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Kingdom of Zephyrus
Koninkrijk Zefirië
Flag of Zephyrus
Coat of Arms of Zephyrus
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Each cloud has a silver lining."
Anthem: Fountain of Dreams
Location of Zephyrus in Internatia.
Location of Zephyrus in Internatia.
and largest city
Official languagesFlemish and Zephyrian
GovernmentFederal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Linus I
• Prime Minister
Maggie De Block
• Total
33,139 km2 (12,795 sq mi)
• 2014 estimate
2,575,000 (38th)
• Density
77.70/km2 (201.2/sq mi)
HDIIncrease 0.908
Error: Invalid HDI value
CurrencyZeppos (ZEP)
Date formatDD/MM/YY
Drives on theright
Internet TLD.ze
Logo of ZTV

Zephyrus, officially the Kingdom of Zephyrus (Flemish: Koninkrijk Zefirië, Zephyrian: Zépiriuxe Royealeas, French: Royaume de Zéphir, Bubbliquian: Ziparis), is a federal monarchy located in North-East Internatia. Zephyrus is a landlocked country encircled by Bubblique to the north, east and south and by Edoriada to the west. Zephyrus covers an area of 33,139 square kilometres, and it has a population of about 2.6 million people. The main colours of this country are green and silver, and the national languages are Flemish and Zephyrian. Zephyrus is home to two main linguistic groups: the Flemish-speaking (which constitutes about 65% of the population), and the Zephyrian-speaking, mostly Green-Eastern population (which comprises 35% of all Zephyrians). The capital city is Dramaskus, which is bilingual.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name Zephyrus is derived from Zefirië, the official name used in the Flemish language. The word "Zefier" means "A cold and light breeze blowing from the west." An old myth tells that this breeze blew when the Zephyrian people conquered the land and thus has given the west landside of Zephyrus their silver color, while the west side could held their original green color because of the mountain Montè Boréalisse that separates the west side from the east side. Because of this separation and creation of the two main colours, King Linus I decided to create a flag based on these colours and gave the country the name "Zephyrus".

Geography[edit | edit source]

Map of Zephyrus.png
State Capital Language
Dramaclea Dramaskus Flemish, Zephyrian
Sfeonia Sferiana Flemish
Silver Wests Silwesé Flemish
Green Easts Gresté Zephyrian

Media and Culture[edit | edit source]

The main TV station is ZepTV. This is the is the national public-service broadcaster for the Community of Zephyrus. Shows must be published both in Flemish as in Zephyrian, people can choose in which language they want to watch the show. Channel one (Kanaal Één) is in the Flemish language while Channel Two (Kanteal Duxe) is in the Zephyrian language. This broadcaster internally selects the artists and the songs that will represent Zephyrus in the Internatia Song Contest.

History[edit | edit source]

The land belonged for some time to two other nations. At first, there was Karuex and Qargering which settled in the unclaimed country in June 2013 and participated once in Internatia Song Contest in 12th edition, but they never managed to vote in the Semi-Final, so they withdrew and disappeared mysteriously. Karuex and Qargering was succeeded by Nouvelle-Acadie that participated from the 13th edition till the 20th edition. It is still unsure why the Nouvelle-Acadians left the country, but some people whisper it is because they've lost interest in the contest because of bad results. Others say that they were more interested in another contest in another world, but nothing is 100% sure. It was easy for the Zephyrians to claim the country and they were free to participate since the 21st edition after wandering and seeking for a place to settle around Internatia for two months.

Demographics[edit | edit source]