Edoriada in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationIRT:E
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 9
Last appearanceISC 44
Best result2: ISC 31
Worst result27 (semi): ISC 29, ISC 38, ISC 40

Edoriada made their debut in the 9th Edition of the Internatia Song Contest. The songs were either internally selected or selected during Etefest, a traditional Edoarian music festival.

Results[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
09th Jessie J "Domino" Failed to qualify 18 28
10th Adam Lambert "Chokehold" 16 44
11th Scissor Sisters "Only the Horses" 16 36
12th Vesna Zornik "Vuelvo al sur" 15 40
13th Mando "Ston aigokero" 7 119 2 88
14th Michael Bublé "Feeling Good" Failed to qualify 14 62
15th Anastacia "Welcome to My Truth" 21 37
16th Ylvis "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" 19 86 15 32
17th Diva Plavalaguna "Il dolce suono (The Diva Dance)" 14 95 9 70
18th Lady Gaga "Gypsy" 25 76 9 68
19th Omar Naber "Vladarjev dan" Failed to qualify 23 10
20th Jan Plestenjak "Barka iz perja" 23 25
21st Amy Winehouse "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" 18 42
22nd Anastacia "Stupid Little Things" 13 63
23rd Nightwish "Cadence of Her Last Breath" 27 57 20 21
24th Eivør "Trøllabundin" 14 111 12 59
25th Marley Munroe "Broken Windows" Failed to qualify 16 46
26th IRT:E Orchestra feat. André Rieu "O Fortuna" 23 19
27th DWV "Blurred Bynes" 26 24
28th Céline Dion "The Greatest Reward" 15 56
29th Paloma Faith "Mouth to Mouth" 27 6
30th Elena Paparizou "Mambo" 22 84 10 59
31st Ella Henderson "Ghost" 2 142 3 93
32nd Lara Fabian "Deux ils, deux elles" Failed to qualify 23 25
33rd Dana International "Hakol ze letova" 25 5
34th Nana Mouskouri "Ksimeronei" 19 47
35th Aerosmith "Jaded" 24 27
36th Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars "Uptown Funk" 23 28
37th Maja Keuc "You're a Tree and I'm a Balloon" 23 36
38th Nuša Derenda "V ogenj zdaj obleci me" 27 17
39th Elena Paparizou "Soma kai psihi" 15 48
40th Madhuri Dixit "Aaja nachle" 27 42
41st Anastacia "Lifeline" 21 89 9 65
42nd Jess Glynne "Hold My Hand" 23 84 6 76
43rd Kylie Minogue "In My Arms" Failed to qualify 22 32
44th Mando "Dos mou logo na sotho" 19 53

History[edit | edit source]

ISC 9 -13 - Debut & first national selections[edit | edit source]

Jessie J was selected internally by the TE (Edorian Television) to represent Edoriada with "Domino". She finished 18th in the semi-final with 28 points. TE invited six artists to participate in the first Edorivision. Adam Lambert, Anastacia, Celine Dion, Phillip Phillips, P!nk and Rob Thomas submited two songs each. After the Semi final, six songs, one of each artist, remained in the running to represent Edoriada in ISC 10. Final results were revealed on March 11th. Juries from Harlequenia, Dinokratys & Shrikidai, Irdminia, Alexandria, Monteverde, San Monique, San Remo, and Lost Isles cast their votes. In the final they were combined with televote results from five Edorian counties. The winner was both juries' and televote favorite. On eleventh edition Edorivison was renamed Etefest. 10 artists competed for the spot in ISC 11. A combination of international juries, Edorian juries and televote decided the winner. Edorian jury also gave awards for best lyrics (Lara-B), music, arrangement (Siddharta) and performance (Jadranka Juras).[1] Nightwish were originally set to perform on #10 but they were replaced by Kelly Clarkson, because they were already in the Lost Islands National Final. In ISC 11 season TE also sent four songs to Dinosong. Scissor Sisters failed to qualify from the first semi final. They however won the jury vote of non-participating countries in their semi. The second placed song Baby It's Over came 5th in the 5th editon of the Second Chance Contest. TE confirmed its participation in ISC 12 on April 13th 2013. A three-stage national selection will be held in TE studios. Eight songs will compete in the first round. After the vote five will remain. In the next round two more will be eliminated, leaving three finalists to the last round of voting. After three rounds Vesna Zornik won Etefest 12 by slowly convincing the jury and televoters to vote for her. Vesna performed 23rd in the second semi final. She came 15th with 40 points, failing to qualify to the final. A day after the results TE decided not to invest more money and energy in national finals for the remainder of Tahtari's term as creative director (including the 16th). The song Don't give a damn entered the second edition of the Second Chance contest, where it came last, even though it scored two sets of 12 points. For the 13th edition, TE decided to invite Mando to represent Edoriada. A jury apointed by TE and Mando chose four songs from her album Mando II to be presented at Etefest 13. 50% of the vote was decided by the international jury while another 50% was given by the televote. Mando finished 7th in the final (2nd in the semi final) thus achieving the best result for Edoriada until Ella Henderson came second in the 31st edition. There were changes in TE leadership. Matie Tahtari, former HoD replaced Arona Uruh as the creative director (for the next four editions).

ISC 14 to 18 - Internal Selections and Etefest cancellations[edit | edit source]

TE decided to select the next three representatives and songs internally. Their first choice was Michael Bublé (Feeling Good) for the 14th edition. He finished 14th in the semi final. Anastacia represented Edoriada in the 15th edition with the song "Welcome To My truth". She already has a history with ISC. She participated in the first national selection, where she finished third. Anastacia performed 16th in the second semi final. She came 21st, scoring the worst result for Edoriada so far. TE asked Ylvis to represent Edoriada in ISC 16. Their song "The Fox" became an instant hit in Edorian charts, so they were the obvious choice. Ylvis scored a second final participation for Edoriada. They finished 19th in the final. TE decided to keep Matie Tahtari as the creative director for the next four editions (17th to 20th). TE rebooted Etefest for at least two editions of ISC on September 28th. The songs for Etefest 17 were presented on October 4th. Three Slovene artists (Nina Pušlar, Omar Naber and Neisha) participated with two songs each. Due to disagreements between Matie Tahtari (creative director) and Arona Uruh (executive director) of TE, Etefest 17 was cancelled a week before the voting ended (October 19th). The ISC 17 participant was selected internally. The artist - Diva Plavalaguna - arrived in a spaceship. Her song is titled Il dolce suono. Diva scored third (second consecutive) final qualification for Edoriada. She finished 13th in the final (9th in semi-final) thus achieving second best placing for Edoriada. This edition marked the tenth participation of Edoriada in ISC. TE decided to pull out the big guns and sent Lady Gaga with Gypsy. Edoriada was again drawn as the opening act of the second semi final (four times so far). Lady Gaga managed to enter the final competition in Astrée where she finished 25th.

ISC 19 and 20 - Return of Etefest and Broadcaster changes[edit | edit source]

TE selected the 11th representative via Etefest. Omar Naber won both the Televote and the International jury vote. He was drawn to perform second in the second semi final, thus breaking the Edorian streak of opening the second semi final (16th, 17th & 18th). Omar finished last in the semi final scoring only 10 points. For the 20th edition TE decided to expand Etefest again to 6 artists. Scissor Sisters were trying to score a better position for Edoriada. David Cook returned after coming fourth in Etefest 11 and later representing Tikata in the same edition. The voting was separated in three parts. Firstly TE jury eliminated two songs, then two songs were eliminated when TE votes were combined with interantional juries' votes. The two remaining songs competed against eachother in a televote. Jan Plestenjak won. For the second time in a row, Edoriada remained in the semi final. For the next two editions TE (now part of IRT:E, an unified national telecomuniations provider) chose the participants internally. The original plan was for four entries, but IRT:E decided to make an exception for the 23rd edition. IRT:E released a promotional poster with Amy Winehouse on February 8th. Her song for Settino Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was presented on the 22nd February. Amy failed to qualify to the final. On March 6th IRT:E confirmed participation in the 22nd edition of the contest. The artist and the song were selected internally. Ofiicial announcement was released by IRT:E on March 21st 2014. Anastacia was selected to represent Edoriada with "Stupid Little Things". She is the first returning artist for Edoriada in the contest. She first participated in ISC 15. Unfortunately, Anastacia missed the final again. She finished 13th.

ISC 23 - Joint National Final with Alexandria[edit | edit source]

On March 16th IRT:E and TRA released promotional material for Alexedor Song Contest, the joint NF with the host of ISC 23 - Alexandria. The best placed entry of each country got to enter ISC. Nightwish will represent Edoriada in Alexandria.

ISC 24 to 28 - Talks of withdrawal[edit | edit source]

IRT:E chose Eivor to represent Edoriada with "Trollabundin". The song was anounced soon after Territrius won ISC and accepted to host the next edition, which never hapened before with Edorian entries. Eivor reached the final and finished 14th.On June 4th IRT:E announced Marley Munroe as the participant in ISC 25 and Pablo Alborán for the 26th edition. Marley Munroe finished 16th in the second semi final with "Broken Windows". Pablo Alborán withdrew from participation a week before the deadline. IRT:E Orchestra performed Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" instead. Sadly they came last (excluding disqualified entries). This was the third time in Edorian ISC history. On August 12th 2014 IRT:E announced DWV, a famous drag-queen trio to represent Edoriada in ISC 27. They failed to proceed to the final and scored the lowest placing for Edoriada (26th in semi-final). On August 25th 2014 IRT:E released a promotional poster for Etefest 28. Four female artists competed to become the 20th Edorian representative. Celine Dion won with "The Greatest Reward". She scored 15th position in the semi-final, missing the final for Edoriada fourth consecutive edition. Before the results of the ISC 28 semi finals were posted, IRT:E announced a 2-edition break from ISC. Edorian public was unsatisfied with the results for the past four editions. The lack of the wider public's involvement in the song selection was one of the main reason they pressed on IRT:E to withdraw. Two weeks later, after much consideration and public polling IRT:E cancelled their withdrawal and entered ISC 29. A new policy for selecting artists and their songs was announced, including official Edorian chart positions, internet polling and possible more frequent return of national finals.

ISC 29 to 32 - Best and Worst results[edit | edit source]

IRT:E invited popular artists from Edoriada and other Internatian states. Finally Paloma Faith confirmed her participation for Edoriada. Paloma managed to score only 6 points in the semi final, she finished last. This was so far the worst result for Edoriada. It also contributed to the longest period of no qualification to the finals (5 editions so far). A day after the results of the 29th edition's semi finals were posted, Elena Paparizou was announced as the participant for ISC 30 with "Mambo". Elena previously participated in Etefest twice, reaching a second and a fourth place. She qualified from the fisrt semi final and reached 22nd place. This was thus far 5th best position for Edoriada. Ella Henderson was announced as the 21st Edorian representative with Ghost. She became the eighth Edorian entrant to proceed to the final. She finished second, just two points after the winning Zephyrus. This was thus far the best result for Edoriada. IRT:E organised Etefest once again after four editions. Three songs compete to represent Edoriada in Luzze. Pablo Alborán returned with "Donde está el amor" after a cancelled NF for the 26th edition. Lara Fabian was chosen to represent Edoriada in ISC 32. She did not qualify to the final.

ISC 33 to 40 - "The Edorian Dry Spell and first disqualification"[edit | edit source]

Dana International was chosen by IRT:E to represent Edoriada with "Hakol Ze Letova" in the 33rd edition of the contest. She entered with Hakol ze letova but failed to impress Internatian public. IRT:E approached Nana Mouskouri with a 4-song preselection format. Ms Mouskouri accepted the offer for ISC 34. The song Ksimeronei was chosen, but did not make the finals. Aerosmith represented Edoriada in ISC 34 with Jaded also not making it to the final. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars represented Edoriada in ISC 36. They were selected by IRT:E just a day before the deadline, they also failed to enter the final round in Tonallán. With the 37th edition IRT:E replaced former HoD and creatve director Matie Tahtari with Anet Benei. Maja Keuc entered for Edoriada in Esonath with You're a Tree and I'm a Baloon and Nuša Derenda represented Edoriada in the 38th, they both failed to proceed to the final. Maja Keuc became the sixth consecutive Edorian representative not to enter the final, Nuša Derenda came last, extending the streak. Elena Paparizou returned after her moderate sucess in ISC 30, entering a song that once already competed in ISSC and failed to bring a ticket to the final for Edoriada once more. Madhuri Dixit enterd in the 40th edition with Aaja nachle and also failed to provide a visible result. For the first time ever in ISC Edorian broadcaster (IRT:E) failed to send the votes in for the semi finals, resulting in the disqualification of the entry.

ISC 41 to 44 - Withdrawal[edit | edit source]

IRT:E announced the participant for Edoriada just a few hours before the deadline. Anastacia represented Edoriada for the third time, this edition with 'Lifeline'. She managed to reach the final, ending one of the longest consecutive non-qualifications by a country in ISC. Anastacia finished 21st in the final. Jess Glynne represented Edoriada in ISC 42, finishing 23rd in the final with Hold My Hand. IRT:E first wanted to send the song in the 39th edition, but Glynne was already announced as the representative of Noxus. Kylie Minogue represented Edoriada in the 43rd edition of the ISC, she finished 22nd in the semi final. IRT:E announced the participation in the 44th edition on the 12th January 2016. On January 31st Edoriada announced their departure from ISC and Mando as their last representative with Dos Mou Logo Na Sotho. Mando finished 19th in the semifinal. IRT:E released a "Best of" compilation with 12 most sucessfull Edorian ISC songs.

Future[edit | edit source]

Talks of rejoining ISC seriously began first in at the time of the 60th ISC but the process never successfuly finished, at that time Edoriada briefly joined Outernatia Song Contest. During the ime of the 80th ISC Edoriada began participating in international eventas again and rejoined OSC. The decision to rejoin ISC is still not final.

Edorian National Finals[edit | edit source]

Since the tenth edition, Edorian television selected nthree of their participants via a national final. One national selections were cancelled before the voting concluded. Internal choices were made instead. The majority of the songs were chosen as a part of the tradional song festival Etefest.

Edition Name Entries Rounds Voting Winner Final Semi
10th Edorivision 12 2 Televote + International jury "Chokehold" by Adam Lambert Failed to qualify 16
13th Song for Mando 4 1 Televote + International Jury "Ston aigokero" 7 3
23rd Alexedorian SC 6 1 Televote + International Jury "Cadence of Her Last Breath" by Nightwish* 27 21
26th Song for Pablo 4 1 Televote + International Jury Cancelled

10th[edit | edit source]


Draw Artist Title Place Points
1 Phillip Phillips "Gone Gone Gone" 7 63
2 Anastacia "Back In Black" 5 70
3 P!nk "Chaos & Piss" 10 58
4 Rob Thomas ft. Santana "Smooth" 3 84
5 Adam Lambert "Chokehold" 1 109
6 Celine Dion "River Deeep, Mountain High" 11 46
7 Phillip Phillips "Thriller" 6 65
8 Anastacia "The Saddest Part" 9 60
9 P!nk "Good Old Days" 2 87
10 Rob Thomas "Now Comes The Night" 8 61
11 Adam Lambert "Nirvana" 12 33
12 Celine Dion "Us" 4 72


Draw Artist Title Place Points
1 Phillip Phillips "Thriller" 5 61
2 Anastacia "Back In Black" 3 88
3 P!nk "Good Old Days" 6 58
4 Rob Thomas ft. Santana "Smooth" 2 105
5 Adam Lambert "Chokehold" 1 122
6 Celine Dion "Us" 4 62

13th[edit | edit source]


Draw Title Total Televote INT Jury
1 "Stahti" 58 23 35
2 "Limani Dihos Thalassa" 36 29 7
3 "Den Eisai Ekei" 28 8 20
4 "Ston Aigokero" 78 40 38

23rd[edit | edit source]


Draw Country Artist Title Place Total INT ALX EDR
1  Alexandria Ivana Jordan "Lazarica" 5 104 32 66 6
2  Edoriada Karmin "Brokenhearted" 6 50 32 6 12
3  Alexandria Melanie Fiona "Monday Morning" 3 133 67 42 24
4  Edoriada Nightwish "Cadence Of Her Last Breath" 2 185 65 24 96
5  Alexandria Kumiko Noma "Lilium" 1 218 80 96 42
6  Edoriada Elena Paparizou "Soma Kai Psihi" 4 130 52 12 66

Second Chance Contest[edit | edit source]

Edoriada first entered in ISCC 2 with Stella Mercury and Mike Vale (ISC 12). They finished last. In the past Edorian artists scored three TOP5 positions (Elena Paparizou, Sunrise Avenue and Nina Pušlar). Edoriada participated four times.

Edition Artist Title ISC Edition NF Position Place Points
2nd Mike Vale ft. Stella Mercury "Don't Give A Damn" ISC 12 6th 15 28
5th Elena Paparizou "Baby It's Over" ISC 11 2nd 5 62
6th Magniffico "Pastirče Mlado" ISC 12 3rd 18 38
7th Nina Pušlar "Tik Tak Tok" ISC 17 Unplaced 4 70
8th Sunrise Avenue "Lifesaver" ISC 20 4th 6 65
10th Elena Paparizou "Soma Kai Psihi" ISC 23 4th DQ DQ