Internatia Film Festival

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Internatia Film Festival
ISC logo2.png
Official logo of Internatia Film Festival
GenreFilm Festival
Created byMoskov
Location(s)List of host cities
Production company(s)IBU/OBU
DistributorVarious IBU/OBU broadcasters
Original channelVarious IBU/OBU broadcasters
Picture format1080i HD when available
First shown inSeptember 2014
Original runSeptember 2014 – present
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The Internatia Film Festival is a spin-off of the Internatia Song Contest created in September 2014. The purpose of the contest is to judge and rank films sent in by various Internatian and Outernatian juries.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Eligible participants include countries in the ISC Roster or Waiting List. No other member is allowed to join unless they create a country and become part of ISC or its waiting list.

As of the Yopaeot Film Festival, 24 countries have participated at least once. These are listed here alongside the festival in which they made their debut:

Edition Festival Country making its début entry
1st Film Festival de Dior Alteus Alteus, Dulcet Ebullience Dulcet Ebullience, Evergreen Lands Evergreen Lands, Hanzyuki Hanzyuki, Irdminia Irdminia, Irlandia Irlandia, Kosma Kosma, Luzze Luzze, Noxus Noxus, Pebbleland Pebbleland, RC Laranjeiras RC Laranjeiras, St Olaf St Olaf, Stylé Stylé, Valdron Valdron
2nd Festïval de Cïnema - Antarille Alexandria Alexandria, Almarania Almarania, Gandhara Gandhara, Men̈́sa Men̈́sa, Monteverde Monteverde, Sockistan Sockistan
3rd Yopaeot Film Festival Polland Polland, Ruthsina Ruthsina, Tashkveny Tashkveny, Tjärsklanjska Tjärsklanjska

Hosting[edit | edit source]

The winner of the festival will host the next edition, opening a reservations thread for movies to be sent in within a deadline, and then the Premiere, where the films will be judged within a deadline. The results usually proceed soon after the judging has finished.

Voting systems[edit | edit source]

The voting systems used in the Festival is based on countries awarding a set of points from 1 to 8, then 10 and finally 12 to other films in the competition — with the favourite film being awarded 12 points.

Winners[edit | edit source]

There have been 3 editions, therefore there's only three winners so far. Evergreen Lands won the first festival.

Edition Festival Country Film Director Award Points Runner-up Second runner-up
1st Film Festival de Dior Evergreen Lands The Evergreen Lands "Lovely Bones" Peter Jackson Mudan O'dor 85 Stylé Stylé Dulcet Ebullience Dulcet Ebullience
2nd Festïval de Cïnema Valdron Valdron "Innocent Voices" Luis Mandoki Tree de Lïfe 89 Sockistan Sockistan Evergreen Lands The Evergreen Lands
3rd Yopaeot Film Festival Ruthsina Ruthsina "The Nightingale" Philippe Muyl L'Éagal d'Crysant 82 Pebbleland Pebbleland Sockistan Sockistan

By country[edit | edit source]

Wins Country Festival
1 Evergreen Lands The Evergreen Lands Film Festival de Dior
Valdron Valdron Festïval de Cïnema - Antarïlle
Ruthsina Ruthsina Yopaeot Film Festival

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