Irdminia in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationITVR
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 7
Best result1st: ISC 119
Worst result26th SF: ISC 29, ISC 120

Irdminia made its debut at the Internatia Song Contest at ISC 7 in Lördsberg, San Monique. Despite rather bad results, public interest is still high and the country is one of the most active one in terms of creating NF's and making an impact in regional press. After many unsuccesful attempts, Irdminia withdrew permanently from ISC after 45th edition, but decided to return to the Waiting List many months later and eventually came back to ISC at 86th edition.

History of Irdminia at the Interatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Internatia Song Contest 7-15[edit | edit source]

Internatia Song Contest 16-19[edit | edit source]

Following a series of rather mediocre results since it's debut and non-qualification of some of the biggest stars in the country, Irdminian broadcaster decided to create a special group of musicians and journalists to decide it's next entries and possible national finals. It paid off quickly, as Delerium - the representatives on the ISC 16 in Anselmsuusonia scored a great 7th place. The next group, Delain, scored even better, achieving a 6th place in the next edition held in Yazminia. However, the biggest success of a country came in the ISC 18 in Kosma, when early fan favourites to win - Sinine together with Sandra Nurmsalu performing the song "Sel Teel" - scored the 2nd place, loosing after a very tight race only to the winner, Kaledonii. After that, another top 10 result was achieved, this time in Pebbleland by Lilit Hovhannisyan. Now, because of the four top 10 results in a row, the interest about ISC in the country is massive again, even bigger than before.

Internatia Song Contest 20-24[edit | edit source]

After a non-qualification of LaFee in Kaledonii and a rather poor result achieved by Akira Yamaoka in Monteverde another strike of amazing results came. That includes two 4th places by "Nouveau Parfum" performed by Boggie in Beige and "Faster" by Within Temptation in Alexandria acquired in ISC 22 and ISC 23 consecutively. However a top 3 result was achieved by Oonagh with her song "Orome" in ISC 24 in Territrius, which scored 3rd place with 159, being second best result in the contest and the biggest amount of points received by Irdminia.

Internatia Song Contest 25-29[edit | edit source]

However, another line of bad and mediocre results came after that, as in ISC 25 held in Leshia, Kathleen Reiter with her ballad "Colourful" scored only 19th in the final and the next edition held in Chruno, a national star Ewelina Lisowska failed to qualify and actually scored the worst place to that date for Irdminia. This resulted in a dramatically low number of voters in a final, which was the main reason of not submitting Irdminian televotes in the ISC 26 grand final, but instead of that, points from the national jury were awarded. Next edition, Rocío Rivas qualified for the final in Pen Island and scored a decent 16th place. Probably the biggest dissapointment came in the 28th edition, when band maNga got 73 points and ended up on 24th place in the final, which is the worst final place Irdminia ever got - causing many discussions about potential Irdminian participation in the future. Even more opinions about Irdminian existence in the contest came out after achieving it's worst results ever at the ISC 29 in Kosma where Chylińsa with her song "Winna" scored only 30 points and came 2nd last in semi-final.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Host City Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
7th San Monique Lördsberg Schiller feat. Anggun "Innocent Lies" 20 31 No semi finals
8th Symphony Isles Violetta Kelly Sweet "Ready for Love" 17 64 4 69
9th Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester Archive "Bullets" 17 67 12 56
10th Bitland Pixopolis Elliot Minor "Silently" 7 101 10 62
11th Marvelia Amor Lidia Kopania "Sleep" 13 74 5 71
12th Novatlantida Platonia Jenni Vartiainen "Missä Muruseni On" 14 100 2 105
13th Spirevo Siegeslinde Hollywood Undead "Outside" Failed to qualify 14 45
14th Luzze Lovendalen Edyta Górniak "Consequences" 16 90 9 58
15th Tikata Tramandi GloZell Green "Cinnamon Tried to Kill Me" Failed to qualify 13 57
16th Anselmsuusonia Pensa Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan "Silence" 7 111 9 62
17th Yazminia Liechgrado Delain "April Rain" 6 135 3 83
18th Kosma Astrée Sinine feat. Sandra Nurmsalu "Sel Teel" 2 155 7 70
19th Pebbleland Rosetown Lilit Hovhannisyan "Requiem" 8 123 4 89
20th Kaledonii Śānti LaFee "Ring Frei" Failed to qualify 16 50
21st Monteverde Stettino Akira Yamaoka "Room of Angel" 22 82 8 72
22nd Beige Tuscan City Boggie "Nouveau Parfum" 4 139 3 108
23rd Alexandria Dalistra Within Temptation "Faster" 4 134 2 96
24th Territrius Aquaticia Oonagh "Orome" 3 159 2 110
25th Leshia Leshkent Kathleen Reiter "Colourful" 19 96 9 70
26th Chruno Yottobán Ewelina Lisowska "We Mgle" Failed to qualify 21 42
27th Pen Island Lumturi Rocío Rivas "Las Puertas del Pasado" 16 111 8 79
28th Chruno Costalis1 maNga "Fly to Stay Alive" 24 73 2 89
29th Kosma Pallas Chylińska "Winna" Failed to qualify 26 30
30th Bubblique Bulle Stina Girs "Mä Tahdon Tietää Mitä Rakkaus On" 11 119 7 64
31st DPR Jindalea Sanggumdang Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat" 8 118 3 83
32nd Luzze Ljuvdam Billy Boyd "The Last Goodbye" Failed to qualify 20 42
33rd Zephyrus Dramaskus Kas Dunn "I No You" 24 82 21 38
34th Lacrea Ción Eluveitie "The Call of the Mountains" 3 156 3 94
35th Tikata Madakia Amy Macdonald "Don't Tell Me That It's Over" 18 98 4 84
36th Tonallán Tlahuilco The Veronicas "Lolita" 2 155 2 91
37th Lost Islands Esonáth SVĒ "Riot" Failed to qualify 14 52
38th Alteus Ithist M83 feat. HAIM "Holes in the Sky" 14 106 1 93
39th Alteus Ithist Niyaz "Mazaar" Failed to qualify 21 36
40th Dulcet Ebullience Capucarnaisa Margaret Berger "Scream" 19 107 6 76
41st Grolskira Nolvena Black M "On S'fait Du Mal" 2 175 2 102
42nd Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-Ia Digital Daggers "Still Here" 15 113 15 49
Did not participate in ISC 43
44th Luzze Lovendalen Loreen "Under Ytan" 7 143 4 81
45th Leshia Kinzeropolis Kristina Maria "FML x2" Failed to qualify 15 56
Did not participate from ISC 46 to ISC 85
86th Bitland New Pixopolis zalagasper "Come to Me" 9 132 3 102
87th Ladoga Vorobiesheck SOFI TUKKER "Swing" 27 61 11 62
88th Noxus Slag SVRCINA "Meet Me on the Battlefield" Failed to qualify 15 52
89th Ħanei Čaravāz Nék Menage Natalia Nykiel "Kokosanki" 24 87 6 78
90th Dulcet Ebullience Stockhagen Helviklo Malú "Ciudad De Papel" 5 142 3 83
91st Mărium Marimea Olya Polyakova "Nochnaya Zhritsa (Ночная Жрица)" 24 92 25 29
92nd Dulcet Ebullience Kina Crywolf "Anachronism" 21 99 11 58
93rd Zephyrus Dramaskus Go_A "Rano-Ranenʹko (Рано-Pаненько)" 5 148 8 74
94th Tonallán Tlahuilco SHANGUY "Désolée (Paris/Paname)" 3 148 1 88
95th Bitland New Pixopolis John Murphy "In the House, In a Heartbeat" 22 86 24 30
96th Zephyrus Dramaskus Bonobo feat. Nick Murphy "No Reason" 17 109 7 75
97th Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek Eiko Shimamiya "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" 22 98 5 67
98th Riya-Sampetrina Bulan-Bethari Amelia Lily "Bring Me Joy" 6 136 3 78
99th Luzze Lovendalen Quallm "Changes" Failed to qualify 24 34
100th Faĺvarak Mir Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober" 20 38
101st Territrius Aquaticia Ibeyi "Oya" 21 87 7 70
102nd Valdron Vuirai Eivør "Gullspunnin" Failed to qualify 19 50
103rd Bubblique Bulle Girls Aloud "Call the Shots" 17 51
104th Zephyrus Dramaskus Billie Eilish & Khalid "Lovely" 19 100 5 77
105th Amsteris Param The Dumplings "Raj" 20 104 6 78
106th Pinnipedia Capybavaria NK "Elefante" 24 97 19 44
107th Kharó Agghar Doja Cat "Streets" Failed to qualify 25 17
108th Lahna Abramea EMPiRE "HON-NO" 19 46
109th Kimmystan Nordfjord Anastacia "Left Outside Alone" 5 136 6 75
110th Oravania Mänty Daria Zawiałow "Wojny i Noce" Failed to qualify 18 44
111th Percheron Canasson AURORA "Cure for Me" 3 156 8 66
112th Grolskira Miltu Blackbriar "Selkie" Failed to qualify 17 55
113th Uubell Ulubele Ofenbach & Ella Henderson "Hurricane" 9 133 3 84
114th Ova Anova Balagan PVRIS "Death of Me" 5 159 7 78
115th Kaministiquia Cedar Falls Apashe feat. Alina Pash "Witch" 17 112 8 72
116th Kharó A calm & sedate location Spice Girls "Viva Forever" 17 114 21 43
117th Dulcet Ebullience Vuitemezame Night Club "Die in the Disco" 19 98 11 62
118th Solais X Eirénd Nelly Furtado "Say It Right" 2 166 2 100
119th Ħanei Čaravāz Zula S10 "Adem Je In" 1 164 5 78
120th Trešlend Gorigrad Lawless feat. Speaking In Tongues "One Way" Failed to qualify 26 19
121st Irdminia Wolfrim Within Temptation "Memories" 11 118 Host Country
122nd Sunetti Prima Junior Caldera feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor "Can't Fight This Feeling" 11 120 7 76
123rd Bartlett Bulgeum RAYE "Black Mascara" 17 111 18 56
124th Kimmystan Cwm Roxen "Fool" Failed to qualify 19 48
125th Asankon Zhovaka Ólafur Arnalds feat. Arnór Dan "Take My Leave Of You" 14 54
126th Nicolas' Neighbour Baus-Ia Rebecca Black "Crumbs"
127th TBA Shiadanni "Melted Gun"

1 The 28th edition was co-hosted by Bubblique with semi-final 1 being held in Burbuja, Bubblique.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Artists representing Irdminia in the Internatia Song Contest
Ofenbach feat. Ella Henderson.
Schiller & Anggun.  
Kelly Sweet
Kelly Sweet.  
Elliot Minor
Elliot Minor.  
Lidia Kopania
Lidia Kopania.  
Jenni Vartiainen.  
Hollywood Undead
Hollywood Undead.  
Edyta Górniak
Edyta Górniak.  
GloZell Green
GloZell Green.  
Sinine & Sandra Nurmsalu
Sinine & Sandra Nurmsalu.  
Lilit Hovhannisyan
Lilit Hovhannisyan.  
Akira Yamaoka
Akira Yamaoka.  
Within Temptation
Within Temptation.  
Kathleen Reiter
Kathleen Reiter.  
Ewelina Lisowska
Ewelina Lisowska.  
Rocío Rivas
Rocío Rivas.  
Agnieszka Chylińska
Agnieszka Chylińska.  
Stina Girs
Stina Girs.  
Billy Boyd
Billy Boyd.  
Kas Dunn
Kas Dunn.  
Amy Macdonald
Amy Macdonald.  
The Veronicas
The Veronicas.  
M83 & HAIM
M83 & HAIM.  
Margaret Berger
Margaret Berger.  
Black M
Black M.  
Digital Daggers
Digital Daggers.  
Ólafur Arnalds & Arnór Dan
Kristina Maria.  
Natalia Nykiel.  
Olya Polyakova.  
John Murphy.  
Bonobo & Nick Murphy  
Eiko Shimamiya.  
Amelia Lily.  
Girls Aloud.  
Billie Eilish & Khalid.  
The Dumplings.  
Doja Cat.  
Daria Zawiałow.  
Ofenbach feat. Ella Henderson.  
Apashe & Alina Pash.  
Spice Girls.  
Night Club.  
Nelly Furtado.  
Junior Caldera & Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  
Ólafur Arnalds & Arnór Dan.  

Voting History[edit | edit source]

As of 123rd edition, Irdminia's voting history is as follows:

Table key

Italics – The country as of now is not part of the main Roster.

NOTE1: Received and given points from Novatlantida and Alma Livre are counted together as one set and are shown in the tables under a name Alma Livre. NOTE2: The totals in the above tables does not include points from the time, when Irdminia voted as part of Waiting List.

12 Points[edit | edit source]

Table key

     Winner – Irdminia gave 12 points to a winning song / Irdminia won the contest.
     Second place – Irdminia gave 12 points to a runner-up song / Irdminia was runner-up in the contest.
     Third place – Irdminia gave 12 points to a third place song / Irdminia came third in the contest.
     Qualified – Irdminia gave 12 points to a song that qualified to the Grand Finals / Irdminia qualified to the Grand Finals.
     Jury Qualifier – Irdminia gave 12 points to a song that qualified to the Grand Finals thanks to International Jury / Irdminia qualified to the Grand Finals thanks to International Jury.
     Non-qualified – Irdminia gave 12 points to a song that did not qualify to the Grand Finals / Irdminia did not qualify to the Grand Finals.
Italics – Irdminia voted as part of the International Jury.

Voting Similarities[edit | edit source]

ISCC[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Artist Title Place Points
01st Tikata Surme India Arie "Ready for Love" 8 45
02nd Alexandria Perla Hollywood Undead "Circles" 14 42
03rd Sunetti Palma LaFee "Mitternacht" 3 81
04th Sibinia Saimanabad Alexandra Stan "Lemonade" 7 68
05th Monteverde Zbąszynek Ross Copperman "If I" 3 73
06th Irdminia Öö Uniqplan "Wilderness" 2 87
07th Sunetti Prima Ladytron "Destroy Everything You Touch" 11 45
08th Soupistan Sonâtaf LaFee "Virus" 10 53
09th Tikata Dilmoff Jeremy Soule "Dragonborn" 1 89
10th Irdminia Nchunz Within Temptation "Our Solemn Hour" 1 79
11th Aonach Láirge The Birthday Massacre "Midnight" 4 72
12th Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester Triinu Kivilaan "Fallen" 5 71
13th Sunetti Partido Indica "Vuorien taa" 4 75
14th Aonach Samhraidh Kavinsky "Nightcall" 12 52
15th Anselmsuusonia Valenetta Miley Cyrus "Who Owns My Heart" 8 49
16th Hanzyuki Madevra Kerli "Scar Tissue" 1 86
17th Irdminia Rakvaarja Flipsyde "When It Was Good" 6 61
18th Kaledonii Nineveh Bjørnskov "Lysår" 4 68
19th Aonach Gheimhridh Leah "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep" 1 82
20th Irdminia Tyköön Isis Gee "Hidden Treasure" 5 72
21st Land of Jhe Freeh Endehó Woodkid feat. Lykke Li "Never Let You Down" 18 49
22nd Republica Libera Mariapolo All Time Low "Time-Bomb" 1 75
23rd Irdminia Uiniiai Jane Zhang feat. Big Sean "Fighting Shadows" 9 57
24th Gandhara Manas Young Guns "Rising Up" 10 51
25th Gandhara Rhea Honey "No One" 15 34
26th Tikata Cundere Sul Amelia Lily "Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)" 6 60
27th Sunetti Rue B2B "Leave the Cradle" 18 38
Did not participate from ISCC 28 to ISCC 46
47th Tikata Turzy Jorja Smith feat. Stormzy "Let Me Down" 8 48
48th Tikata Surme Dawid Podsiadło "Najnowszy Klip" 12 41

ISC -1[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Artist Title Place Points
01st St Olaf Skårsvik Did not participate
02nd Ova Anova Nakatonka Blondie "Call Me" 1 120
03rd Irdminia Kag Renzel Boney M. "Rasputin" 1 127
04th Irdminia Mzelft Amanda Lear "Enigma (Give a Bit of hmm to Me)" 12 58
05th Tashkveny Invertulloch Amy Irving "Why Don't You Do It Right?" 13 48
06th Men̈́sa Llanfairngultrumlocus The Boston Pops Orchestra "Tara's Theme" 2 90
07th Tashkveny Bonaventure Bananarama "Cruel Summer" 4 68
08th Kaledonii Ašra Shirley Bassey "Diamonds Are Forever" 2 74
09th Grolskira Cercela Toto "Africa" 1 102
10th Irdminia Arminvik Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" 16 39
11th Tashkveny Laomainn Nancy Sinatra "These Boots Are Made for Walkin’" 3 74
12th Tashkveny Montrose Corona "Baby Baby" 4 79
13th Men̈́sa ʔə ATB "Ecstasy" 14 46
14th Kimmystan Huttiheita The Chordettes "Mr. Sandman" 5 69
15th Ova Anova Nakatonka Donna Summer "Hot Stuff" 1 99
16th Bitland Termina Sam Brown "Stop!" 8 55
17th Kimmystan Jokkmokk Nightwish "Moondance" 2 99
Did not participate from ISC-1 18 to ISC-1 53
54th Pönö Trumputin Alice DJ "Better Off Alone" 2 45
55th Lahna Labraxineame The Rembrandts "I'll Be There for You"

ITC[edit | edit source]

Edition Theme Host City Artist Title Place Points
16th "ISC Second Chance" Sunetti Prima Springs Holdviola "Madarka" 6 75
17th "Remember the Words" Mărium Axxay Evanescence "Missing" 2 69
18th "Pokevision" Sunetti Solayoh Within Temptation "Iron" 13 50