Junior Internatia Song Contest 55

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Junior Internatia Song Contest 55
Sounds of Joy
Final30 March 2021
VenueLettuce SakNaHit, Lettuce
Host broadcasterLettuce Broadcasting Service (LBS)
Number of entries9
Winning song Lettuce
"Shalom Alecheim"

The Junior Internatia Song Contest 55 was the 55th edition of Junior Internatia Song Contest, a spin-off of Internatia Song Contest. The contest originally was held in DPR Jindalea after LemonGrass' victory in the 53rd edition with the song "Baila Sin Miedo". However, the contest was moved to Lettuce and organized by the Lettucian Broadcasting Service in SakNaHit, after a month delay.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Pts
01  Kharó Petit Biscuit "Sunset Lover" 8 10
02  Lettuce (host) Yeshiva Darchei Torah Choir "Salom Aleichem" 1 47
03  Daǔlska Alizée "L'Alizé" 4 34
04  Gandhara Vika Starikova "Luchik" 3 43
05  Pönö MattyBRaps "Blue Skies" 9 8
06  DPR Jindalea Bethel Music Kids "You Make Me Brave" 5 22
07  Bubblique Abraham Mateo "Girlfriend" 7 20
08  Levië Kinderen voor Kinderen "Hand in hand" 2 46
09  Folkloria Nurmuxammed Jaqıp & Simbat Abayqizi "Ustazdar" 6 22