Pen Island in the Internatia Song Contest

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Pen Island
Member stationPEEN
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 17
Best result1st: ISC 25, ISC 83
Worst result27th SF: ISC 66

Pen Island made their debut in the 17th edition of the Internatia Song Contest.

History[edit | edit source]

Katy Perry, first Penislandic participant in ISC

Pen Island made their debut in the 17th Edition of the Internatia Song Contest.

In ISC 17 Pen Island entered as debutants after surviving all the waiting in the Waiting List. They chose Katy Perry to represent Pen Island with her hit "Unconditionally". That guaranteed their debut qualification as they placed 7th in semi with 70 points and that was enough to make it. In the final Pen Island scored 94 points and reached 15th place.

The edition after, Pen Island held their first national final ever including "Nebo" by Max Barskih, which went to ISC next edition. The winner of national final was Faydee ft. Lazy-J and their song "Laugh 'Till You Cry". Unfortunately, Pen Island failed to qualify by placing 25th (second last) with just 11 points.

Pen Island held yet another national final for ISC 19 consisting just of 2 songs, and Jaymes Young's "Stardust" won the "duel". Pen Island was accused of being unfair because this country "voted in Semi Final 2 a lot of minutes after deadline" and qualified afterwards. Tjärsklanjska and Sockistan became outraged because of this unjustice because they failed to qualify to the final by just a couple of points. Had Pen Island been disqualified for not voting, Tjärsklanjska would've qualified instead.

Next edition, which was ISC 20, Pen Island sent Dawid Kwiatkowski with "Na Zawsze" and guaranteed the outrage of some countries because, as Ova Anova explained, it was just "trying to invent poor man's Bieber". This didn't made Penislandic result better - they placed 24th in the semi with just 18 points and failed to qualify.

For ISC 21 Pen Island sent James Arthur with "Recovery", which came close to qualify, but that didn't upset Penislandians much after it was revealed that Hanzyuki, who reached 12th place in semifinal 1 with just one point ahead Pen Island, gave Pen Island their 12 points.

For ISC 22 Pen Island sent Aram MP3 with "If I Tried". The song qualified but Pen Island reached bottom 3 placing in final. Next edition Adham Nabulsi and "Ossetna Kholset" went to represent Pen Island but unfortunately failed to vote. Had Pen Island voted, they'd either qualify or end up borderline and miss the final.

Pen Island sent Wyke van Weelden to ISC 24 with "World Of Blue" and almost qualified once again, but according to TV, this song qualified the whole time until last set of votes came in. The following edition The Pierces were sent for the 3rd time in ISC with "Kings" and made Pen Island proud because they won that edition, therefore ensuring best Penislandic result ever in ISC and allowing Pen Island to host Internatia Song Contest 27.

The Pierces, who represented Pen Island in ISC 25 and won

The edition before Pen Island's hosting saw fresh new star on the music scene - Kendji Girac - as Penislandic participant which had great chances to qualify with his new uptempo tune called "Color Gitano". Sadly, it did not qualify because PEEN failed to submit votes yet again.

Edition 27 saw a Pen Islandic hosting with some hiccups, but Pen Island managed to pull it off, the joy of hosting totally overshadowing the 26th place on home soil. The subsequent edition Pen Island failed to qualify to the grand final co-hosted by Chruno and Bubblique with Ayneed's cover of "Kiss Kiss".

Pen Island has seen very mixed results since, making the final on a few occasions, with Aminata's 9th place in ISC 36 as a highlight.

Results[edit | edit source]

Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Song Title Place Points Semi Points
17th United States Katy Perry "Unconditionally" 15 94 7 70
18th Australia Faydee ft. Lazy J "Laugh 'till You Cry" Failed to qualify 25 11
19th United States Jaymes Young "Moondust" 12 108 10 58
20th Poland Dawid Kwiatkowski "Na zawsze" Failed to qualify 24 18
21st United Kingdom James Arthur "Recovery" Failed to qualify 13 60
22nd Armenia Aram Mp3 "If I Tried" 25 73 11 60
23rd Jordan Adham Nabulsi "Ossetna kholset" Failed to qualify 25 47
24th Netherlands Wyke van Weelden "World of Blue" Failed to qualify 13 59
25th United States The Pierces "Kings" 1 172 6 88
26th France Kendji Girac "Color Gitano" Failed to qualify 25 63
27th Italy Emis Killa "Soli (Assieme)" 26 54 Prequalified
28th Belgium Ayneed "Kiss Kiss" Failed to qualify 24 32
29th United States Cathedrals "OOO AAA" Failed to qualify 25 33
30th Austria Conchita Wurst "Heroes" 17 108 8 66
31st United States Moxiie "Jilted" Failed to qualify 20 36
32nd Norway Nora Jabri "Berlin Wall" 23 85 12 54
33rd Iceland Rok "Find a Better Man" Failed to qualify 13 58
34th Slovenia Maraaya "Lovin' Me" 20 95 11 60
35th Norway Broiler ft. Sweden Anna Bergendahl "For You" Failed to qualify 21 42
36th Latvia Aminata "Land of Nibiru" 9 130 10 66
37th Bulgaria Krum ft. Emanuela "Skorpion" Failed to qualify 24 33
38th United Kingdom Leona Lewis "I Am" Failed to qualify 25 37
39th Turkey Atiye "Bring Me Back" 25 92 5 72
40th France Marina Kaye "Dancing with the Devil" 24 83 12 58
41st United Kingdom Shura "White Light" Failed to qualify 21 25
42nd Albania Xhesika Polo "Fati jemi ne" Failed to qualify 15 50
43rd Estonia Janne "Meeting the Wolf" Failed to qualify 23 29
44th Denmark MORTEN ft. Sweden Frida Sundemo "Beautiful Heartbeat" Failed to qualify 19 47
45th Sweden Elliphant ft. United States Skrillex "Spoon Me" Failed to qualify 20 41
46th Denmark Alex Vargas "Shackled Up" 27 74 12 53
47th Norway Astrid S "Paper Thin" 22 87 9 62
48th Ireland LYRA "Emerald" Failed to qualify 13 57
49th United Kingdom Dua Lipa "Hotter Than Hell" Failed to qualify 14 63
50th United Kingdom Ukraine Bloom Twins "A M N E S I A" 23 78 12 58
51st North Macedonia Australia BOBI "One Dance" Failed to qualify 20 33
52nd Puerto Rico Spain Ricky Martin ft. Colombia Maluma "Vente Pa' Ca" Failed to qualify 24 33
53rd Poland Monika Lewczuk "Ty i ja" Failed to qualify 15 54
54th France Imany ft. Russia Filatov & Karas "Don't Be So Shy" 7 143 8 70
55th Romania Lucia "Making Me Go" Failed to qualify 13 56
56th United Kingdom Leah McFall "Wolf Den" Failed to qualify 21 45
57th Ukraine ERIA "Ochi" 6 135 1 115
58th France Eugénie "Puis danse" Failed to qualify 16 56
59th Sweden Ace Wilder "Voodoo Amore" Failed to qualify 26 31
60th Italy Levante "Non me ne frega niente" 26 66 20 40
61st Kyrgyzstan Jiydesh Idirisova "Kim bilet" 17 99 2 86
62nd Sweden Skott "Mermaid" Failed to qualify 15 52
63rd Greece Eleni Foureira "To kati pou exeis" 16 112 4 76
64th Belarus NAVIBAND "Biažy" 7 138 1 93
65th Belgium Loïc Nottet "Mud Blood" Failed to qualify 17 49
66th United States OG Maco "U Guessed It" Failed to qualify 27 11
67th United Kingdom Jax Jones ft. Norway Ina Wroldsen "Breathe" Failed to qualify 20 41
68th Portugal Diogo Piçarra "Dialeto" Failed to qualify 18 41
69th Serbia Emina ft. Milica "Limunada" Failed to qualify 18 45
70th Sweden LUHA "SHE" Failed to qualify 20 47
71st Iceland Ólafur Arnalds "re:member" 7 133 4 75
72nd Ukraine KAZKA "Sama" Failed to qualify 14 54
73rd Poland Kasia Moś ft. Finland Norma John "Wild Eyes" 25 81 24 34
74th Spain Rosalía "Pienso en tu mira" Failed to qualify 18 47
75th New Zealand Maisey Rika "Tangaroa Whakamautai" 19 106 4 85
76th Ukraine The Hardkiss "Forever More" Failed to Qualify 13 56
77th Morocco Canada Faouzia "This Mountain" Failed to Qualify 24 35
78th Albania Arilena Ara "I'll Give You My Heart" Failed to Qualify 14 45
79th United States Echos "1216" 22 97 8 64
80th United Kingdom Fleur East "Favourite Thing" 5 135 12 67
81st Israel Noa Kirel "Drum" Failed to Qualify 14 52
82nd Germany 2WEI "Toxic" Failed to Qualify 25 20
83rd Norway AURORA "The Seed" 1 179 2 102
84th Canada CLANN "I Hold You" Failed to Qualify 17 48
85th Italy Thegiornalisti "Maradona y Pelé" 21 93 Prequalified
86th Ukraine SuperSonya "Uhodi" 2 183 12 60
87th United Kingdom Ellie Goulding ft. United States Juice WRLD "Hate Me" Failed to qualify 26 30
88th Cuba United States Camila Cabello "Shameless" Failed to qualify 13 57
89th Italy Marco Mengoni "Duemila volte" 25 70 5 79
90th Norway Bendik "Perfekt" 27 80 12 58
91st United Kingdom Duke Dumont "Ocean Drive" 12 119 12 65
92nd Ukraine ONUKA "Zenit" 8 136 2 97
93rd United States The Pussycat Dolls "React" 17 105 20 43
94th Moldova Via Dacă "Paparuda" 8 137 1 109
95th United Kingdom Nathan Ball "Borders" Failed to Qualify 14 58
96th Russia Little Big "Hypnodancer" 4 142 3 92
97th Finland BEHM "Hei rakas" 19 100 4 68
98th Finland Tuuletar "Odotan" Failed to Qualify 22 38
99th Moldova Irina Rimes "Nicaieri" 22 86 9 64
100th France Seemone "Dans mes rêves" 10 127 1 89
101st Netherlands REMY. "amber" 25 84 5 82
102nd Portugal mema. "Perdi o norte" 27 58 11 64
103rd Finland Pihka Is My Name "+-" Failed to Qualify 26 25
104th Sweden LOVA "Dance for the Hell of It" 16 105 1 98
105th Denmark Myrkur "Fager som en Ros" 5 151 4 87
106th Sweden Loreen "Sötvattentårar" Failed to Qualify 17 52
107th United Kingdom Jessie Ware "Please" 8 130 6 72
108th Italy Måneskin "I Wanna Be Your Slave" 2 166 2 95
109th Poland Ochman "Światłocienie" Failed to Qualify 25 17
110th Canada Nemahsis "what if i took it off for you?" 25 76 9 73
111th Turkey Mahmut Orhan & Sena Sener "Fly Above" Failed to Qualify 17 52
112th Spain Tanxugueiras "Figa" 2 173 10 75
113th Canada ANYMA "All My Relations" Failed to Qualify 16 51
114th Germany Hans Zimmer "Paul's Dream" 25 87 4 84
115th Netherlands MEAU "Dat heb jij gedaan" 8 137 9 62
116th Switzerland Gjon's Tears "Silhouette" 2 157 2 87
117th France Pomme "à perte de vue" 23 89 6 80
118th Germany MEUTE "Peace" Failed to Qualify 15 45
119th Serbia Sara Jo "Divlja" Failed to Qualify 19 43
120th Netherlands CHELS "The Puppet" 26 69 7 67
121st Lebanon United Kingdom MIKA "Yo Yo" 13 115 4 73
122nd Belgium Noah Vanden Abeele "Birds" 14 109 5 78
123rd Russia Otyken "Storm"