Spirevo-Soupistan in the Internatia Song Contest

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Member stationC4/SNTV
National selection eventsSpirevo Fest/Internal
Participation summary
First appearanceISC 01
Last appearanceISC 29
Best result2nd: ISC 01, ISC 11
Worst result20th SF: ISC 17, ISC 28

Spirevo-Soupistan was one of the first countries to join in the Internatia Song Contest and also the first to host it, in the Capital, Sansails. Spirevo also hosted the next edition, in the largest city, Zinzolin in the Voltica Arena. Interest in the country is remains high, even when the country had not done so well. Alyosha's 3rd place in Luna, Kosma, however, sparked a very large interest and overall viewing figures tripled during the next editions. Spirevo, along with Kosma are the only countries to host the Internatia Song Contest more than once, with Spirevo-Soupistan three hostings, despite having never won the contest. Host cities have been Sansails, Zinzolin and Siegeslinde.

Results[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Song Language Final Points Semi Points
ISC 01 Spirevo New Fallton Happoradio "Ahmat tulevat" Finnish 2 40
No Semi-Finals
ISC 02 Spirevo Estaria Amanda Palmer "Leeds United" English 17 45
ISC 03 Territrius Eskavaliera Airport Impressions "Elusive" English 12 57
ISC 04 Sunetti Ursamine Jack's Mannequin "Dark Blue" English 19 35
ISC 05 Sibinia Heleretica Saint Lu "Here I Stand" English 15 32
ISC 06 Kosma Furane Alyosha "Sneg" Ukrainian 3 77
ISC 07 San Monique Entrais María Villalón "Agüita de Abril" Spanish 9 80
ISC 08 Symphony Isles Akigs Myahri "Öňe, diňe öňe" Turkmen 4 113 8 56
ISC 09 Saint Eva & Lepland Paradamasa Nadine "Made Up My Mind" English 15 74 5 83
ISC 10 Bitland N I Fight Dragons "Suburban Doxology" English Failed to qualify 14 46
ISC 11 Marvelia Ursamine Akiko Shikata "Ta ga Tame no Sekai" Japanese 2 113 1 119
ISC 12 Novatlantida Nitesa The Hush Sound "Honey" English Failed to qualify 14 47
ISC 13 Spirevo Heleretica 77 Bombay Street "Up in the Sky" English 3 151 Host country
ISC 14 Luzze Erinign Itou Kanako "To Aru Ryuu no Koi no Uta" Japanese 5 121 1 94
ISC 15 Tikata Marek Paper Route "Letting You Let Go" English 19 83 4 91
ISC 16 Anselmsuusonia Eneira Delta Goodrem "Lost Without You" English 10 103 11 50
ISC 17 Yazminia Cylari Fialta "Cars" English Failed to qualify 20 38
ISC 18 Kosma Hazlet The Mowgli's "San Francisco" English Failed to qualify 13 61
ISC 19 Pebbleland Ursamine Akiko Shikata "Akakakushi" Japanese 11 112 9 58
ISC 20 Kaledonii Slette Four Year Strong "The Infected" English Failed to qualify 19 41
ISC 21 Monteverde New Rhitewell American Authors "Home" English 24 76 11 66
ISC 22 Beige Xaivis The Family Crest "Howl" English 14 110 15 51
ISC 23 Alexandria Heleretica Eluveitie "A Rose for Epona" English 7 115 6 68
ISC 24 Territrius Hazlet Portugal. The Man "Modern Jesus" English 16 99 11 62
ISC 25 Leshia New Rhitewell Bitter Ruin "Leather for Hell" English 23 67 12 60
ISC 26 Chruno Heleretica 77 Bombay Street "Follow the Rain" English 4 142 1 93
ISC 27 Pen Island Ursamine Akiko Shikata "Pantalea" Japanese 12 127 10 66
ISC 28 Chruno/Bubblique Metric "Black Sheep" English Failed to qualify 20 37
ISC 29 Kosma The Lumineers "Stubborn Love" English Failed to qualify 16 49

History[edit | edit source]

Internatia Song Contest 1-5[edit | edit source]


Spirevo was the host to the first Internatia Song Contest in the former capital, Sansails. TV Station C4 internally selected Happoradio, of whom the lead singer was from Luzze, to represent the country with the song "Ahmat Tulevat", as they had won Spirevo's "Battle of the Music" that year. They performed 4th on the night out of 8 entrants and gained a respectful 2nd behind the winners Katzenjammer from Territrius. The contest did not see much viewing figures but was closely followed by those who did see interest.

Spirevo hosted the Internatia Song Contest again in its largest city, Zinzolin. C4 were reluctant to revive the contest at first, but ultimately decided to, and promoted it as much as possible. This resulted in a mass debut of many countries from outer Internatia and was a success. C4 once again internally selected the entrant, who was revealed to be Estaria's Amanda Palmer with her cabaret song, "Leeds United". The entry was met with both love and hate in the country, however. Amanda later on and went to score a 17th place, in which she was disappointed, but not surprised.

For the 3rd edition, Airport of Impressions of Eskavaliera were internally chosen by C4 to be the representative of the country with their song, "Elusive" in Territrius, the winner of the first edition. The band enjoyed a solid mid-table result at the end of the voting and went on to become very successful afterwards, despite the mid-table result. The contest was still quite unheard of in Spirevo and interest was deteriorating at this time, and C4 almost decided to withdraw from the contest altogether.

Airport Impressions
Saint Lu

C4 decided, for the 4th edition, that it would not withdraw and internally select "Jack's Mannequin" and their song, "Dark Blue" for the 4th edition in Sunetti. However, the band scored 19th with 35 points which caused C4 to call the quits and withdraw from the contest entirely. Later that month SNTV, another television station was granted the rights to broadcast the event and choose the representatives. For the 5th Edition, SNTV used its long-running Song Festival, Spirevo Fest, to select an entrant and allowed other countries to vote, in order to increase interest nationwide. After the final, the winner, Saint Lu, from Heleretica, was given the song "Here I Stand" to sing in Meijar, Sibinia. She performed 3rd on the night and ended up in 15th. Although disappointed with the low placing, Saint Lu went on to become extremely popular in the Spirevan Charts.

Internatia Song Contest 6-10[edit | edit source]


SNTV once again used Spirevo Fest as the National Final and then-unkown singer ALyosha emerged victorious with her song, "Sneg". She went to Luna, Kosma, and on the night performed in the first half of the final. The reaction in the hall seems very positive and strong. At the end of the voting, she ended up a very respectable 3rd place behind winners Symphony Isles and 2nd placed San Monique. The success of her entry saw a large interest and many Spirevans began to take interest in the contest.

As Spirevo Fest had already passed for the year in which the 7th edition was going to be hosted, in San Monique, they held together a small national final of 3 artists who placed well in other singing contests around the country. Maria Villalón, won the rights to represent her country in Lordsberg by a landslide. On the night she performed 23rd and scored 9th, comfortably in the top 10. The song was well received in Spirevo and viewing figures were at their highest yet.

SNTV, for the 8th edition organized a small national final once again, but it was postponed when it turned out they already had a participant in queue and was forgotten about due to bad organization of paperwork from SNTV employee Travis Hayes. Myahri was revealed shortly with her song, "One Dine One" which did not receive a very good response from most Spirevans. However, she qualified from the Semi Finals in the Symphony Islands and placed a very comfortable 4th place behind 3rd placed Territrius. Her success was a surprise but was celebrated by many.

The small national final in edition 8 was resumed and winner Nadine with her song, "Made Up My Mind" won the rights to represent Spirevo. In St Eva & Lepland she qualified from the semi finals, scoring a 5th place and scoring a solid 15th place in the final itself. However, her song was not really promoted in Spirevo and sadly not many people supported it.

I Fight Dragons

In Edition 10, I Fight Dragons, a band that had been wanting to represent Spirevo in the contest for years, finally went on to be internally selected by SNTV in commemoration of Bitland's hosting, as half of the members were Bitlish and the band's main genre was Bitlish Folk Rock. They were drawn to perform 1st in the 1st Semi Final and emerged as a non-qualifier landing in 14th place. This sparked riots outside the Imperial Palace in Bitland, and some small ones in Spirevo as well, as the entry was very well received in the two countries. I Fight Dragons stayed in Bitland for another 6 months before returning to Spirevo greeted with warm welcomes and commiserations.

Internatia Song Contest 11-15[edit | edit source]

The Hush Sound
Akiko Shikata

SNTV internally selected again for the 11th contest and revealed the act to be popular Half-Oalian, Half-Spirevan singer Akiko Shikata. She performed in Amor, Marvelia, with her song "Ta Ga Tame No Sekai" in the first semi final, which she qualified from. She later on went on and became very successful within the voting, receiving points from 19 countries and scoring a respectable 2nd place which Spirevo did not reach since its first participation. She arrived back to Spirevo the day after where she was greeted with a large crowd congratulating her.

For the 12th edition, SNTV decided to host a small national final consisting of 4 songs. In the end, the band, The Hush Sound, won with their song "Honey" and represented the country in Platonia, Novatlantida where they failed to qualify for the final in the end, in 14th place. This sparked lots of disappointment with Spirevan fans who supported the entry a lot. Greta, lead singer of The Hush Sounds said, "we were disappointed with the non-qualification but it was an honor to represent our country and as we gave it our all on that stage and no more, I feel great about the participation."

77 Bombay Street

As Harlequenia decided to turn down the duty of hosting in ISC 11, 2nd placed Spirevo went on to be the hosts. SNTV internally selected the Heleretican band, 77 Bombay Street with their song "Up in the Sky" which skyrocketed to number one at the time of its release in the Spirevan charts. As the host country, Spirevo would automatically qualify to the final along with Harlequenia, the winners of the previous edition. 77 Bombay Street performed 8th on the night and scored a respectable 3rd place behind Kosma and winners, Tikata, the same placing ALyosha had given the country in ISC 6. The success of the song was extremely well received as most of the Spirevan public were huge supporters of it already.

For the 14th Edition of ISC, Spirevo sent Itou Kanako from their outer colony of Erinign. She performed in the 1st Semi Final, like all of the Spirevan participants before her and was announced as one of the qualifiers. She was drawn 24th in the final. The song itself was warmly received in Spirevo with people drawing similarities between Akiko Shikata's entry.

Voting History[edit | edit source]

Spirevo has given the most points to...

Rank Country Points
1  DPR Jindalea 71
2  Kosma 61
3  Nicolas' Neighbour 48
4  Tikata 44
5  Luzze 40

Spirevo has received the most points from...

Rank Country Points
1  Symphony Isles 49
2  Nicolas' Neighbour 37
 Sibinia 37
3  Grolskira 35
4  Tikata 34
5  DPR Jindalea 33

NOTE: The totals in the above tables include only points awarded in finals, not semi-finals

Hostings[edit | edit source]

Edition Location Venue Presenters
1st Spirevo Sansails St Trevor's Square Arianna Simmons & Kyle Fargalis
2nd Spirevo Zinzolin Steeplechase Hall Skylar Glevin & Patriçia Kloyse
13th Spirevo Siegeslinde Hazlet Stadium Antóni Marti & Mégs Vilkençon