St Olaf in the Internatia Song Contest

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St Olaf
Member stationOMPT
JHTV (26-29)
OBC (30-31)
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 26
Last appearanceISC 31
Best result4th, ISC 28
Worst result27th, ISC 27 SF2

The State of St Olaf participated in the Internatia Song Contest from the 26th edition to the 31st edition. The country voted and broadcast since its 24th edition. It also appeared briefly as the Republic of St. Olaf at the 10th edition of the contest.

St Olaf chose the singer Cocovan as their first representative on 30 June 2014 amidst uncertainty whether the country would be allowed to partake in the 25th contest, which was held in Lashkent, Leshia. Rumours stated Cocovan signed a two-edition deal in order to be assured of debuting the nation in ISC, yet this was confirmed not to be the case come ISC 26. St Olaf's bid was deemed ineligible shortly after the announcement was made. St Olaf was later confirmed for the 26th edition, 'debuting' with singer Luca Vasta and the song "Sometimes You're Right". St Olaf held its only national final on 30 August 2014.

History[edit | edit source]

JHTV (24-29)[edit | edit source]

JHTV first announced its intentions to enter ISC and the IBU as part of umbrella organisation OMPT in May 2014. OMPT was admitted to the IBU late July 2014. JHTV had selected “Mascara” by singer Cocovan to represent St Olaf in the 25th edition of ISC when OMPT was said to have met the criteria for participation in late June 2014. This however was not the case, prompting disqualification for St Olaf.

When admitted in July 2014, JHTV internally selected singer Luca Vasta to represent St Olaf in Yottobán, Chruno for the 26th edition of ISC. Luca placed 4th in semifinal 1, yet ended on a disappointing 24th place in the final. For the 27th edition in neighbouring Lumturi, Pen Island, St Olaf selected native Pebbleland band Cut Copy with the song “Lights Shine On”. All ended in despair when St Olaf didn’t qualify for the final for the first time and had placed last out of 27 in semifinal 2.

JHTV organised its first and only national final for the 28th edition in Burbuja/Costalis, Bubblique/Chruno. “En sany vo Olav” was held late August 2014 and featured 7 acts from the Olaf Minnesotan provinces and administrative region Olaftarian Minnesota. Ambapahlawan-born singer Dami Im took the competition by storm for Daldukkene, scoring a 34 point lead over Lena Fayre from Minnesota. Dami qualified in semifinal 1 held in Burbuja, for the final in Costalis, placing 3rd out of 27. In the final in Costalis the tension proved critical when the top 5 were 2 points apart. Dami placed 4th out of 27 with 161 points.

JHTV announced prior to the 28th edition’s final that ISC would switch handlers in St Olaf. OBC, local broadcaster for Minnesota and available nationwide, will take over the competition from ISC 30 onwards. Reasons stated by JHTV were that they were becoming increasingly less interested in offering light entertainment and wanted public television to go back to being an informational service. OBC, operational since 1964, was selected by JHTV and OMPT due to its rich history in light entertainment as well as its plentiful resources considering their status as local television pioneers.

For the 29th edition in Pallas, Kosma, JHTV had originally selected Maori artist Maisey Rika. However, Maisey was arrested for attempting to smuggle Crystal Pepsi to neighbouring DimkaRUS. A similar problem occured when RAIGN had been originally selected to represent St Olaf in ISC 30, involving consumption of such substance. Olaftarian Minnesotan singer Alison Wonderland had been selected for ISC 30 as RAIGN's replacement, yet this arrangement was cancelled when JHTV announced OBC would be taking over. OBC had initially offered Alison the chance to participate, yet she declined due to anti-Minnesotan sentiment.

OBC (30-)[edit | edit source]

OBC (Olaf Broadcasting Corporation) is set to take over from JHTV from ISC 30 onwards. OBC was chosen for having been a driving force in light entertainment since the mid-60s. OBCOne and OBCTwo are available throughout Southern Internatia via the Olafsat 1B/C satellites. OBC has confirmed that the rules that were published in October 2014 were a hoax and have stated that "rules only prohibit [St Olaf] from sending the best that Olaf Minnesotan writers have to offer." The first entry on behalf of OBC is set to be revealed in the official song thread for ISC 30 in December 2014.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete
Edition Artist Language Title (Titel) Final Points Semi Points
26 Luca Vasta English "Sometimes You're Right" ("Undetiden du ha et") 24 78 4 84
27 Cut Copy English "Lights Shine On" ("Lyse skinne pea") Did not qualify 27 21
28 Dami Im English "Gladiator" ("Yladiatǫ") 4 161 3 88
29 Oh Honey English "Don't You Worry, Love" ("Vǫtwiwl ikke, kae'este") 19 103 5 82
30 Zhanar Dugalova Kazakh "Izin korem" ("Jey se de'es spǫ") 19 104 13 57
31 Samantha Jade English "Sweet Talk" ("Sǫed tale") Did not qualify 19 46

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of ISC 28, St Olaf's voting history is as follows:

OBC mock voting[edit | edit source]

In November 2014 OBC organised a mock voting for every edition in which St Olaf didn't vote (ISC 1 to ISC 23). The most successful nation was Sunetti with 70 points, followed by Territrius with 60 points. Anselmsuusonia, DimkaRUS, Lost Islands, Territrius and Tikata all got the top mark twice.

Most points given in the grand finals only
Rank Country Points
1  Sunetti 70
2  Territrius 60
3  Anselmsuusonia 58
4  Saint Eva & Lepland 55
5  Symphony Isles 50
6  Kosma 48
7  DimkaRUS 47
8  San Monique 46
9  Spirevo 41
10  Tikata 39

Commentators and spokespersons[edit | edit source]

Edition Commentator (Kommentato)
24 Patricia Brønstad (Paticia Bǫenstad)
25 Leon Kaldestad (Leǫn Kaldestad)

Spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Edition Artist Language Title (Titel) Final Points
ISC-ESC Tijana English "To the Sky" ("Til himlen") 20 47
Con. 1 Luciana featuring Betty White English "I'm Still Hot" ("Jey e stediy hevtiy") Did not qualify
ISC-NF Linnea Dale English "High Hopes" ("Sto'e vohaabninye")

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