Blomsterhaven in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationHavenTV
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 110
Best result3rd: ISC 110
Worst result26th SF: ISC 121

Blomsterhaven made their debut in the 110th edition of Internatia Song Contest, replacing Chruno in the roster.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Jury qualifier   Last place   Disqualified   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Oravania 110th Stockholm Noir ft. Ofelia "Boy Like a Girl" 3 157 1 113
Percheron 111th Jesper Dahlback "Fransson" 26 86 12 61
Grolskira 112th SNOW CULTURE "Treasures" 19 105 9 68
Uubell 113th No Mono "Fever Highs" Did not qualify 25 28
Ova Anova 114th Maya Jane Coles ft. Karin Park "Everything" 27 70 12 64
Kaministiquia 115th Lastlings & RÜFÜS DU SOL "No Time" 15 113 7 70
Kharó 116th Karl X Johan "Flames" Did not qualify 19 44
Dulcet Ebullience 117th Ve & Fasa "Juli" Did not qualify 15 53
Solais X 118th Silent Strike "It's Not Safe to Turn Off Your Computer" 19 91 12 61
Ħanei Čaravāz 119th Lizette Lizette "Sorry" 28 57 11 55
Trešlend 120th Acid Arab ft. Radia Menel "Staifia" 5 149 8 72
Irdminia 121st Covered in Snow "Miljonprogrammet (Man Without Country Remix)" Did not qualify 26 19
Sunetti 122nd Loco Hot ft. A-WA "I'm a Tribe ([dunkelbunt] Remix)" Did not qualify 21 37
Bartlett 123rd Rubblebucket "Earth Worship"