Oalia in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationOLA
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 7
Last appearanceISC 92
Best result6th: ISC 8
Worst result24th SF: ISC 77

Oalia made its debut at the Internatia Song Contest at ISC 7 in Lördsberg, San Monique.

The First Era (#7 - #12)

Oalia debuted in the 7th edition of Internatia Song Contest and was regurarly competing. The first era does also hold Oalia's best result ever in ISC, featuring Kalafina's entry Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa from ISC 8. But at ISC 12, it was reported that it would be Oalia's last edition. They would never be competing in the contest again. At least that's what some people thought.

The Second Era (From #59 - #92)

In Summer 2016 it was reported that Oalia would return to ISC. They joined the Waiting List in ISC 48 and joined The Roster, once again, in ISC 59. Their first contestant after 52 months absent from the contest did not do so well as the performer, Sval with To år tilbake did not advance to the grand final. In fact the competition was tougher during Oalia's second era in comparison to their first. And according to Oalia's main broadcaster OLA: The Oalian citizens rarely agreed on the ISC winner in some editions.

But Oalia never gave up. Even if the second era does consist of some embarrassing tries, such as ISC 77 when Hunter Hayes's Dear God gave Oalia their worst result ever with only 9 points in the semi: Oalia have also done some fantastic efforts. For instance did Ilse DeLange deliver Oalia's best result ever after 75 months when she competed for Oalia with her song Lay Your Weapons Down in ISC 82.

On February 2020, OLA announced their withdrawal from ISC due to their HoD's priority on college studies, so for their final edition, they partnered with the Kharónian broadcaster KATV2 to select their swansong entry "Sympathy" by Too Close To Touch, which at the end garnered a decent 18th place in the final with 107 points.


Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
San Monique 7th Sweden Robyn "Indestructible" 13 58
No Semi-Finals
Symphony Isles 8th Japan Kalafina "Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa" 6 104 3 74
Saint Eva & Lepland 9th South Korea KARA "Pandora" 24 48 9 62
Bitland 10th Sweden CAZZETTE "Weapon" Failed to qualify 15 40
Marvelia 11th Belgium Teddiedrum "Odd Lovers" Failed to qualify 18 18
Novatlantida 12th United Kingdom Nicola Roberts "Porcelain Heart" 21 88 8 77
Did not participate between the 13th and 58th edition
Kosma 59th Norway Sval "To år tilbake" Failed to qualify 15 50
Leshia 60th Norway Dagny "Wearing Nothing" 25 71 9 69
Kaministiquia 61st Sweden Be the Bear "Erupt" Failed to qualify 14 55
Ova Anova 62nd Sweden Peg Parnevik "Don't Tell Ma" Failed to qualify 17 39
Porielana 63rd United States P!nk "What About Us" Failed to qualify 17 50
Bubblique 64th United States Fireflight "Stay Close" Failed to qualify 23 35
Lacrea 65th Estonia Kerli "Zero Gravity" 27 105 5 80
Kimmystan 66th Australia Tigertown "Warriors" 27 63 6 74
Noxus 67th South Korea G.NA ft. Junhyung "I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" 23 83 5 82
Tikata 68th United States The Sweeplings "Hold Me" Failed to qualify 21 36
Chruno 69th Sweden Little Jinder ft. Lykke Li "Hålla handen" Failed to qualify 20 42
Fierce 70th United States NOTD ft. Bea Miller "I Wanna Know" 10 131 11 57
Chruno 71st Norway Astrid S "Does She Know" Failed to qualify 18 45
Auspikitan 72nd Germany Blümchen "Nur geträumt" Failed to qualify 19 50
Territrius 73rd NorwaySweden Tungevaag & Raaban "All for Love" 18 107 3 83
Kaministiquia 74th South Korea Yves "New" Failed to qualify 16 56
Luzze 75th United States Steve Aoki ft. Norway Ina Wroldsen "Lie to Me" Failed to qualify 15 56
Asankon 76th Sweden Sabina Ddumba "Small World" Failed to Qualify 23 44
Chruno 77th United States Hunter Hayes "Dear God" Failed to Qualify 24 9
Sunetti 78th Sweden Sanna Nielsen "Nobody Without You" 13 118 2 92
Dulcet Ebullience 79th Japan mini "GiRLS SPiRiT" 23 90 11 66
Tashkveny 80th Germany Glasperlenspiel "Ich bin ich" 9 123 1 96
Kosma 81st United States Tycho "Division" Failed to Qualify 23 24
Bubblique 82nd Netherlands Ilse DeLange "Lay Your Weapons Down" 7 136 7 72
Lacrea 83rd Sweden Dead By April "Crying Over You" Failed to Qualify 14 58
Alteus 84th Japan Yoko Shimomura "Somnus" Failed to Qualify 24 29
Pen Island 85th United States Hayley Kiyoko "Curious" Failed to Qualify 17 45
Bitland 86th United States Lindsey Stirling "Underground" Failed to Qualify 13 59
Ladoga 87th Sweden Niki & the Dove "Under the Bridges" Failed to Qualify 22 36
Noxus 88th United States Vanessa Carlton "A Thousand Miles" 8 132 3 93
Ħanei Čaravāz 89th Norway KEiiNO "Dancing in the Smoke" 10 117 2 88
Dulcet Ebullience 90th Sweden Måns Zelmerlöw "Brother Oh Brother" Failed to Qualify 21 42
Mărium 91st South Korea Glen Check "Au revoir" 19 104 8 73
Dulcet Ebullience 92nd United States Too Close to Touch "Sympathy" 18 107 17 51