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Ova Anova
Flag of
Anthem: La Isla Bonita
Location of Ova Anova in Internatia.
Location of Ova Anova in Internatia.
• Gatoche Conference
16 August, 1988
• Total
33,165 km2 (12,805 sq mi)
• 2012 census

Ova Anova (Grolskiric: Omari Omar, Edorian variant: Ovarandovar, Irdminian: Ovary Anmary, Tikatan: Ovinovo, Spirevan: Repet) is a landlocked country situated in the southwestern Internatia in Central Cordvern. It is bordered by 4 countries: Tashkveny to the north, Jindalea to the east, Harlequenia to the south and Grolskira to the west. The total area of Ova Anova is 33,165 km² (12,805 sq mi) which makes it the 12th smallest country in Internatia and 3rd smallest in Cordvern. Ova Anova is one of the most sparsely populated territory of the continent with population density of 6,2 per km² giving 205,300 inhabitants in total.

History[edit | edit source]

Ova Anova, also known as The Area 41 is a restricted territory. It's a zone of The Anovese Event that took place in 1988 when massive explosion could be heard from thousands of kilometres away. Four countries: Jindalea, Harlequenia, Grolskira and Tashkveny decided to separate the whole surroundings of what is now believed to have been a UFO emergency landing. Inhabitans of Ova Anova consist solely of scientinsts working on secret projects which only feeds the gossips. Anovese people developed a technique enabling them to communicate telepathically - however, if they need to use archaic means of communication, they use a unique blend of Slavic languages.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The origin of the name Ova Anova remains yet unknown.

Political system[edit | edit source]

Very little is known about the political system of Ova Anova. Foreign policy with other states of Internatia is carried out by The Anovese Council.

Ova Anova is widely known for its active anti-hipster movement.

National Holiday[edit | edit source]

Anovese people celebrate Madonna's birthday as their National Holiday. It's also the anniversary of the Gatoche Conference which was held August 16, 1988 in Gatoche, Tashkveny, where current borders of Ova Anova were decided.

Internatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Ova Anova decided to join Internatia Song Contest in its 12th edition, taking place in in Platonia, Novatlantida. The band Muzyka Końca Lata with their song "Nie Ukryjesz Się Przede Mną" competed in the SF 2 of ISC 12 where he ended 18 out of 22 ranked contestants thus didn't proceed to the final.

On 5th June 2013, it was announced that Ova Anova would send Hadise to Internatia Song Contest 13 in Siegeslinde, Spirevo. Four songs - put forward by the artist herself - were in the running for winning the Anovese preselections Our Song For Siegeslinde. Eventually, "Aşk Kaç Beden Giyer" has won the right to represent the country in the 2nd semifinal of the editon. It finished 20th out of 22 eligible semifinalists. Had disqualified HKJIADH voted, Ova Anova would have received their 12 points and finished higher in the scoreboard.

As their 3rd entrant in their history of participation, The Anovese Council chose Lili Iwanowa and her song "Ti S'n Li Si". The entry was determined in a show Battle Of Lovendalen. It was placed 6th in the 1st semifinal and succeeded to the final where it finished 19th collecting 80 points from the voting countries.

The Anovese entry in ISC 15 in Tikata was selected internally. One of the biggest summer hits in Ova Anova, "Thank You Very Much" was competing in Tramandi where it finished 3rd in semifinal 1 collecting 96 points and 6th in the final (126 points).

Anna Jantar and her song "Nic Nie Może Wiecznie Trwać" represented Ova Anova in ISC 16 in Pensa, Anselmsuusonia. It was 14th in semifinal 2 thus not making it to the final of the contest.

Blue Café was the star of the Anovese National final called Our Star For Kosma. "DENDIX" defeated 4 other songs of the band and and took part in ISC 17 in Liechgrado, Yazminia where it finished 6th in the semifinal and 13th in the final of the edition.

A contemporary cover of a 70's Bulgarian song "Povey Vetre" sung by Nevena was chosen in a National Final Our Star For Kosma as the Anovese representative for ISC 18 in Astrée, Kosma. It won the semifinal 1 and qualified to the final, where it finished 10th out of 27 competing songs.

Several Russian pop divas took part in Rosetown Triangle, the Anovese selections to choose their representative for ISC 19 in Rosetown, Pebbleland. Polina Gagarina and "Navek" won the national final and the right to represent Ova Anova in the contest. She failed to qualify to the final of the edition scoring 18th out of 23.

ISC 20 and ISC 21 saw Ova Anova choose their entry internally. Margaret and "Wasted" was ranked 7th in the final of 20th edition of the contest, while Berenice is currently representing the country in Stettino, Monteverde with "I'd Rather Sleep Alone".

In order to choose their entry for ISC 22, The Anovese Council decided to join A Song For Jindanova, national final organized along with the brother country of Jindalea.