Aonach in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationRTVRA
National selection eventsAonachFest; Aobour Fest
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 12
Last appearanceISC 104
Best result1st: ISC 99
Worst result27th Semi: ISC 68

Aonach has participated in the Internatia Song Contest 52 times since making its debut at the 12th contest.

Aonach's first top ten result at the contest came in the 12th edition, its debuting entry, when Sylwia Grzeszczak finished fourth. This would be the first of three top ten results in six contests. Shy'm was fourth in the 15th edition and Tone Damli was seventh in the 17th edition.

Since it debuted in the 12th edition, Aonach has failed to reach the final on nine occasions. The nation made the final six consecutive times; from ISC 12 until ISC 17. Since then, results have been very inconsistent, with just 2 top 10 placings since.

The Aonachian representative in the Internatia Song Contest has been selected through a national final called AonachFest (organised by RTVRA) on numerous occasions. The other selections have been internal selections, as well as some joint national finals with other competing nations, including a joint national final with Nicolas' Neighbour, called Aobour Fest.

History of Aonach at the Interatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Aonach's debut in the Internatia Song Contest was a successful one, coming 4th with the internally selected 'Karuzela' performed by Polish singer Sylwia Grzeszczak. Entrants for the 13th, 14th and 16th contest were chosen using a national final called 'AonachFest'. Despite the spike of interest in the contest due to the popularity of these national finals, the results achieved by the entrants were rather mediocre. A return to the internal selection method for the 15th and 17th contest brought two top 10 results, as well as huge public interest in the contest.

However, since this, Aonach's results dramatically slipped. The nation achieved its first non-qualification in the 18th contest after a joint national final selection method with Grolskira was used. The results that followed were even more dismal, including a last position in the 20th contest. Two successive non-qualifications in the next two contests saw viewing figures for the contest drop dramatically. A qualification for the 23rd contest brought viewers some hope that Aonach's fortunes were revived, but the 19th position that was achieved did not help stop the slide in interest in the contest.

Results since the 23rd edition have continued to be very poor including two successive non-qualifications and a disappointing 22nd place in the 26th contest. There have been calls for the broadcaster to withdraw from the contest, with media circles citing it as a "waste of time, as well as being a waste of the TV licence payer's money".

Aonach's results have picked up in since the 30th edition, with two top 10 places (8th twice). However, viewing figures remain low compared to the rest of Internatia.

Results[edit | edit source]

Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
12th Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Karuzela" Polish 4 141 3 103
13th United StatesArmenia Tamar Kaprelian "New Day" English 19 85 7 74
14th FinlandPortugal Anna Abreu "Stereo" English 12 102 8 59
15th France Shy'm "Prendre l'air" French 9 116 1 108
16th North Macedonia Rennata "Please Stay" English 20 80 11 56
17th Norway Tone Damli Aaberge "Winner of a Losing Game" English 7 134 4 80
18th Russia Katya Savelyeva (Катя Савельева) "Raskololos nadvoe" (Раскололось надвое) Russian Failed to qualify 18 45
19th Estonia Laura "2020" Estonian 26 63 5 86
20th Albania Elhaida Dani "Baciami e basta" Italian 27 36 5 75
21st Czech Republic Lucie Vondráčková "Zombie" Czech Failed to qualify 14 52
22nd Ireland The Coronas "Closer to You" English Failed to qualify 19 44
23rd Denmark Carpark North and Stine Bramsen "32" English 19 91 10 54
24th Serbia Saša Kovačević (Саша Ковачевић) & Emina Jahović (Емина Јаховић) "Još ti se nadam" (Још ти се надам) Serbian Failed to qualify 14 54
25th North Macedonia Sara Markoska (Сара Маркоска) "Posle nego" (После него) Macedonian Failed to qualify 14 50
26th NetherlandsUnited Kingdom Laura Jansen & Tom Chaplin "Same Heart" English 22 92 10 60
27th Israel Dana Lapidot (דנה לפידות) "Halo adon, shalom gvirti" (הלו אדון שלום גברתי) Hebrew Failed to qualify 15 52
28th Romania Elena "De neinlocuit" Romanian 16 97 12 61
29th Netherlands Kim-Lian "Garden of Love" English 26 58 26 31
30th United Kingdom Gabrielle Aplin "Salvation" English 14 117 4 80
31st Czech Republic Gabriela Gunčíková "Černý anděl" Czech 14 103 10 66
32nd France M83 "Midnight City" English 17 100 3 100
33rd Ukraine Ani Lorak (Ани Лорак) "Medlenno" (Медленно) Russian 8 122 6 78
34th United Kingdom Laura Doggett "Old Faces" English Failed to qualify 24 18
35th United Kingdom Diana Vickers "Once" English Failed to qualify 25 25
36th Hungary Laura Cserpes "Ments meg ha fáj!" Hungarian Failed to qualify 16 51
37th Hungary Gigi Radics, Kati Wolf, & Szonja Oroszlan "A szív dala" Hungarian 8 136 4 97
38th United Kingdom Lawson "Learn to Love Again" English 9 120 8 60
39th France Amel Bent "Délit" French Failed to qualify 23 47
40th Slovakia Dominika Mirgová "Tu sme boli" Slovak 26 56 10 69
Did not compete
42nd France Louane "Nos secrets" French 16 109 7 76
43rd Australia Gabriella Cilmi "Sweet About Me" English 21 91 3 91
44th Ireland Gavin James "Bitter Pill" English 24 72 12 58
45th United Kingdom Birdy "Keeping Your Head Up" English 5 142 20 44
46th United Kingdom The 1975 "The Sound" English Failed to qualify 21 39
47th United States Laura Marano "Boombox" English Failed to qualify 15 55
48th Canada Alessia Cara "Wild Things" English Failed to qualify 18 50
Did not compete
50th SwedenGreece Helena Paparizou (Έλενα Παπαρίζου) "Otan aggeli klene" (Όταν άγγελοι κλαίνε) Greek 14 113 1 103
51st France Marina Kaye "Freeze You Out" English 7 143 3 97
52nd Estonia Getter Jaani "Kullaväljade tuul" Estonian 19 95 11 57
53rd NorwayUnited States Kygo & Julia Michaels "Carry Me" English 23 83 6 78
54th United States Bonnie McKee "Easy" English 17 107 6 77
55th Albania Flaka Krelani "Rebelohem" Albanian Failed to qualify 20 42
56th United Kingdom Zak Abel "Unstable" English Failed to qualify 15 57
57th Ireland James Vincent McMorrow "Rising Water" English Failed to qualify 15 44
58th Norway Astrid S "Hurts So Good" English 23 91 5 85
59th United States Julia Michaels "Issues" English Failed to qualify 13 56
Did not compete
61st NorwayIreland Alan Walker ft. Gavin James "Tired" English Failed to qualify 21 47
62nd Ukraine VIA Gra (ВІА Гра) "Kto ty mne?" (Кто ты мне?) Russian Failed to qualify 18 42
63rd Moldova Natalia Gordienko (Наталія Гордієнко) "Pianaya" (Пьяная) Russian Failed to qualify 21 47
64th Ireland Wild Youth "Lose Control" English Failed to qualify 24 29
65th Ireland Kodaline "Brother" English 13 116 8 65
66th France Marina Kaye "Something" English 22 99 8 72
67th Malta Hazyl "Hush Now" English 15 117 10 64
68th Ireland The Academic "Why Can't We Be Friends?" English Failed to qualify 27 21
69th Belarus Rita Dakota (Рита Дакота) "Kto" (Кто) Russian 15 118 2 89
70th Ireland Little Hours "Heavy on You" English Failed to qualify 22 19
71st Ireland Kodaline "Follow Your Fire" English 15 107 2 80
72nd Ireland Gavin James "Always" English 5 145 3 85
73rd Uzbekistan Sogdiana (Согдиана) "Nedelimy" (Неделимы) Russian 17 119 12 67
74th Germany Franziska Wiese "Ich tanz im Regen" German 2 156 1 119
75th United Kingdom Nina Nesbitt "Loyal to Me" English Failed to qualify 16 54
76th United Kingdom Lucie Silvas "What You're Made Of" English 7 147 2 90
77th United States Sara Evans "Slow Me Down" English Failed to qualify 25 74
78th AustraliaDenmark Anja Nissen "Tears Ago" English 2 169 14 59
79th Ireland Dermot Kennedy "Power Over Me" English 12 120 2 97
80th United States Foo Fighters "Times Like These" English 27 91 11 71
81st Norway Ruben "Lay by Me" English 21 98 7 67
82nd Ireland Walking on Cars "Coldest Water" English Failed to qualify 24 31
83rd Ireland LYRA "Falling" English 6 138 12 67
84th Sweden Wiktoria "OMG" English 6 145 19 52
85th France M. Pokora "Les planètes" French 25 85 8 72
86th United States Stanaj "Love Me" English Failed to qualify 18 47
87th United Kingdom Georgia Ku "What Do I Do" English 15 114 7 75
88th Ireland Little Hours "Dream, Girl" English Failed to qualify 21 36
89th France Boulevard des airs ft. Vianney "Allez reste" French 20 95 1 93
90th United StatesSweden Carolina Liar "Show Me What I'm Looking For" English Failed to qualify 14 56
91st United States Sophia Scott "She Ain't Me" English Failed to qualify 26 24
92nd Switzerland ILIRA "Royalty" English Failed to qualify 20 40
93rd United Kingdom Texas "Inner Smile" English 20 96 8 70
94th Sweden Tove Lo "I'm Coming" English 13 129 4 78
95th United States Lindsey Stirling "Sleepwalking" Instrumental 12 124 1 91
96th MoroccoCanada Faouzia "Secrets" English Failed to qualify 21 44
97th United Kingdom Gabrielle Aplin & Nina Nesbitt "Miss You 2" English Failed to qualify 16 47
98th Canada Natasha St-Pier "Aimer c'est tou donner" French Failed to qualify 14 63
99th Sweden Agnes "Fingers Crossed" English 1 223 1 113
100th Germany Michelle "Vorbei, vorbei" German 21 86 2 82
101st Canada Avril Lavigne "Nobody's Home" English 2 152 Automatic qualifier
102nd Albania Rovena Dilo "Ante i tokës sime" Albanian Failed to qualify 26 13
103rd United Kingdom Gabrielle Aplin "When the Lights Go Out" English Failed to qualify 24 36
104th Netherlands Laura Jansen "The Island" English Failed to qualify 15 49

Aonach in the Internatia Second Chance Contest[edit | edit source]

Aonach in the Junior Internatia Song Contest[edit | edit source]

Voting[edit | edit source]

Most points given in Grand Finals
Rank Country Points
1  Nicolas' Neighbour 224
2  Kaledonii 202
3  Chruno 184
4  Porielana 169
5  Alteus 153

Most points received in Grand Finals
Rank Country Points
1  Kaledonii 251
2  Nicolas' Neighbour 182
3  Irdminia 165
4  Chruno 162
5  Tikata 156

Most points given in Grand Finals and Semi-finals
Rank Country Points
1  Nicolas' Neighbour 434
2  Kaledonii 405
3  Chruno 327
4  Sunetti 309
5  Porielana 300

Most points received in Grand Finals and Semi-finals
Rank Country Points
1  Kaledonii 503
2  Nicolas' Neighbour 436
3  Tikata 424
4  Chruno 379
5  Sunetti 365