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Federation of Raingate
Flag of Raingate
National Symbol of Raingate
National Symbol
Location of Raingate in Outernatia
Location of Raingate in Outernatia
Official languages
Ethnic groups
  • 74.7% Raingatian
  • 25.3% foreign nationals
GovernmentFederal parliamentary
• Federal Council
10 members
LegislatureFederal Parliament
Provinces Alliance
• Total
261,625 km2 (101,014 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
40.13/km2 (103.9/sq mi)
HDIIncrease 0.925
very high
CurrencyRaingate Pound (£) (RFP)
Time zoneRST (UTC+9)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theleft
Calling code+55
Internet TLD.rg

Raingate (Afrikaans: Reënhek), officially the Federation of Raingate, is a country in Eastern Outernaia. Raingate covers an area of 261,625 square kilometres (101,014 sq miles) and has a population of 10.5 million within its ten provinces and two territories. The country is officially bilingual at federal level with the official languages being English and Afrikaans. It is bordered by Lettuce and Gandhara in the north.

Raingate is a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. It is described as a "full democracy", with a tradition of liberalism, and an egalitarian, moderate political ideology. An emphasis on social justice has been a distinguishing element of Raingate's political culture. The Citadel (a united federal parliament), elects the ten members of the Council who then serves as the collective head of state and government of Raingate.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Provinces[edit | edit source]

Map of Raingate Political.png
Flag, name, and postal abbreviation Capital Official language(s) Population Area (km2)
 Princeland PR Solitude English, Afrikaans 3,005,581 44,598
 Sunshine Coast SC Azure Bay English, Afrikaans 1,956,923 36,538
 Florem FL Crystal Springs English 1,252,499 26,668
 Winterhold WI Reënfontein English, Afrikaans 1,242,411 47,087
 Cambria CA Breton English 912,476 29,846
 Borderlands BL Sentinel English, Afrikaans 799,413 21,393
 The Vale VL Valenwood English 751,145 33,175
 High Rock HR Everfrost Peak English 376,497 7,077
 The Rift RI Riften English, Afrikaans 214,326 15,243
Total provinces 10,562,333 261,625

Overseas Territories[edit | edit source]

Flag, name, and postal abbreviation Capital Official language(s) Population Area (km2)
 Raingate Ocean Territory ROT Port Kaidan English 35,093 X
 Raingate Vulkaan Territory RVT Skarlakenrooi Afrikaans 209 X
Total territories 35,202 X

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