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The Beautiful Republic of Grolskira
Y Forsveita Nioflika ji Grolskirja
Flag of Grolskira
Motto: "Trust in everything that you can achieve"
Anthem: "Lakma ni yd kard (Song In My Heart)
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Grolskiric and Spanish
• President
Berlonifiu Durimol Hytyruty
• 1 October 2014 estimate
CurrencyAzeins (GAR)
Internet TLD.gj

Grolskira (Grolskiric: Grolskirja) is a fictional country in Internatian continent. Grolskira participates in Internatia Song Contest.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The new Grolskiric flag is symbolising peace (green) and love (pink). Many of Grolskiric people were tired of the Scandinavian cross look-a-like, that they were saying the flag was the reason why they fail in ISC. They really hope that the new flag will bring them better luck and less awful semifinal eliminations. The new flag was officially approved by Grolskiric president Berlonifiu Durimol Hytyruty in August 24th, 2013. However, somehow people from Beige announced that this flag makes their eyes hurt, and people from San Monique started complaining about seizures that this flag gives, but Berlonifiu Durimol Hytyruty declined the decision to revert the current flag to the previous one or change it again.

The old Grolskiric flag, which was used since August 1st, 2012, had three colours: orange (for sunset), gray (for sand) and blue (for sea). As said before, it resembled a Scandinavian cross, only more in the middle. The first Grolskiric flag, used in October 11th, 2011, contained many colours, a heart with two sides (black and white) and some random lines. For Grolskiric president Berlonifiu Durimol Hytyruty the first flag was "boring", so, they decided to change the flag into the one before the new two-coloured flag.

Internatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Grolskira, like many Internatian countries, participates in Internatia Song Contest, also specified as ISC.

Grolskira held "Lakmosoja Y Lakma" (Sing The Song) as their national final for 21 editions. Their history started with Lily Allen, entering her song "22" and winning the first edition of "Lakmosoja Y Lakma". After ISC 20 the era of hosting "Lakmosoja Y Lakma" has ended when GLTV became not the only Grolskiric IBU broadcaster, as GrolSat officially came as part of IBU Grolskiric member broadcasters. The last "Lakmosoja Y Lakma" was held for ISC 20, however, there was "Lakmosoja Y Lakma" for ISC 21 too but the winning song was sent a few editions later.

The most succesful ISC edition for Grolskira was the 19th one, where Woodkid came 2nd with "Run Boy Run".

Currently Grolskira is willing to qualify in ISC 29 with I See MONSTAS and "Messiah". The latest edition Grolskira competed brought the nation their worst result ever - 26th in semifinal.