San Monique

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The United Islands Of San Monique
San Monique
Flag of San Monique
Anthem: "Horn Of Plenty"
Map of San Monique
Map of San Monique
Official languagesEnglish, Moniquen
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• 2012 estimate
CurrencyMoniquen Crown (MC)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Drives on theleft
Calling code+123
Internet TLD.SM

The United Islands of San Monique are located in the far west of Internatia, as a result of the nation being made up of islands and isles it is home to dozens of beaches proving extremely popular with tourists. San Monique's most eastern territory borders the Republic of Volnytaria, to the south west of the main island (which is home to Lördsberg the nations capital) are the Socialist Democratic Islands of Symphony; to the north across the San Moniquen channel is the Kingdom of Novatlantida.

San Monique's biggest exports are of course, luxuries and fineries, such as jewelry, wines and designer brands of clothing. Lördsberg is known throughout Internatia as the fashion capital of the continent due to it's fashion conscious citizens.

Logo of MTV.

San Monique in the Internatia Song Contest.[edit | edit source]

Edition Host City Artist Language Song Place Points Semi Points
2 Spirevo Zinzolin Aura Dione English "Geronimo" 10 56
3 Territrius Aquatica Electric Lady Lab English "Taking Off" 5 69
4 Sunetti Affetto September English "Hands Up" 16 47
5 Sibinia Meijar Of Monsters & Men English "Little Talks" 1 120
6 Kosma Luna Ronya English "Hyperventilating" 2 79
7 San Monique Lördsberg Diandra English "Outta My Head" 7 84
8 Symphony Isles Violetta Zara Larsson English "Uncover" 7 102 10 48
9 Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester Ronya English "Annoying" 14 77 11 59
10 Bitland Pixopolis Alphabeat English "Show Me What Love Is" 17 63 ? ?
11 Marvelia Amor Zlata Ognevich Ukrainian "Za Lisamy, Horamy" 3 102 1 120
12 Novatlantida Platonia Passenger English "Let Her Go" X X 13 61
14 Luzze Lovendalen The Royal Concept English "On Our Way" 6 120 6 87
15 Tikata Tramandi Miriam Bryant English "Last Soul On Earth" 17 86 6 83
16 Anselmsuusonia Pensa NONONO English "Pumpin Blood" 14 91 6 67
19 Yazminia Liechgrado Electric Lady Lab English "Open Doors" 19 71 11 63

Voting History[edit | edit source]

San Monique has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  Symphony Isles ?
2  Sunetti ?
3  Sibinia ?
4  Volnytaria ?
5  Grolskira ?

San Monique has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  Symphony Isles 115
2  Sibinia 79
3  Sunetti 60
4  Grolskira 60
5  Volnytaria 49

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include only points awarded in finals, not semi-finals