Daǔlska in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationDATV (Daūl National Television) DMC (Daūl Music Channel)
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 10
Best result1st ISC 134
Worst result26th SF ISC 22 ISC 131

Daǔlska made their debut in the 10th edition of the Internatia Song Contest.

Their results weren't really much jealous-worthy nor decent at best, but Daǔlska has lasted for quite a bit. They even managed to return to ISC after 11 editions of their absence, only to be sent back into oblivion after failing to qualify once more and not voting in the final.

They were later succeeded by Faĺvarak.

For the 127th edition, Daǔlska has decided to come back in place of Faĺvarak after more than 100 editions of absence.


Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Bitland 10th Sweden Lykke Li "I Follow Rivers" NQ 17 36
Marvelia 11th Denmark Fallulah "Dried-Out Cities" NQ 21 66
Beige 22nd United Kingdom Klaxons "There Is No Other Time" NQ 26 14
Territrius 127th France Tallisker "Désir" NQ 25 36
Luzze 128th Belgium Loïc Nottet "Mélodrame" NQ 13 61
Nicolas' Neighbour 129th Sweden Agnes "XX" NQ 18 46
Trešlend 130th France Woodkid "Guns for Hire" 9 122 4 70
Irdminia 131st Ukraine Slava Kaminska & Korchenova "Na*baly patsana" NQ 26 26
Sunetti 132nd Israel Shiri Maimon "Lean shelo telchi" 12 117 2 104
Asankon 133rd Israel KAYMA "Bad Blood" 13 115 12 61
Raingate 134th Australia Troye Sivan "Rush" 1 182 1 103
Grolskira 135th Norway Alessandra "Pretty Devil" NQ 17 50
Daǔlska 136th France Lucky Love "Now I Don't Need Your Love" 27 43 Host Country
Lacrea 137th Slovakia Hrdza "Horela ľipka" 1 186 1 94
Nicolas' Neighbour 138th Kosovo Rita Ora "Don't Think Twice" NQ 16 48
Daǔlska 139th Bosnia and Herzegovina Božo Vrećo "Po ladu, po zaladu" 19 99 Host Country
Tashkveny 140th Sweden Nana Hedin "Fame" NQ 17 53
Evergreen Lands 141st Romania David Ciente x Maria Chivu "Jianca" NQ 17 50
Kaledonii 142nd South Korea Chung Ha "I'm Ready" 1 170 3 90
Asankon 143rd Australia Glass Beams "Mahal" NQ 20 49
Daǔlska 144th Serbia Teya Dora "Džanum" TBA Host Country
Trešlend 145th United Kingdom Raye "Genesis, pt. II" TBA