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Zinzolin Skylin in September
Zinzolin Skylin in September
Flag of Zinzolin
Official seal of Zinzolin
Establishedcirca 1189 A.D
 • MayorGsiorgs Sentarvel
Elevation3,650 m (11,980 ft)
Highest elevation3,650 m (11,980 ft)
Lowest elevation3,321 m (10,896 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Total845,034
Time zoneFIT (UTC+3)

Zinzolin, is the largest city of Spirevo, built on top of the Cylari Plateau. The name is derived from an early Cylaric name Zincolin and it was officially known as Zincolin (in Spirevan) or Zinstanz (in Suonic)

Founded in the late 10th century by the Cylaric peoples, Zinzolin has served, with various intervals, as Spirevo's capital for about 400 years before the move to Sansails, and shortly afterwards, Siegeslinde, and represents a significant industrial, social, and cultural center of the country.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Zinzolin is a multicultural city. The city is home to more than 100 different ethnic groups. Around 96% of the population is Spirevan, with significant populations of other ethnic groups such as Grolskirics, Sibinians, and Tikatans. Along with the above mentioned groups, Zinzolin is also home to various other groups including Pebblelanders, Irdminians, Sunettians, Oalians, Symphonics, San Moniquen, Kosmanaut, Tonallánis, Kalitt, and others.

Main sights[edit | edit source]

Zinzolin has a number of important landmarks and sightseeing locations. The Supreme Court Spirevo is all located in Zinzolin. The city also has important cultural landmarks such as the Spirevan National Museum, Zinzolin Opera and Ballet Theater, Róstavelt Theater, the Martalegs Sanctuary, the Cylaric Palace (also known as the Snow today), many state museums, the National Library of Spirevo, which houses over 3 billion books, the National Bank of Spirevo and other important institutions.

Transport[edit | edit source]

Airport[edit | edit source]

Zinzolin Airport is located in the northwest of the city. Direct trains cover the route between Zinzolin Central Station and the airport in 20 minutes.

Education[edit | edit source]

Zinzolin is home to several major institutions of higher education: The biggest Spirevan university outside of the state of N is Zinzolin University which was established on 9 February 1532. ZIU is the oldest university in the whole north of Spirevo.

Higher educational institutions in Zinzolin:

  • Zinzolin University
  • Zinzolin College of Arts
  • Spirevan music University
  • Zinzolin medical University

International relations[edit | edit source]

Twin towns and sister cities[edit | edit source]

Zinzolin is twinned with:

  • Sunetti Affetto, Sunetti
  • Sunetti Basicci, Sunetti
  • Kosma Luna, Kosma
  • Tikata Turzy, Tikata
  • Tikata Surme, Tikata
  • Sibinia Harmir, Sibinia
  • Lost Islands Esonáth, Lost islands
  • Monteverde Stettino, Monteverde
  • Grolskira Dlimon, Grolskira
  • Edoriada Noavoli, Edoriada
  • Bitland Pixopolis, Bitland
  • Lacrea Ción, Lacrea
  • Symphony Isles Xylophus, Symphony Isles
  • Symphony Isles Cielis, Symphony Isles
  • Territrius Aquaticia, Territrius
  • Novatlantida Platonia, Novatlantida
  • Pebbleland Rosetown, Pebbleland
  • Pebbleland Wilming, Pebbleland
  • Saint Eva & Lepland Woodchester, Saint Eva & Lepland
  • San Monique Lördsberg, San Monique
  • Yazminia Liechgrado, Yazminia