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Republic of Pebbleland
Flag of Pebbleland
Coat of Arms of Pebbleland
Coat of Arms
"Omnia possibilia credentibus"
"All things are possible for those who believe"
Anthem: "The Home Where I Belong"
Location of Pebbleland in Internatia.
Location of Pebbleland in Internatia.
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
DemonymPebblelander, Pebblelandic
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary republic
• President
Rt Hon Margaret Price MP
• Total
3,579,760 km2 (1,382,150 sq mi)
• 2012 census
• Density
10.6/km2 (27.5/sq mi)
CurrencyPebblelandian Pound (PLP)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Drives on theleft
Internet TLD.pb

Pebbleland, officially the Republic of Pebbleland, is a unitary parliamentary republic in central Internatia. It is bordered by H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug and Sockistan in the south-west, Evergreen Lands, Huania and Spirevo to the south, Bubblique, Edoriada and Tikata to the east, and completely surrounds Kaministiquia in the south. It is the largest country in Internatia (3,579,760 km2).


The English name Pebbleland is derived from the ancient name Papolstánlande (meaning "land of pebble stones") given by the first settlers, after the pebble beaches they arrived at when their ships came to shore.


Early history

The area now known as the constituent region of Agarina was first inhabited by the Agarinian people who are said to have arrived at Internatia from another continent at approximately 600 AD. The new settlers integrated with the small number of indigenous peoples and developed a society divided between tribe leaders, an intellectual class of druids and an ordinary class of farmers and iron workers.

Middle Ages

The Kingdom of Pebbleland (Deyrnas Papolstánlande) was established in 941 AD with the Agarinian King Æthelbald establishing the House of Holywell after invading Trefern (now Fernmouth) and seizing power from Godwine the Small, uniting with the kingdom of Coralmont and establishing the new realm of Agarina from the area that was the old Papolstánlande. Shortly after, society in the realm developed from the old druidic culture to a feudal structure, establishing a centralised state with a growing economy thanks to the Agricultural Revolution.

From the 13th Century onwards, the kingdom began to expand north with their now formidable army, conquering the Kingdom of Suralia in 1264 and the Kingdom of Nīwyedôl (now Newmeadow) in 1271. Over 40 years later, they expanded east to conquer the Kingdom of Heortfolc (now Hartfolk) in 1315 and the Kingdom of Gwillym (now Wilmingshire) in 1322, creating what is now modern Pebbleland.

In late 1679, the capital was passed over from Pebble City to the rapidly growing city of Rosetown, and the royal family relocated there shortly afterwards.

Transition to a republic

On 21 March 1815, King Alexander IV made the sudden decision to relinquish all his constitutional powers in favour of a creating a republic after a wave of cultural and political change in Pebblelandian society leading to a nationwide consensus of peacefully abolishing the monarchy. Alexander formally abdicated on 12 April and the role of head of state was handed over to the incumbent Prime Minister Edward Pritchard with immediate effect, becoming the first President of the new Republic of Pebbleland.

The royal family of Pebbleland still exist to this day, with the head of the House of Holywell holding the title of Crown Prince(ss) as opposed to King or Queen, but their role is purely ceremonial and they hold no political power. The current head is Crown Prince James II. The former crown jewels are held on display at the National Museum of Pebbleland in Rosetown.

Modern history

From the mid-18th Century, the country experienced a golden age of prosperity as the development of ports in Rosetown and Pebble City made Pebbleland an economic powerhouse and made the respective cities two of the biggest trading posts in Internatia.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, Pebbleland has become one of the most progressive nations in Internatia in regards to human rights and social stability. Pebbleland was one of the first countries in Internatia to grant female suffrage in 1883, and legalised same-sex marriage in 1996, being one of the few countries in Internatia to have never had a law forbidding homosexuality.


Pebbleland is a unitary parliamentary republic, with its head of state (President) being elected by majority. Elections are held every five years via proportional representation voting system.

The current President of Pebbleland since 2014 is Margaret Price, who took over leadership of the Socialist Party after the incumbent president Kylie Wilson suffered major injuries in a skiing accident in the Coral Mountains. The Socialist Party of Pebbleland currently holds a 2/3rds majority in parliament, with the Pebblelandian Green Party in opposition.


Pebbleland is divided into six constituent regions with their own local authority councils presiding over local affairs.

Flag Region Capital
Agarina Pebble City
Coralmont Fernmouth
Hartfolk Lavender Coast
Newmeadow Rosetown
Suralia Carltonville
Wilmingshire Wilming


The total population of Pebbleland was estimated at 38,017,936 in 2012. The population density is 10.6/km2, and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Internatia. Around 85% of the population live in urban areas.


As of 2012, 5,208,458 people or 13.7% of inhabitants are of a foreign background, either born abroad or born in Pebbleland to two parents from abroad. The largest groups being:

  1.  Tikata (646,304)
  2.  Spirevo (493,206)
  3.  Tashkveny (416,928)
  4.  Evergreen Lands (360,159)
  5.  H Kim Jong Il's AD Hangug (274,565)
  6.  Kaledonii (225,368)
  7.  Carpathia (182,997)
  8.  Bubblique (159,673)
  9.  Kosma (140,724)
  10.  Sockistan (131,691)



The arts and music in particular play an integral part of Pebblelandian culture, of which the country has a strong tradition of.

Pebblelanders have an egalitarian society, and have a reputation for being friendly and liberal people.


Football and rugby union are the biggest national sports in Pebbleland, with also a significant participation in athletics and aquatic sports.

Pebbleland in the Internatia Song Contest

The Pebbleland Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster, announced in January 2013 that the country would be making its debut in the 9th Edition of the Internatia Song Contest. The country has to date one victory in the 17th Edition and hosted the 19th Edition in the capital Rosetown.

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