ISC Revoting ISC

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ISC Revoting ISC
GenreSong contest (Revote)
Executive producer(s) Kox-Zoeteweij
Running time2 hours
Production company(s)IBU
Picture format576p (SDTV)
(until 2004)
1080i (HDTV)
Original runJanuary 2019 – present
Related showsInternatia Song Contest
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The ISC Revoting ISC is an international song competition which will be organised by Kox-Zoeteweij bi-weekly since 2019 and is open exclusively to broadcasters that are members of the IBU and OBU. Like its ESC counterpart, it focuses on revisiting ISC songs throughout the years in a revote by the countries of the whole ISC community, be it on the main roster (ISC), those on the waiting list (WL) and on those not opting to enter the main roster (OSC).

Winners[edit | edit source]

Year Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Voters
1st  Grolskira Lily Allen "22" 86 7  Territrius 11
2nd  None ""  None

Comparisons with the actual results[edit | edit source]

Edition Revoting ISC contest Actual ISC contest
winner Place in Actual ISC Place in Revoting ISC winner
1st Grolskira "22" 6 2 Territrius "Hey, Ho, On the Devil's Back"
2nd  None ? ? Sunetti "Per le strade"
3rd  None ? ? Sibinia "Kuon no Kawa"