72nd  Uubell
74th  Asankon
77th  Bartlett
79th  Mărium
80th  Kox-Zoeteweij
84th  Aevis,  Ladoga
85th  Riya-Sampetrina,  Saónas Fe Pier
86th  Levië
90th  Faĺvarak
93rd  Kharó
100th  Koalatopolous
105th  Lahna
106th  Oravania
110th  Blomsterhaven,  Halleloo
115th  Isbseiro,  Solais X
117th  Gredst
118th  Celestia
119th  Alardon
140th  Deirdre & Beaubeirdre


The winner of the contest will have the opportunity of hosting the second next edition. If they decline to host, the country who placed 2nd will host. If that nation also declines to host, the line of hosting rights goes to the next country on the list until a suitable host is found (situation like that happened only once, when Kosma hosted ISC 6, despite placing fourth in ISC 4).

Most of the expense of the Contest is covered by commercial sponsors and contributions from the other participating nations. The Contest is considered to be a unique opportunity for promoting the host country as a tourist destination.

Preparations for the event start a matter of days after the host wins in the two previous editions, and confirms to the IBU that they intend to—and have the capacity to—host the event. A host city is chosen—usually the capital—and a suitable concert venue.

Voting systems

The voting systems used in the Contest have changed only once during contest run. Since 2nd edition countries award a set of points from 1 to 8, then 10 and finally 12 to other songs in the competition — with the favourite song being awarded 12 points. Due lower number of participants in 1st edition voting system was different.

Edition Points Voting System
1st 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 points Some countries had jury members and some countries used televote to decide which songs would get points.
2nd – present 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points Some countries had jury members, some countries used televote and some 50/50 combination of jury and televoting to decide which songs would get points.

Presentation of votes

Electronic scoreboard, as Sunettian votes are announced in 7th contest.

After the interval act is over, when all the points have been calculated, the presenter(s) of the show call upon each voting country in turn to invite them to announce the results of their vote. Often the opportunity is taken by each country to show their spokesperson standing in front of a backdrop which includes a famous place in that country.

Currently, the votes from 1 to 7 are displayed automatically on screen and the remaining points are read out in ascending order by the spokesperson, culminating with the maximum 12 points. Countries must announce the country names and points in English the scores are repeated by the Contest's presenters in the other language.

The order in which countries would present their votes during Final is decided by host country. Voting order has to create as much suspense as possible when the votes were revealed.

There is no specific rule if country has to use 100% jury, 100% televote or 50/50 combination of jury and televoting.

Regional block voting

Participation since 2nd edition:
  Entered at least once
  Never entered, although eligible to do so
  Entry intended, but later withdrew

According to one study of Internatia voting patterns, certain countries tend to form "clusters" or "cliques" by frequently voting in the same way. Yet another study concludes that as of 10th edition voting blocs has, no occasions to crucially affected the outcome of the Contest.

Another statistical analysis of the results between 6th and 10th edition suggests the occurrence of regional block voting; it is a matter of debate whether it is primarily explained by conscious political alliances or by a tendency for culturally close countries to have similar musical tastes. Historically, Kosma and Tonallán would exchange points at an average of 11.4 points per contest. Several countries can be organised into voting blocks which regularly award each other high points.

Expansion of the Contest

The number of countries participating each edition has steadily grown over time, from eight participants in 1st edition to over 25 in the 7th edition, when twenty-six countries participated in the competition.

Because the Contest is a live television programme, a reasonable time limit must be imposed on the duration of the show. In recent editions the nominal limit has been three hours, with the broadcast occasionally overrunning.


Because 35 countries announced intention to participate in Internatia Song Contest, a qualification round, known as the semi-finals, was introduced for the 8th Contest.

In each of the semi-finals the voting is conducted among those countries which participate in that semi-final in question, a draw is conducted to determine in which semi-final each of countries will participate. In contrast, every participating country in a particular year may vote in the grand final — whether their song qualified from the semi or not.

After the votes have been cast in each semi-final, the countries which received the most votes—and will therefore proceed to the grand final—are announced by name by the presenters. Full voting results are withheld until after the grand final, whereupon they are published by host country.

In ISC 8, 10 countries from each semi qualified to grand final, which joined host country, setting a total number of songs in final to 21. In ISC 9 number of qualified nations were increased to 12 from each semi, increasing a number of finalists to 25. Due to large number of participants - over 50 countries in ISC 15 - the number of qualifiers were increased again, this time to 13 from each semi, making the total amount of 27 countries in the grand final.


There have been 143 contests, with one winner each edition. 67 different countries have won the contest. Territrius won the first contest. The countries with the highest number of wins are Chruno, Luzze and Sunetti; all with 6 wins each. Longest waiting country for a first win was Aonach, doing so after 85 participations. Eriod has the most current participations in ISC without a win (131).

Edition Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Part.
1st  Territrius Katzenjammer "Hey, Ho, On the Devil's Back" 44 4  Spirevo 4 December 2011 Spirevo Sansails 8
2nd  Sunetti Nina Zilli "Per le strade" 93 7 H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug HKJIADH 18 September 2012 Spirevo Zinzolin 24
3rd  Sibinia Alan Dawa Dolma "Kuon no Kawa" 101 9 H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug HKJIADH 13 October 2012 Territrius Aquaticia 23
4th  Sibinia NOX "Szeretem" 104 17  Tashkveny 4 November 2012 Sunetti Affetto 21
5th  San Monique Of Monsters & Men "Little Talks" 120 18  Sunetti 26 November 2012 Sibinia Meijar 19
6th  Symphony Isles Magazin "Sijamski blizanci" 87 8  San Monique 16 December 2012 Kosma Luna 23
7th  Saint Eva & Lepland Kristína "Life Is a Game" 128 24  Sibinia 16 January 2013 San Monique Lördsberg 26
8th  Bitland The Bird and the Bee "Love Letter to Japan" 177 42  Symphony Isles 14 February 2013[N 1] Symphony Isles Violetta 35
9th  Marvelia Two Steps from Hell "Archangel" 133 3  Yazminia 23 March 2013 Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester 43
10th  Novatlantida Luar na Lubre "Romeiro ao Lonxe" 155 13  Dulcet Ebullience 15 May 2013 Bitland Pixopolis[N 2] 47
11th  Harlequenia The Romanovs "White Flag" 117 4  Spirevo 31 May 2013 Marvelia Amor 43
12th  Luzze Bebe Black "Never Forget" 153 6  Carpathia 1 July 2013 Novatlantida Platonia 49
13th  Tikata Dulce Pontes "Canção do mar" 162 1  Kosma 3 August 2013 Spirevo Siegeslinde 47
14th  Anselmsuusonia Jetta "Start a Riot" 168 12  Chruno 1 September 2013 Luzze Lovendalen 49
15th  Yazminia Czesław Śpiewa "Pożegnanie małego wojownika" 166 12  Chruno 30 September 2013 Tikata Tramandi 55
16th  Kosma Jenni Vartiainen "Junat ja naiset" 162 22  Alexandria 31 October 2013 Anselmsuusonia Pensa 49
17th  Pebbleland The Storm "Lost in the Fire" 228 39  Chruno 30 November 2013 Yazminia Liechgrado 52
18th  Kaledonii The Piano Guys ft. Shweta Subram "Khushnuma" 163 8  Irdminia 30 December 2013 Kosma Astrée 52
19th  Monteverde Katy Carr "Mała Little Flower" 190 21  Grolskira 1 February 2014 Pebbleland Rosetown 50
20th  Beige Katy B "Crying for No Reason" 201 43  Dvipantara 1 March 2014 Kaledonii Śānti 54
21st  Alexandria Yiruma "River Flows in You" 175 1  Yazminia 30 March 2014 Monteverde Stettino 52
22nd  Territrius Soweto Gospel Choir "Baba Yetu" 190 16  Sunetti 3 May 2014 Beige Tuscan City 53
23rd  Leshia KeshYou "Rizamyn" 153 10  Keohretcha 1 June 2014 Alexandria Dalistra 50
24th  Chruno First Aid Kit "My Silver Lining" 205 28  Yutuland 29 June 2014 Territrius Aquaticia 52
25th  Pen Island The Pierces "Kings" 172 9  Tjärsklanjska 30 July 2014 Leshia Leshkent 54
26th  Chruno The Saturdays "All Fired Up" 171 9  Bubblique 28 August 2014 Chruno Yottobán 53
27th  Kosma Loituma "Ievan polkka" 181 8  Yazminia 2 October 2014 Pen Island Lumturi 55
28th  Bubblique Laïs "'t Smidje" 163 1  Alteus 30 October 2014 Chruno Costalis[N 3] 54
29th  DPR Jindalea Corlea Botha "Wie ek is" 175 1  Chruno 1 December 2014 Kosma Pallas 55
30th  Luzze Jennifer Lawrence "The Hanging Tree" 156 3  Nicolas' Neighbour 1 January 2015 Bubblique Bulle 54
31st  Zephyrus Giorgia "È l'amore che conta" 144 2  Edoriada 3 February 2015 DPR Jindalea Sanggumdang 51
32nd  Lacrea Elin Bell "Over and Out" 192 32  Alteus 1 March 2015 Luzze Ljuvdam 52
33rd  Tikata Kovacs "My Love" 136 0  Grolskira 29 March 2015 Zephyrus Dramaskus 53
34th  Tonallán Elle King "Ex's & Oh's" 196 12  Ova Anova 29 April 2015 Lacrea Ción 55
35th  Lost Islands Nightwish "Amaranth" 178 5  Alteus 1 June 2015 Tikata Madakia 53
36th  Caprika Bitter:Sweet "Dirty Laundry" 158 3  Irdminia 30 June 2015 Tonallán Tlahuilco 54
37th  Alteus Bryan Rice ft. Julie "Curtain Call" 194 21  Dulcet Ebullience 31 July 2015 Lost Islands Esonáth 55
38th  Dulcet Ebullience Jessica Mauboy "Never Be the Same" 191 31  Porielana 30 August 2015 Alteus Ithist 54
39th  Grolskira Kwabs "Walk" 172 1  Porielana 28 September 2015 Alteus Ithist 55
40th  Nicolas' Neighbour Delta Rae "Chasing Twisters" 165 1  Alma Livre 2 November 2015 Dulcet Ebullience Capucarnaisa 55
41st  Noxus Adele "Hello" 209 34  Irdminia 29 November 2015 Grolskira Nolvena 54
42nd  Luzze Vesala "Tequila" 221 48  Dvipantara 29 December 2015 Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-Ia 54
43rd  Leshia Billie "Give Me the Knife" 165 15  Territrius 31 January 2016 Noxus Ankhesenamun 52
44th  Kimmystan Alan Walker "Faded" 204 20  Grolskira 29 February 2016 Luzze Lovendalen 54
45th  Kaministiquia Timoteij "Het" 210 53  Ova Anova 31 March 2016 Leshia Kinzeropolis 54
46th  Bitland Rei Kondoh "Ōkamiden" 237 56  Land of Jhe Freeh 28 April 2016 Kimmystan Hagelin 55
47th  Pebbleland Francesca Michielin "L'amore esiste" 199 30  Sunetti 31 May 2016 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 55
48th  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug ONUKA "19 86" 189 7  Sunetti 1 July 2016 Bitland New Pixopolis 55
49th  Ħanei Čaravāz Walking on Cars "Speeding Cars" 174 20  Ova Anova 1 August 2016 Pebbleland Lavender Coast 54
50th  Auspikitan Dotter "Creatures of the Sun" 163 12  Sunetti 3 September 2016 H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug Kijŏng-dong 54
51st  Chruno 王詩安 Diana Wang "Home" 198 4  Raingate 2 October 2016 Ħanei Čaravāz Zula 53
52nd  Sunetti Léa Castel "Abîmée" 168 11  Alteus 30 October 2016 Auspikitan Suacaerus 55
53rd  Tashkveny Barbara Opsomer "Je sors ce soir" 212 45  Nicolas' Neighbour 1 December 2016 Chruno Batanýa 53
54th  Sunetti Hans Zimmer "Time" 198 20  Ova Anova 31 December 2016 Sunetti Ora 55
55th  Gandhara Doğukan Manço ft. Funda "Yüzleşme" 170 21  Men̈́sa 29 January 2017 Tashkveny Invertulloch 52
56th  Kosma Jenni Vartiainen "Turvasana" 166 1  Tonallán 3 March 2017 Sunetti Umia 55
57th  Kosma Ward Thomas "Carry You Home" 164 7  Lacrea 1 April 2017 Gandhara Rhea 54
58th  Leshia Leah "Met jou klere aan" 164 4  Kimmystan 29 April 2017 Kosma Loran Island 55
59th  Kaministiquia Sagi Abitbul "Mariko" 190 7  Lacrea 2 June 2017 Kosma Luna 55
60th  Ova Anova Margaret "What You Do" 152 2  Pönö 29 June 2017 Leshia Leshkent 54
61st  Porielana Norda & Mika De Ville ft. Joanna Jones "Gypsy (Catch Me If You Can)" 192 24  Trešlend 31 July 2017 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 54
62nd  Bubblique Oonagh "Aulë und Yavanna" 198 21  Nicolas' Neighbour 1 September 2017 Ova Anova Nakatonka 54
63rd  Lacrea ARCHIS "Let Me Love" 173 14  Valdron 30 September 2017 Porielana Soldini 54
64th  Kimmystan The Wandering Hearts "Devil" 193 24  Pönö 29 October 2017 Bubblique Burbuja 55
65th  Noxus Jeremy Soule "Dragonborn" 163 8  Dulcet Ebullience 2 December 2017 Lacrea Ción 55
66th  Tikata Sigma ft. Birdy "Find Me" 181 17  Ova Anova 30 December 2017 Kimmystan Hyggenes 54
67th  Chruno Betta Lemme "Bambola" 178 8  Haven 1 February 2018 Noxus Zaun 54
68th  Rata Sum SUNMI "Heroine" 185 14  Ova Anova 1 March 2018 Tikata Surme 55
69th  Chruno Mimoza "Big Girls Cry" 159 10  Nicolas' Neighbour 31 March 2018 Chruno Tötotő 53
70th  Auspikitan Story of Dakota "Feuer" 192 29  Tashkveny 28 April 2018 Fierce Sasston 54
71st  Territrius Atanas Valkov & Kayah "Czarna Polana" 185 5  Alteus 1 June 2018 Chruno Gemini 54
72nd  Kaministiquia Caitlyn "J'ai compris" 159 1  Nicolas' Neighbour 30 June 2018 Auspikitan Draxtonia 55
73rd  Luzze KSHMR & Marnik ft. The Golden Army "SHIVA" 180 26  Raingate 31 July 2018 Territrius Aquaticia 55
74th  Asankon Little Boots "Remedy" 204 48  Aonach 31 August 2018 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 55
75th  Chruno Ava Max "Sweet but Psycho" 185 19  Noxus 30 September 2018 Luzze Ojdå 54
76th  Sunetti Alex "Solitude" 198 0  Asankon 31 October 2018 Asankon Layal 55
77th  Dulcet Ebullience Jordin Sparks "Battlefield" 198 12  Bartlett 30 November 2018 Chruno Chruno-Deux Spacecraft[N 4] 53
78th  Tashkveny Mariah Carey "All I Want for Christmas Is You" 175 6  Aonach 24 December 2018 Sunetti Iubesca 55
79th  Kosma Elisapie ft. Beatrice Deer "Qanniuguma" 165 5  Dulcet Ebullience 30 January 2019 Dulcet Ebullience Kazelmin 55
80th  Bubblique TARABAROVA "Tsunami" 205 21  Noxus 1 March 2019 Tashkveny Bonaventure 55
81st  Lacrea MARUV "Siren Song" 191 12  Asankon 30 March 2019 Kosma Niemimaa 55
82nd  Alteus Grace Carter "Heal Me" 168 8  Tonallán 28 April 2019 Bubblique Burbuja 55
83rd  Pen Island AURORA "The Seed" 179 8  Percheron 4 June 2019 Lacrea Ción 55
84th  Bitland The Pirouettes "L'escalier" 210 15  Kaministiquia 30 June 2019 Alteus Ithist 54
85th  Ladoga Pomni Imya Svoe "Mamimo more" 214 39  Asankon 1 August 2019 Pen Island Buzyrt 55
86th  Noxus Tiësto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora "Ritual" 200 17  Pen Island 2 September 2019 Bitland New Pixopolis 54
87th  Ħanei Čaravāz Celtian "Niamh" 192 20  Spitzenbergen 3 October 2019 Ladoga Vorobiesheck[N 5] 55
88th  Dulcet Ebullience Céline Dion "I Drove All Night" 156 0  Nicolas' Neighbour 1 November 2019 Noxus Slag 54
89th  Mărium Nightwish "Sleeping Sun" 148 8  Nicolas' Neighbour 29 November 2019 Ħanei Čaravāz Nék Menage 53
90th  Dulcet Ebullience "Butterfly" 161 1  Territrius 29 December 2019 Dulcet Ebullience Stockhagen Helviklo[N 6] 55
91st  Zephyrus Hrdza "Štefan" 173 17  Ħanei Čaravāz 2 February 2020 Mărium Marimea 55
92nd  Tonallán Billie Eilish "everything i wanted" 205 3  Bartlett 3 March 2020 Dulcet Ebullience Platform 3, Stockhagen Helviklo[N 7] 55
93rd  Bitland Rosie Doonan "Bird Song" 168 2  Caprika 29 March 2020 Zephyrus Dramaskus 55
94th  Zephyrus Betta Lemme "Play" 169 5  Lost Islands 30 April 2020 Tonallán Tlahuico 55
95th  Kaministiquia Ava Max "Kings & Queens" 192 12  Fierce 31 May 2020 Bitland New Pixopolis 55
96th  Alma Livre Aly & AJ "Joan of Arc on the Dance Floor" 177 10  Noxus 1 July 2020 Zephyrus Dramaskus 55
97th  Luzze Olox "Aan Alaxchyn" 177 1  Faĺvarak 3 August 2020 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 55
98th  Faĺvarak Mauvais Œil "Eve lève-toi" 163 1  Ħanei Čaravāz 3 September 2020 Riya-Sampetrina Bulan-Bethari 55
99th  Aonach Agnes "Fingers Crossed" 223 35  Luzze 3 October 2020 Luzze Lovendalen 54
100th  Fierce Alizée "Moi... Lolita" 210 29  Bitland 1 November 2020 Faĺvarak Mir 55
101st  Bubblique Dua Lipa ft. Angèle "Fever" 176 24  Aonach 1 December 2020 Territrius Aquaticia 55
102nd  Zephyrus Kim-Lian "Dansen in het moeras" 173 9  Faĺvarak 3 January 2021 Valdron Vuirai 55
103rd  Rata Sum Chung Ha & R3HAB "Dream of You" 183 9  Amsteris 31 January 2021 Bubblique Bulle 54
104th  Pinnipedia Marta Sango "¿Qué más quieres de mí?" 176 10  Koalatopolous 1 March 2021 Zephyrus Dramaskus 54
105th  Kharó SINNOI "Gamang" 166 2  Sunetti 2 April 2021 Amsteris Param 55
106th  Lahna J.R. August "Hold Your Horses" 154 2  Alma Livre 2 May 2021 Pinnipedia Capybavaria 55
107th  Kimmystan SHANGUY & Mark Neve "Kalima Minou" 205 43  Kosma 2 June 2021 Kharó Agghar 53
108th  Oravania Requin Chagrin "Sémaphore" 183 17  Pen Island 4 July 2021 Lahna Abramea 55
109th  Percheron Polo & Pan "Ani Kuni" 168 8  Tashkveny 2 August 2021 Kimmystan Nordfjord 53
110th  Grolskira Go_A "Sontse" 214 36  Amsteris 3 September 2021 Oravania Mänty 55
111th  Uubell Dzivia "Flower Maiden" 181 22  Sunetti 1 October 2021 Percheron Canasson 53
112th  Ova Anova Kylie Minogue "Your Disco Needs You" 178 5  Pen Island 4 November 2021 Grolskira Miltu 55
113th  Kaministiquia Sigrid "Burning Bridges" 183 17  Ladoga 1 December 2021 Uubell Ulubele 55
114th  Kharó Jambinai "ONDA" 191 10  Tashkveny 30 December 2021 Ova Anova Balagan 55
115th  Aevis PPK "Resurrection" 186 33  Dulcet Ebullience 30 January 2022 Kaministiquia Cedar Falls 55
116th  Solais X Brendan Peyper "Klim jou Everest" 161 4  Pen Island 3 March 2022 Kharó Otherwordly Dimension Centre 55
117th  Bitland Suyeong & cacophony "" 182 2  Ħanei Čaravāz 31 March 2022 Dulcet Ebullience Vuitemezame 53
118th  Trešlend Go_A "Kalyna" 245 79  Irdminia 1 May 2022 Solais X Eirénd 52
119th  Irdminia S10 "Adem je in" 164 3  Uubell 31 May 2022 Ħanei Čaravāz Zula 55
120th  Sunetti Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør "If You Want Me" 179 15  Bartlett 30 June 2022 Trešlend Gorigrad 54
121st  Bartlett Miss Li "X" 164 4  Percheron 31 July 2022 Irdminia Wolfrim 55
122nd  Kimmystan Tove Lo "2 Die 4" 210 39  Territrius 1 September 2022 Sunetti Prima 53
123rd  Asankon IVE "After LIKE" 183 18  Bubblique 1 October 2022 Bartlett Bulgeum 55
124th  Nicolas' Neighbour Jessie Ware "Free Yourself" 204 29  Bubblique 31 October 2022 Kimmystan Cwm 54
125th  Territrius Miami Boys Choir "Yerushalayim" 174 1  Kharó 3 December 2022 Asankon Zhovaka 54
126th  Luzze Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Wolf" 205 42  Sunetti 31 December 2022 Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-Ia 55
127th  Nicolas' Neighbour Benjamin "N-Y-T" 185 4  Valdron 1 February 2023 Territrius Aquaticia 55
128th  Trešlend REISS "Kanta" 170 13  Kaministiquia 3 March 2023 Luzze Ojdå 55
129th  Irdminia Rina Sawayama "Frankenstein" 211 42  Asankon 2 April 2023 Nicolas' Neighbour Funsan 55
130th  Sunetti Madonna "Hung Up" 210 2  Asankon 30 April 2023 Trešlend Gorigrad 54
131st  Asankon Blanca Paloma "Plumas de nácar" 181 7  Zephyrus 31 May 2023 Irdminia Öö 55
132nd  Raingate Kylie Minogue "Padam Padam" 243 63  Oravania 2 July 2023 Sunetti Affetto 52
133rd  Thorway PRISMA "Andy" 180 24  Grolskira 30 July 2023 Asankon Layal 55
134th  Daǔlska Troye Sivan "Rush" 182 15  Pen Island 31 August 2023 Raingate Solitude 55
135th  Lacrea The Immortals "Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat)" 181 26  Irdminia 1 October 2023 Grolskira Kynli 55
136th  Nicolas' Neighbour Swedish House Mafia "Ray of Solar" 187 10  Luzze 30 October 2023 Daǔlska Bresten 55
137th  Daǔlska Hrdza "Horela ľipka" 186 17  Eriod 3 December 2023 Lacrea Ción 54
138th  Tashkveny Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Wuh Oh "Hypnotized" 194 10  Saint Eva & Lepland 3 January 2024 Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-Ia 54
139th  Evergreen Lands Carbeau "Mare nero" 190 18  Kaledonii 31 January 2024 Daǔlska Tomašen 53
140th  Kaledonii Niteworks ft. Sian "Air Fàir an Là" 174 7  Solais X 1 March 2024 Tashkveny Invertulloch 55
141st  Asankon Kiesza "Dancing and Crying" 161 1  Chruno 1 April 2024 Evergreen Lands Antarille 55
142nd  Daǔlska CHUNG HA "I'm Ready" 170 7  Kimmystan 2 May 2024 Kaledonii Tamār 55
143rd  Trešlend Lena "Loyal to Myself" 169 4  Kimmystan 1 June 2024 Asankon Meu Island 54
144th June/July 2024 Daǔlska Bresten 55

By country

Map showing each territory's number of Internatia wins up to and including 91st edition.
1Novatlantida and Leshia won representing the same territory.
2Harlequenia and Pen Island won representing the same territory.
3Symphony Isles and Alteus won representing the same territory.
Wins Country Editions
6  Chruno 24th, 26th, 51st, 67th, 69th, 75th
 Luzze 12th, 30th, 42nd, 73rd, 97th, 126th
 Sunetti 2nd, 52nd, 54th, 76th, 120th, 130th
5  Kosma 16th, 27th, 56th, 57th, 79th
 Kaministiquia 45th, 59th, 72nd, 95th, 113th
 Bitland 8th, 46th, 84th, 93th, 117th
4  Dulcet Ebullience 38th, 77th, 88th, 90th
 Bubblique 28th, 62nd, 80th, 101st
 Zephyrus 31st, 91st, 94th, 102nd
 Kimmystan 44th, 64th, 107th, 122nd
 Territrius 1st, 22nd, 71st, 125th
 Lacrea 32nd, 63rd, 81st, 135th
 Nicolas' Neighbour 40th, 124th, 127th, 136th
 Asankon 74th, 123rd, 131st, 141st
3  Leshia 23rd, 43rd, 58th
 Tikata 13th, 33rd, 66th
 Noxus 41st, 65th, 86th
 Tashkveny 53rd, 78th, 138th
 Daǔlska 134th, 137th, 142nd
 Trešlend 118th, 128th, 143th
2  Sibinia 3rd, 4th
 Pebbleland 17th, 47th
 Auspikitan 50th, 70th
 Alteus 37th, 82nd
 Pen Island 25th, 83rd
 Ħanei Čaravāz 49th, 87th
 Tonallán 34th, 92th
 Rata Sum 68th, 103rd
 Grolskira 39th, 110th
 Ova Anova 60th, 112th
 Kharó 105th, 114th
 Irdminia 119th, 129th
 Kaledonii 18th, 140th
1  San Monique 5th
 Symphony Isles 6th
 Saint Eva & Lepland 7th
 Marvelia 9th
 Novatlantida 10th
 Harlequenia 11th
 Anselmsuusonia 14th
 Yazminia 15th
 Monteverde 19th
 Beige 20th
 Alexandria 21st
 DPR Jindalea 29th
 Lost Islands 35th
 Caprika 36th
 H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug 48th
 Gandhara 55th
 Porielana 61st
 Ladoga 85th
 Mărium 89th
 Alma Livre 96th
 Faĺvarak 98th
 Aonach 99th
 Fierce 100th
 Pinnipedia 104th
 Lahna 106th
 Oravania 108th
 Percheron 109th
 Uubell 111th
 Aevis 115th
 Solais X 116th
 Bartlett 121st
 Raingate 132nd
 Thorway 133rd
 Evergreen Lands 139th

By language

Wins Language Editions Countries
77 English 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th,[N 8] 17th, 19th,[N 8] 20th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 30th, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 39th, 40th, 41st, 43rd, 44th, 48th, 49th, 50th, 51st, 57th, 60th, 61st, 63rd, 64th, 66th, 67th[N 9], 69th, 74th, 75th, 77th, 78th, 81st[N 10], 82nd, 83rd, 86th, 88th, 89th, 90th, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, 96th, 99th, 101st, 103rd, 106th[N 11], 107th, 112th[N 12], 113th, 120th, 122nd, 124th, 126th, 129th, 130th, 132nd, 133rd, 134th, 135th, 136th, 138th, 141st, 143th Territrius, San Monique, Saint Eva & Lepland, Bitland, Harlequenia, Luzze, Anselmsuusonia, Yazminia[N 8], Pebbleland, Monteverde[N 8], Beige, Chruno[N 9], Pen Island, Lacrea, Tikata, Tonallán, Lost Islands, Caprika, Alteus, Dulcet Ebullience, Grolskira, Nicolas' Neighbour, Noxus, Leshia, Kimmystan, HKJIADH, Ħanei Čaravāz, Auspikitan, Kosma, Ova Anova, Porielana, Asankon, Tashkveny, Mărium, Zephyrus, Kaministiquia, Alma Livre, Aonach, Bubblique, Rata Sum, Lahna, Sunetti, Irdminia, Raingate, Thorway, Daǔlska, Trešlend
12 French 52nd, 53rd, 67th[N 9], 72nd, 84th, 98th, 100th, 101st, 107th[N 11], 108th, 112th[N 12], 139th[N 13] Sunetti, Tashkveny, Chruno[N 9], Kaministiquia, Bitland, Faĺvarak, Fierce, Bubblique, Kimmystan[N 11], Oravania, Ova Anova[N 12], Evergreen Lands[N 13]
7 Instrumental 9th, 21st, 46th, 54th, 76th, 115th, 128th Marvelia, Alexandria, Bitland, Sunetti, Aevis, Trešlend
5 Korean 68th[N 14], 105th, 114th, 117th, 123rd[N 15] Rata Sum[N 14], Kharó, Bitland, Asankon
Finnish 16th, 27th, 42nd, 56th, 127th Kosma, Luzze, Nicolas' Neighbour
Italian 2nd, 31st, 47th, 67th[N 9], 139th[N 13] Sunetti, Zephyrus, Pebbleland, Chruno[N 9], Evergreen Lands[N 13]
3 Polish 15th,[N 8] 19th [N 8], 71st Yazminia[N 8], Monteverde[N 8], Territrius
Afrikaans 29th, 58th, 116th DPR Jindalea, Leshia, Solais X
Ukrainian 80th, 110th, 118th Bubblique, Grolskira, Trešlend
Dutch 28th, 102nd, 119th Bubblique, Zephyrus, Irdminia
Spanish 87th, 104th, 131st Ħanei Čaravāz, Pinnipedia, Asankon
2 Constructed language 62nd[N 16], 65th[N 17] Bubblique[N 16], Noxus[N 17]
German 62nd[N 16], 70th[N 18] Bubblique[N 16], Auspikitan[N 18]
Sanskrit 18th[N 19], 73rd Kaledonii[N 19], Luzze
Swedish 45th, 121st Kaministiquia, Bartlett
1 Japanese 3rd Sibinia
Hungarian 4th Sibinia
Croatian 6th Symphony Isles
Galician 10th Novatlantida
Portuguese 13th Tikata
Hindi 18th[N 19] Kaledonii[N 19]
Swahili 22nd Territrius
Kazakh 23rd Leshia
Turkish 55th Gandhara
Bulgarian 59th Kaministiquia
Dakota 70th[N 18] Auspikitan[N 18]
Inuktitut 79th Kosma
Russian 85th Ladoga
Rusyn 91st Zephyrus
Sakha 97th Luzze
Arapaho 109th Percheron
Belarusian 111th Uubell
Hebrew 125th Territrius
Slovak 137th Daǔlska
Scottish Gaelic 140th Kaledonii

Records and statistics

Since its inception, Internatia Song Contest has changed logo many times:

Editions Image Notes
1st – 2nd No official logo
3rd – 7th Big star with caption: Internatia Song Contest
8th – 11th Big star with caption "Internatia Song Contest", encircled by square flags of all nations that participated in ISC.
12th – 28th Abbreviation "ISC" in center, encircled by round flags of all nations that participated in ISC.
since 29th The current generic logo was introduced for the 29th Internatia Song Contest in Kosma, to create a consistent visual identity. The host country's flag appears in the first "a" of the generic logo. Each edition of the contest, the host country creates a sub-theme which is usually accompanied and expressed with a sub-logo and slogan.


To celebrate every 25th edition of the contest, a Congratulations contest occurs. 57 countries took part in the first one with songs from the previous editions of ISC and the winner was Pen Island with The Pierces ("Kings").

Edition Winner Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Part.
25th  Pen Island The Pierces "Kings" 169 27  Monteverde August-October 2014 Tikata Cepanka - Tonallán Cepánka 57
50th  Alteus Yogscast "Diggy Diggy Hole" 218 9  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug July-August 2016 Kaledonii Śānthi and Kāra - Spitzenbergen Vespiario 45
75th  Gandhara Doğukan Manço ft. Funda "Yüzleşme" 378 2  Asankon September-October 2018 Valdron Vuirai 53
100th  Bartlett Dua Lipa "Physical" 156 44  Kaministiquia October-November 2021 Kharó Agghar 32
125th  Kharó Tori Amos "Winter" 90 11  Kimmystan June-July 2023 Bartlett Macquerie 21


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Notes and references


  1. ^ Since 8th edition, contest has included two televised semi-finals.
  2. ^ Final results show was held in Esonáth, Lost Islands.
  3. ^ The 28th edition was co-hosted by Bubblique with semi-final 1 being held in Burbuja, Bubblique.
  4. ^ The final was held in Chruno Spacecraft due to the demolition of Chruno-Deux for this specific event.
  5. ^ The 85th edition was co-hosted by Daǔlska broadcaster DATV.
  6. ^ The 90th edition was co-hosted by Nicolas' Neighbour with semi-final 2 being held in Baus-la, Nicolas' Neighbour.
  7. ^ The 92nd edition was hosted in three cities within Dulcet Ebullience: Kazelmin (semi-final 1), Capucarnaisa (semi-final 2), and Kina (final).
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  11. ^ a b c This song contains a few phrases in English.
  12. ^ a b c This song contains a spoken passage in French.
  13. ^ a b c d This song repeats one four-line stanza throughout the entire song, some of the lines are in French, some of the lines are in Italian.
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