Hipsternatia Song Contest

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Hipsternatia Song Contest
GenreSong contest
Running time2 hours
Production company(s)IBU
Picture format576p (SDTV)
(until 2004)
1080i (HDTV)
Original runAugust 2016 – present
Related showsInternatia Song Contest
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The Hipsternatia Song Contest is an international song competition which will be organised by the Internatia Broadcasting Union (IBU) monthly since 2016 and is open exclusively to broadcasters that are members of the IBU.

The competition has many similarities to the Internatia Song Contest from which its name is taken. Each participating broadcaster sends a song, of which must follow the following rules:

  • All entries must be on Youtube
  • The entries can not have more than 5000 views across all uploads on youtube
  • Entries uploaded in the last 6 months can not have more than 1000 views
  • Entries uploaded in the last 3 months are not eligible
  • Entries can not have been entered to a contest on escforum.net previously

Each entry represents the country served by the participating broadcaster. Viewers from the participating countries are invited to vote for their favourite performances by televote and a jury from every country. The overall winner of the contest is the entry that has received the most points after the scores from every country have been collected and totalled.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Eligible participants include Active Members and Associate Members of the IBU. Active members are those who are located in states that fall within the Internatia Broadcasting Area, or are member states of the Council of Internatia.

Active members include broadcasting organisations whose transmissions are made available to at least 98% of households in their own country which are equipped to receive such transmissions. If an IBU Active Member wishes to participate, they must fulfil conditions as laid down by the rules of the Contest.

Edition Country making its debut entry
1st  Alteus,  Arcorar,  Bitland,  Eriod,  Hanzyuki,  Kimmystan,  Kosma,  Land of Jhe Freeh,  Laranjeiras,  Luzze,  Men̈́sa,  Monteverde,  Pen Island,  Pönö,  Raingate,  Tashkveny,  Victoria,  Waticania
2nd  Aurävaan,  Lacrea,  Lost Islands,  Sunetti,  Vydrja

Winners[edit | edit source]

Edition Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Date Host city Participants
1st  Eriod Birdmask "Hours and Days" 97 8  Bitland 5 August 2016  Bitland 18
2nd  Mensa Tiiu Kiik & EΛEVEN "Häälest ära" 76 2  Luzze 29 December 2016  Eriod 12

By country[edit | edit source]

Wins Country Editions
1  Eriod 1st
 Mensa 2nd

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