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The United Islands of Sunetti
L'Uniti Isole della Sunetti
Flag of Sunetti
Coat of arms of Sunetti
Coat of arms
Location of Sunetti in Internatia.
Location of Sunetti in Internatia.
and largest city
Official languagesSunettian, English
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic
• Monarch
King Antonio Basicci
• Prime Minister
Julius della Oliveira
• 2014 estimate
CurrencyValuta (ɣ)
Drives on theright
Calling code207

The United Islands of Sunetti is located in North-Eastern Internatia in between Dornatian Sea and the Elysion Sea. Sunetti's closest neighbours are Alexandria, Carpathia, Saint Eva & Lepland, and Irlandia. There are a total of 9 states in Sunetti.

Sunettians were reported to be one of the oldest living beings in Internatia, and one of the first ancestors of Stelettio, Dornata and Elysion. Modern Sunetti was unified in 1895, after the Sunettian Revolution changed the country for the better and created the idea of a Unitary Parliamentary Republic. Before the Revolution, Sunetti was under a strict communist government as the Democratic People's Republic of United Sunetti.

Today, Sunetti has the most powerful tourism industry in Internatia, serving over 224.13 million tourists annually. Sunetti's primary export is expensive pearls, which can be made into divine and unique goods. Sunetti is a leading architectural force in Internatia, with each building and landscape unique and culturally expressive.

History[edit | edit source]

Democratic People's Republic of United Sunetti[edit | edit source]

Flag of DPR United Sunetti.

The DPR United Sunetti was a communist state that existed between 1795 and 1895. Mario Rusinicco was the DPR's first leader at the age of 18. Rusinicco created the concept of the "Golden Border of Unity". He believed that Sunettians were the most powerful race in the world and his main ambitions were to take control and unite Internatia. Citizens of DPR United Sunetti were given absolute human and equal rights, including gay rights which was heavily forbidden in most of Internatia at the time. The only exception was the prohibition of negative comments against the communist state. Mario managed to take control of Elysion and Dornata under his ruling of the nation.

After an attempt to overrule the Socialist Democratic Islands of Symphony in 1846, Mario Rusinicco appreciated the laws of equal rights in Symphony Isles. Mario ended up marrying Sanche Bananche, a male Symphonian local, at the age of 69. Mario was never seen again. Reporters believed that he retired his leadership and decided to spend the rest of his life in Symphony Isles. Josipa Titovan became the 2nd leader of DPR United Sunetti from 1847. During her period of power, there were discussions about a possible dissolution of the DPR United Sunetti.

In 1855, Josipa announced that the DPR United Sunetti's economy was stalled and that reorganisation was needed. Titovan soon realised that fixing the nation's economy would be nearly impossible without reforming political and social structures of the Communist nation. After a threat to invade the nation on horseback carriages from the Democratic People's Republic of Jindalea, Josipa ordered all Sunettians living in Dornata and Elysion to return to the main island of Stelettio. Most citizens arrived to Padure by ship, however over 2,500,000 Sunettians remained where they were. The 500,000 Sunettians living in Dornata renamed themselves as Dornata Italianos, whilst the 2,000,000 Sunettians living in Elysion were recognised as Elysion Rumanis.

Josipa Titovan died in 1894 after an assassination by a Sunettian in protest of the nation's declaration of free speech. Controversy soon began with thousands of people protesting in the streets of Padure for free speech. Nikolai Milosevic became the 3rd leader of DPR United Sunetti in 1895, where he declared a Revolution and dismissed United Sunetti as a Communist state.

Sunettian Revolution[edit | edit source]

The Sunettian revolutionary era began in 1895, When former leader Nikolai Milosevic announced that the Democratic People's Republic of United Sunetti was "heavily affecting Internatianal Relations". Without any source of government to control the nations, civil riots caused the land to be split into two territories; United Sunettia (Consisting of modern Rumani, Jugosa, Masiendo, Basicci and Rusinka), and Sunettian Isles (Consisting of modern Italiano, Euphori, Inglese and Altro).

1945 Winterlune Civil War[edit | edit source]

On 9 July 1945, an estimated 1,873,000 Elysion Rumanis were kept prisoners during the Winterlune Civil War between 1945 and 1949, some of whom fled to their death. Although these refugees have been classed as political refugees there have been claims that they were also targeted due to their ethnic and cultural identity. Almost 1,000,000 Elysion Rumani's had sided with the attackers from Winterlune which in 1934 had expressed its intent to "fight for the national self-determination of the repressed Elysion Rumanis".

Sunetti and Winterlune have always been in disagreement about the Sun and the Moon. Thus, when a Solar or Lunar eclipse occurred, there was controversy between the two nations, resulting in mass protest and violence. The (at the time) newly seated Communist Party of Winterlune declared capture of all Elysion Rumanis residing in Winterlune during the 9 July Solar Eclipse in 1945.

On February 2013, the newly state of Alexandria took control over Winterlune. Mister Jay, the Prime Minister of Alexandria has voided the Winterlunian citizenship of the remaining 520,230 Elysion Rumanis, after a peace treaty agreement with Julius della Olivera.

28 March 2013 is a significant date for Sunetti as 520,000 Elysion Rumanis redeem themselves as Sunettian citizens once more.

The remaining 230 Elysion Rumanis were nowhere to been found. Reportedly, they embarked on a journey to the west of Internatia. These Elysion Rumanis had great influence from Winterlunian culture. With influence from gods of the Sun and Moon, the Elysion Rumanis worshipped a lone wolf, known as Lucia. This lone wolf was thought to be the reincarnation of the god of the sunrise.

Flag of Sunetti[edit | edit source]

A golden border around the flag represents protection for the nation, with a blue background representing the clear waters. There are 9 aligned stars on the flag, each representing the 9 states of Sunetti. The second row of 9 aligned stars represent the growth of each state in unity. These stars surround the emblem of Sunetti.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Historical population
2013 13,843,085+65.2%
2014 17,033,596+23.0%
Flag State Capital Population
Sunettian Sea
Great Margean Reef
Rumani Iubesca 4,390,530
Italiano Affetto 3,722,702
Euphori Prima 2,739,096
Jugosa Padure 1,412,520
Masiendo Palma 1,995,200
Basicci Ora 820,125
Rusinka Putin 112,350
Inglese Allegria 848,600
Altro Partido 992,473

Cities[edit | edit source]

  • Iubesca: The capital. Known for it's ever-growing urban culture.
  • Affetto: Considered to be the brother of Iubesca. Also heading towards urban culture, Affetto is more focused on education and sporting.
  • Padure: Amazing city with rainforests at the base of Mt. Padure. As you reach to the top of the peak (5,369m), you can see how the environment changes immediately. With a low area and a high peak, Mt. Padure is perfect for photo shots, with large waterfalls scattered in the distance.
  • Prima: An island surrounded by two connecting rivers. Off to the coast of the state are the Prima Springs. They consist of large plateau of steam rising from the cracked earth. Prima Springs is a hot tourist spot during the winter, due to the extraordinary blue colour, making the moon look spectacular.
  • Palma: The best beaches in the nation. Soft, white pearls as soft as sand cover this island.
  • Ora: Family friendly beach. This island offers several fun activities for the whole family.
  • Putin: Their motto, "You have to see it to believe it" is correct. How they are able to build so much on such a small island amazes everyone.
  • Allegria: Island of water parks. There is so much to see and do, including getting up close and personal with the islands endangered "Jivina", similar to a penguin.
  • Partido: Exclusively 18+. Clubs and activities for the party goers.

Other Related[edit | edit source]

  • Great Margean Reef: The most colourful reef in all of Internatia.
  • The sun: Sunetti has the healthiest sun rays hitting Internatia. You are able to be outside in the sun all day without getting burnt.
  • Surrounding waters: The water in our nation is shallow. You are able to walk to each island through the water. During the winter, the water freezes, making it great for ice skating.

Total Population[edit | edit source]

Immigration[edit | edit source]

20 Largest cities in Sunetti.
Prima Springs
Prima Springs
20 Largest cities in Sunetti.

Immigration has been a major source of population growth and cultural change within the 21st Century. Ever since the fall of the Democratic People's Republic of United Sunetti in 1895, Sunetti has opened its borders to the rest of Internatia. The issue of economic, social, and political aspects of immigration was raised in 1912. The (at the time) Sunettian Labour Party made laws to allow cultural diversity in the nation without removing any Sunettian values.

The Sunettian Government has a database regarding immigration, including statistics and exact values of the current and past immigration population.

According to 2014 Interstat statistics, there are 1,863,342 million foreign-born residents in Sunetti, corresponding to 10.94% of the total population. The immigration level reached its highest in mid 2012, with 207,181 people emigrating to Sunetti. This was supposedly due to Sunetti winning the 2nd edition of the Internatia Song Contest.

The largest groups of foreign born persons in Sunetti according to 2013 Interstat statistics is:

  1.  Carpathia (249,103)
  2.  Kaeros Islands (218,016)
  3.  Alexandria (187,651)
  4.  Atsoumpalia (132,518)
  5.  Leshia (116,349)
  6.  Irdminia (110,672)
  7.  Tashkveny (99,105)
  8.  Nicolas' Neighbour (92,050)
  9.  Haven (83,878)
  10.  Saint Eva & Lepland (69,000)

Largest cities[edit | edit source]

Transportation[edit | edit source]

Sunetti is known for its environmentally friendly values. Bikes can be ridden almost everywhere. This includes riding through the frozen waters to reach other islands during winter. Several boats are available to and from our islands, and even neighbouring countries. If flying is your desire, we have an updated version of the "Wright Flyer III" to ensure safety and enjoyment on your flight. Swimming and walking through our waters is also an option.

Flora & Fauna[edit | edit source]

The "Grandissimo Falcossi" is the official Fauna of Sunetti.

Sunetti in the Internatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

The National Selection for Sunetti is the Festa Della Sunetti, held by the national broadcaster, CSI (Channel of Sunettian Islands).

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Host City Singer Song Place Points Semi Points
#02 Spirevo Zinzolin Nina Zilli "Per Le Strade" 1 93
No Semi-Finals
#03 Territrius Aquaticia Elena Risteska "A Moževme" 14 57
#04 Sunetti Affetto Adele "Skyfall" 3 85
#05 Sibinia Meijar Evanescence "My Immortal" 2 102
#06 Kosma Luna Lana Jurčević & Luka Nizetić "Prava Ljubav" 14 44
#07 San Monique Lördsberg Miligram ft. Kaliopi "Nevinost" 11 67
#08 Symphony Isles Violetta Nightwish "Meadows of Heaven" 21 48 9 57
#09 Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør "Running to the Sea" 20 58 9 64
#10 Bitland Pixopolis Zedd ft. Foxes "Clarity" 9 92 N/K N/K
#11 Marvelia Amor Bastille "Laura Palmer" 11 76 12 58
#12 Novatlantida Platonia Neda Ukraden "Na Balkanu" 7 123 9 72
#13 Spirevo Siegeslinde Avicii "Wake Me Up" 12 107 4 90
#14 Luzze Lovendalen Matt Pokora & Tal "Envole-Moi" 3 130 2 77
#15 Tikata Tramandi Magdalena Cvetkoska "Srodna Duša" 12 99 2 99
#16 Anselmsuusonia Pensa Ricki-Lee "Raining Diamonds" N/A N/A 18 30
#17 Yazminia Liechgrado Johanna Kurkela "Kaikki Askeleet" 12 96 11 57
#18 Kosma Astrée Jean-Jacques Goldman "Tournent Les Violons" N/A N/A 15 60
#19 Pebbleland Rosetown Ivy Quainoo "Wildfires (Light it Up)" 10 112 4 85
#20 Kaledonii Śānti Kids of the Apocalypse "Masters of the Sun" 15 102 8 69
#21 Monteverde Stettino Zlata Ognevich "Magic Story" 12 109 7 75
#22 Beige Tuscan City Ivan Torrent ft. Julie Elven "Icarus" 2 174 1 109
#23 Alexandria Dalistra Zella Day "Sweet Ophelia" 22 77 1 98
#24 Territrius Aquaticia Gabrielle Aplin "The Power of Love" 17 97 10 63
#25 Leshia Leshkent SPRY "Sand Devils" N/A N/A 20 42
#26 Chruno Yottobán Lana del Rey "Dark Paradise"