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Kingdom of Kimmystan
Flag Of Kimmystan
Kimmystan Dove
Kimmystanian Dove
Location of Kimmystan in Outernatia
Location of Kimmystan in Outernatia
Largest cityFettevika
Official languagesKimmystanian
Ethnic groups85 % Kimmystanians
3 % Kimmis
12  % others
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarch
• King
Kim I
• Prime Minister
Hyacinth Bucket
Independence 29 April 1781
• Total
945,444 km2 (365,038 sq mi)
• Estimate
• Density
9.65/km2 (25.0/sq mi)
CurrencyKimmi Kroner (KIK)
Time zoneCET (UTC+1)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright
Calling code+69

Kimmystan (officially the Kingdom of Kimmystan is a sovereign state located within the northern part of Outernatia. It is bordered by Dulcet Ebullience and Radamede in the east, Xara Khanate in the west, and Monteverde in the south. It has a population of around 14.5 million people and it has an area spanning 26,1625 kilometres squared.

Kimmystan is a Kingdom and the current Kimmystanian King is Kim A. F. Karlsen, and he has ruled the country since the age of 15, when his mother (the former Queen of Kimmystan) Tove died tragically in September 2006. Kim was chosen as the king by the people due to his charm and kindness and he wields immense political power. Although he controls most of what is happening in the country, the people are very happy and look up to their leader.

Kimmystan ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, protection of civil liberties, economic competitiveness, equality, prosperity and human development. Although it is not a founding member of the Outernatian Union, they are going to apply to join the union. Kimmystan maintains close ties with the Outernatian Union and the countries of Internatia.

The country maintains a combination of market economy and a Nordic welfare model with universal health care and a comprehensive social security system. Kimmystan has extensive reserves of petroleum, natural gas, minerals, lumber, seafood, fresh water, and hydropower. The petroleum industry accounts for around a quarter of the country's gross domestic product. The country has one of the highest per capita income in the world, and on a per-capita basis, it is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas outside.


Administrative divisions

Kimmystan has both administrative and political subdivisions on two levels: counties and municipalities. The Kimmis have a certain amount of self-determination and influence over traditional territories through the Kimmis Parliament and the Kimmis Act. Kimmystan consists of 9 regions. It's capital city Nordfjord is located in Fjörðr and is one of the most urbanised cities in this part of Outernatia. Nordfjord is an important global city and financial centre with an urban population of 2.1 million. Most of the country's embassies can be found in this city.

Administrative divisions of Kimmystan
Region Capital Population
 Dynion Cwm 636,144
 Fjörðr Nordfjord 3,365,004
 Gokk Huttiheita 2,307,985
 Goma Dalen 2,786,990
 Gropa Fjordvika 1,942,411
 Kimmi Kimmi 436,903
 Kjerringdalen Fettevika 1,936,144
 Klapaucius Rosebud 258,293
 Vestlig Hagelin 893,582

Politics and Government

Office Name Party Since
King Kim I 17 September 2007
Prime Minister Hyacinth Bucket Konservative Kimmystan 16 October 2015
The King of Kimmystan

According to the Constitution of Kimmystan, Kimmystan is a unitary constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system of government, wherein the King of Kimmystan is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the head of government. Power is separated among the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, as defined by the Constitution, which serves as the country's supreme legal document. The current king is King Kim I of Kimmystan. Kimmystan is considered to be one of the most developed democracies and states of justice in Outernatia.

The Monarch is commander-in-chief of the Kimmystanian Armed Forces, and serves as chief diplomatic official abroad and as a symbol of unity and peace. The monarch was crowned King of Kimmystan in 2007 after the tragic death of his mother, Queen Tove of Kimmystan.

In practice, the Prime Minister exercises the executive powers. Constitutionally, legislative power is vested with both the government and the Parliament of Kimmystan, but the latter is the supreme legislature and a unicameral body. Kimmystan is fundamentally structured as a representative democracy. The Parliament can pass a law by simple majority of the 169 representatives, who are elected on the basis of proportional representation from 10 constituencies for four-year terms.

Political System

The Prime Minster of Kimmystan

Politics in Kimmystan take place in the framework of a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. Executive power is exercised by the King's council, the cabinet, led by the Prime Minister of Kimmystan. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Storting, elected within a multi-party system. The Judiciary is independent of the executive branch and the legislature.

The Parliament of Kimmystan, called the Tinget (meaning The Assembly), ratifies national treaties developed by the executive branch. It can impeach members of the government if their acts are declared unconstitutional. If an indicted suspect is impeached, Parliament has the power to remove the person from office.

Tinget is the supreme legislature of Kimmystan, established in 1780 by the Constitution of Kimmystan. It is located in Nordfjord. The unicameral parliament has 169 members, and is elected every four years based on party-list proportional representation in ten plural member constituencies. (the ten regions of Kimmystan). All of the inhabitants that are 16 or older have the right to vote in the elections being held in Kimmystan.

150 are elected directly from the 10 constituencies, and an additional 19 seats ("levelling seats") are allocated on a nationwide basis to make the representation in parliament correspond better with the popular vote for the political parties. A 4% election threshold is required for a party to gain levelling seats in Parliament. There are a total of 169 Members of Parliament.

Foreign Relations

The diplomatic foreign relations of Kimmystan are intergovernmental relationships between the Kimmystan and other sovereign states. Kimmystan established formal diplomatic relations with many countries.

Modern Kimmystan is considered to be a regional and middle power, with significant cultural, economic, and political influence. It has extensive mineral and energy resources and is one of largest producers of oil and natural gas globally.

Although Kimmystan has been a neutral state during most of its history, it will become a member of the Outernatian Union and the Union of Sovereign States. Its strong economic and political position gives Kimmystan a growing international influence and a prominent voice in global affairs.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for conducting Kimmystan's foreign policy within the framework of the Kimmystanian Cabinet. Kimmystan prioritizes the promotion of its national interests, the protection of the rights of its citizens and diaspora abroad, maintaining relations with neighboring states, maintaining security and stability together with the other member states of the Union of Sovereign States, effective participation in the global economy with the maximum protection of national interests, and active participation in international organizations to foster international peace, security, and economic development.


The main resource of income is the export of expensive jewels and minerals, while furnitures, clothes and tobacco makes up the other important export goods from Kimmystan. Tourism is the main industry in the northern part and the stock exchange is located in Shortyearbyen, Gokk. In vestlig you find big ski resorts which is important for the country's tourist industry because people from all over the continent come here to go skiing and enjoy the snowy mountains.

The currency of Kimmystan is the Kimmi Kroner


In Kimmystan, all hospitals are funded by the public as part of the national budget. However, while medical treatment is free of charge for any person younger than the age of sixteen, residents who have reached adulthood must pay a deductible each year before becoming eligible for an exemption card. The card entitles one to free healthcare for the remainder of that year.

All public hospitals in Kimmystan are run by four Regional Health Authorities (RHA) overseen by the Kimmystanian Ministry of Health and Care Services. In addition to these public hospitals, there are a small number of privately owned health clinics currently operating in the biggest cities like Nordfjord or Huttiheita.

Transport & Infrastructure

Kimmy Airlines

The Kimmy Airlines is the largest airline in Kimmystan.

The airline was founded in 1956 and are also one of the founding members of the Outernatia Airway Alliance (OAA)


Kimmystan has a total population of 14,563,456.00 people. 85 % of them are Kimmystanians and 12 % are immigrants. 3 % of the total population live in a then small region of Kimmi, where the ethnic group Kimmi live.


As of 15 December 2016, the number of immigrants or children of two immigrants residing in Kimmystan was 1,747,614, or 12% of the total population. Raingatians are the largest non-Kimmystanian minority group in Kimmystanian. Most of their 667,393 members live in and around the big cities of Fettevika, Nordfjord and Huttiheita. The Gandhari and Jhe Freehian (mostly female) immigrant populations have increased significantly in recent years, and they make up 24,43 % and 5,31 % of the immigration population respectively. Most of the Raingatian and Jhe Freehian female diaspora lives in Fettevika and work in the porn or sex industry.

Largest immigrant groups (1st and 2nd generation):

18 largest immigrant populations by country of origin 2016
Country Men Women Population %
 Raingate 483421 183,972 667,393 38.19%
 Gandhara 158042 268,862 426,904 24.43%
 Jhe Freeh 18390 74,468 92,858 5.31%
 Alteus 65042 18,262 83,304 4.77%
 Arcorar 34951 43,020 77,971 4.46%
 Spinachia 2931 72,108 75,039 4.29%
 Ponásikwa 32821 35,103 67,924 3.89%
 Thorway 35393 29,269 64,662 3.70%
 Kaministiquia 24829 27,552 52,381 3.00%
 Leshia 5839 29,209 35,048 2.01%
 Aonach 2931 24,207 27,138 1.55%
 Chruno 7381 11,357 18,738 1.07%
 Bubblique 1204 12,372 13,576 0.78%
 Haven 4392 7,589 11,981 0.69%
 Sunetti 5445 3,548 8,993 0.51%
 Auspikitan 2145 6,793 8,938 0.51%
 Waticania 2931 4,873 7,804 0.45%
 Bitland 2931 4,031 6,962 0.40%
Total immigrant population 932019 815,595 1,747,614 100 %


Education in Kimmystan is mandatory for all children aged 6–16. The school year in Kimmystan runs from mid August to late June the following year. The Christmas holiday from mid December to early January historically divides the Kimmystanian school year into two terms. Presently, the second term begins in the beginning of January.

The Kimmystanian school system can be divided into three parts: Elementary school (Barneskole, ages 6-13), lower secondary school (Ungdomsskole, ages 13-16), and upper secondary school (Videregående skole, ages 16-19).

Elementary and lower secondary school are mandatory for all children aged 6–16. Before 2002, mandatory education in Kimmystan started at the age of 7. Students almost always have to change school when they enter lower secondary school and upper secondary school, as most schools in Kimmystan only offer one of the levels. In the districts there are schools that offers both of the lower levels, and the children then do not change school when they enter the lower secondary school.




The Kimmystan national football team represents Kimmystan in association handball and is governed by Kimmystan Håndballforbund (KHF), the governing body for handball in Kimmystan.

2016 Internatian Games

Kimmystan qualified to both the men's and women's tournament


The Kimmystan national football team represents Kimmystan in association football and is governed by KIMMI Fåtbåll (KB), the governing body for football in Kimmystan. The men's and women's team competed in the 2016 Internatian Games where they both qualified to the semi finals.

Internatian Games

Kimmystan debuted in the 2016 Internatian Games which was held in Alteus

They competed in the following sports:


The local broadcaster KTV airs and competes in all TV events that happens in both Interntia and Outernatia. Kimmystan joined the waiting list for the Internatia Song Contest in April 2015, and debuted in the 43rd edition held in Ankhesenamun, Noxus.


Kimmystan has won the following contests:

Contest Edition Artist Song Points
Internatia Classical Music Contest Raingate ICMC 5 Norway Edvard Grieg Funeral March of Rikard Nordraak 74
Internatia Second Chance Contest Ponásikwa ISCC 28 Japan Hitomi Shimatani Destiny 102
Internatia Second Chance Contest Saint Eva & Lepland ISCC 33 Norway Wardruna Odal 75
Internatia Second Chance Contest Kimmystan ISCC 34 United Kingdom Matt Cardle & Melanie C Loving You 84
Internatia Song Contest Luzze ISC 44 Norway Alan Walker Faded 204
Internatia Song Contest -1 Men̈́sa ISC -1 13 Norway Secret Garden Song From a Secret Garden 103
Internatia Song Contest -1 Bitland ISC -1 16 Norway a-ha Take On Me 106
Internatia Song Contest -1 Arcorar ISC -1 18 United States Belinda Carlisle Heaven Is a Place on Earth 81
Internatia Song Contest -1 Saint Eva & Lepland ISC -1 22 Canada Alannah Myles Black Velvet 84
Junior Internatia Song Contest Men̈́sa jISC 17 Finland Jenni Jaakola Tämä On Unta 80
Junior Internatia Song Contest Alteus jISC 20 France Les Kids United On Ecrit Sur Les Murs 85
Outernatia Song Contest Victoria OSC 15 Sweden Nicole Sabouné Lifetime 110
Outernatia Song Contest Kimmystan OSC 17 Mexico Jesse & Joy Ecos de Amor 109
Outernatia Song Contest Laranjeiras OSC 25 Denmark Aura Love Somebody 125
Outernatia Song Contest Alteus OSC 28 Sweden Mike Perry ft. Casso Inside The Lines 128
Outernatia Song Contest Kimmystan OSC 30 United Kingdom Ward Thomas Carry You Home 129
Outernatia Song Contest Timivar OSC 34 Norway Christiane ft. Rat City Touch Me Like That 101
Outernatia Song Contest Timivar OSC 35 Poland Margaret What You Do 132

Victories By Country

Participations Country Editions
6  Norway ICMC 5, ISCC 33, ISC 46, ISC -1 13, ISC -1 16, OSC 34
2  Sweden OSC 15, OSC 28
 United Kingdom ISCC 34, OSC 30
1  Canada ISC -1 22
 Denmark OSC 25
 Finland jISC 17
 France jISC 20
 Japan ISCC 28
 Mexico OSC 17
 Poland OSC 34
 United States ISC -1 18


Kimmystan has hosted 15 different editions of the various events that takes place in Internatia and Outernatia. All of the 15 different host entries have achieved a top 10 placing, where one of them managed to win on home soil. This happened in the 17th edition of Outernatia Song Contest when Jesse & Joy won the contest with their song Ecos de Amor. They also went on to represent Tonallán in the Internatia Song Contest 51 with an English version of the same song where they finished 3rd.

Contest Edition Host City Artist Song Placing Points
Internatia Classical Music Contest ICMC 6 Fjörðr Kimsund Norway Johan Halvorsen Entry March of the Boyars 3 46
Internatia Second Chance Contest ISCC 29 Dynion Cwm Sweden Tove Styrke & Big Wild Aftergold 5 71
Internatia Second Chance Contest ISCC 34 Dynion Cwm United Kingdom Matt Cardle & Melanie C Loving You 1 84
Internatia Song Contest ISC 46 Vestlig Hagelin Croatia Vlaho Home 8 127
Internatia Song Contest -1 ISC -1 14 Kjerringdalen Huttiheita United States Dinah Shore Blues In The Night 10 53
Internatia Song Contest -1 ISC -1 17 Kimmi Jokkmokk Norway Sissel Kyrkjebø Se Ilden Lyse 4 83
Internatia Song Contest -1 ISC -1 19 Gokk Uff Da Norway Dina "Bli Hos Meg" 6 66
Internatia Song Contest -1 ISC -1 23 Kjerringdalen Fettevika Norway Bobbysocks "Waiting For The Morning" 5 62
Internatia Theme Contest ITC 1 Fjörðr Nordfjord Norway Marcus & Martinus "Elektrisk" 3 80
Junior Internatia Song Contest jISC 18 Fjörðr Nordfjord Armenia Luara Fire In Me 2 100
Junior Internatia Song Contest jISC 21 Gropa Fjordvika Denmark Emilie Esther Hey Love 6 68
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 17 Fjörðr Nordfjord Mexico Jesse & Joy Ecos de Amor 1 109
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 19 Kjerringdalen Fettevika Norway Linni Meister, Katastrofe & Morgan Sulele Øl 3 108
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 22 Fjörðr Nordfjord Norway Adelén Wild Like Me 8 91
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 27 Gokk Uff Da United States Billie Eilish Six Feet Under 3 128
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 30 Dynion Cwm United Kingdom Ward Thomas Carry You Home 1 129
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 32 Kjerringdalen Fettevika Norway United States Kygo ft. Selena Gomez It Ain't Me 2 133
Outernatia Song Contest OSC 36 Klapaucius Rosebud United Kingdom Sweden Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson Symphony 2 117
ISC Does Junior Eurovision ISC Does JESC 1 Fjörðr Nordfjord Norway Malin Sommer og Skolefri 9 161

Hostings by contests

Number Hostings Contest Editions
7 Outernatia Song Contest OSC 17, OSC 19, OSC 22, OSC 27, OSC 30, OSC 32, OSC 36
4 Internatia Song Contest -1 ISC -1 14, ISC -1 17, ISC -1 19, ISC -1 23
2 Internatia Second Chance Contest ISCC 29, ISCC 34
Junior Internatia Song Contest jISC 18, |jISC 21
1 Internatia Classical Music Contest ICMC 6
Internatia Song Contest ISC 46
Internatia Theme Contest ITC 1
ISC Does Junior Eurovision ISC Does JESC 1

Host cites by number of hosting

Number Hostings City Contests
5 Fjörðr Nordfjord ISC Does JESC 1, jISC 18, OSC 17,OSC 22, ITC 1
3 Dynion Cwm ISCC 29, OSC 30, ISCC 34
Kjerringdalen Fettevika ISC -1 23,OSC 19, OSC 32
2 Gokk Uff Da ISC -1 19, OSC 27
1 Gropa Fjordvika jISC 21
Kjerringdalen Huttiheita ISC -1 14
Vestlig Hagelin ISC 46
Kimmi Jokkmokk ISC -1 17
Fjörðr Kimsund ICMC 6
Klapaucius Rosebud OSC 36

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