Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug

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Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug
성령 김정일 령도자의 죽음 이후 한국
Flag of Holy Hangug
and largest city
Official languagesKorean
Recognised national languagesKorean
Donald Lombard
• Formation of the Country
• Estimate
• Census
CurrencyCoupon (HKC)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Drives on theleft
Calling code+88
Internet TLD.ky

>>> HKJIADH'S TELEVISION: Holy Kitsune Television KIM JONG IL'S HOUSE IN KIJONG-DONG, HKJIADH; 20.02.2014. 21:15

The Dear Leader of HKJIADH has decided new classifications of people will be introduced in our great country.

These classes are: - Dear Leader and his family - Officials - Citizens - Strangers - Abberations - Anomalies - Amsteris people

An Official is a person that works for the government, and there are three levels of Officials, High, Medium and Low Official. High is mainly for politicians, medium for policemen, low for doctors and teachers.

A Citizen is a person that follows all the rules of our country and has done no major infractions. Also three minor infractions are considered to be a major infraction. The infraction system is still going to be decided in the following days.

An Abberation is status received if the person has committed an Infraction. They are not seen as full Citizens and don't get the privileges of receiving food from the country, possessing an artifact, or having tablets. They might be deported to the Outer Provinces, where they risk getting killed off by the Society.

An Anomaly is someone who has committed heinous crimes such as murder, rape, or other such offenses. Anomalies might easily get death sentences or similar punishments. They're all put in jails from where they are free to go away to Amsteris, since that's an anomaly country anyway. However, if the officials from Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug find out they've left to any other country, they might go there and kill them.

Strangers are all the people that are here from other countries. They mostly get the same treatment as citizens of Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug, or they can get the treatment they'd receive in their home country, but their country has to pay for that.

Amsteris citizens are banned in Holy Kim Jong Il's After Death Hangug, unless for special events, such as ISC hosting or similar.


30 - 39[edit | edit source]

Country Index
 Alexandria 1.00
 Alma Livre 1.00
 Alteus 1.00
 Amsteris 0.18
 Anselmsuusonia 1.00
 Aonach 1.00
 Atsoumpalia 1.00
 Bubblique 0.84
 Caprika 1.00
 Carpathia 1.00
 Chruno 1.52
 DimkaRUS 1.00
 DPR Jindalea 1.48
 Dvipantara 1.10
 Edoriada 1.00
 Eriod 1.05
 Evergreen Lands 1.00
 Grolskira 1.06
 Hanzyuki 1.00
 Haven 1.00
 Huania 1.00
 Irdminia 1.07
 Kaeros Islands 1.08
 Kaledonii 1.00
 Kaministiquia 1.00
 Keohretcha 1.00
 Kosma 1.01
 Lacrea 1.10
 Leshia 1.00
 Lost Islands 1.00
 Luzze 0.58
 Men̈́sa 1.00
 Nicolas' Neighbour 1.00
 Ova Anova 1.00
 Pebbleland 1.00
 Pen Island 1.08
 Porielana 1.00
 Rata Sum 1.16
 Ruthsina 1.00
 Saint Eva & Lepland 1.00
 St Olaf 1.00
 Sockistan 1.90
 Spitzenbergen 1.00
 Sunetti 0.91
 Tashkveny 1.00
 Territrius 1.00
 Tikata 1.00
 Tjärsklanjska 1.30
 Tonallán 1.00
 Valdron 1.00
 Volnytaria 1.00
 Yazminia 1.00
 Yutuland 1.00
 Zephyrus 1.00