Ova Anova in the Junior Internatia Song Contest

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Ova Anova
Ova Anova
Member stationTAC
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary

Ova Anova made its debut at the first edition of the Junior Internatia Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points
1st Georgina Tarasiuk "Niedorosła Miłość" 5 76
Did not participate between the 2nd and 5th edition
6th Sugababes "Run for Cover" 12 43
7th Miranda Cosgrove "About you now" 8 69
8th Aly & AJ "Potential Breakup Song" 12 52
Did Not Participate
10th Play "I Must Not Chase Boys" 18 35
11th L.O. 27 "Mogę Wszystko" 15 29
Did not participate between the 12th and 39th edition
40th Roksana Węgiel "Dobrze Jest, Jak Jest"