V in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationVTV
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Melodi Grand V
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 8
Best result3rd: OSC 9, OSC 14, OSC 17, OSC 28
Worst result15th: OSC 13 SF

V made its debut in the 8th Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest and has taken part in every edition since. The country had previously voted in OSC 7 as part of the international jury.

V has alternated between a national final (Melodi Grand V) and internal selection. As per the rules of selection implemented by national broadcaster VTV, every single song entered by V to the Outernatia Song Contest must begin with the letter "V".

The best result for the country is 3rd place, achieved three times: in the 9th edition of the contest with "Vultures" by Vaults, in the 14th edition with "Vlasy" by Fallgrapp and in the 17th edition with "Verbovaya doschechka" by Illaria.

V is known for its eccentric voting patterns, mostly notably in OSC 11 when they gave a total of 6 points to the entire top ten.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete

Edition Artist Language Title Final Points Semi Points
8th Japan Yoko Kanno feat. Iceland Arnór Dan Icelandic "Von" 9 49 No semi-finals
9th United Kingdom Vaults English "Vultures" 3 91
10th Sweden iamamiwhoami English "Vista" 9 63
11th Iran Pallett Persian "Vagabond" 18 44
12th Chile Astro Spanish "Volteretas" 13 64
13th United States MOTHXR English "Victim" Failed to qualify 15 25
14th Slovakia Fallgrapp Slovak "Vlasy" 3 95 No semi-finals
15th Finland Tiisu feat. Sallamarja Finnish "Virtaset" 5 101 7 69
16th Turkey Mabel Matiz Turkish "Vals" Failed to qualify 14 37
17th Ukraine Illaria Ukrainian "Verbovaya doschechka" 3 106 4 65
18th Netherlands Sevdaliza English "Valley" 5 77 No semi-finals
19th Germany Oskar Schuster Instrumental "Vleurgat" 16 64 6 61
20th Canada Grimes feat. United States Janelle Monaé English "Venus Fly" 17 62 9 51
21st Italy YOMBE English "Vulkaan" 6 78 8 55
22nd Australia The Acid English "Veda" Failed to qualify 12 46
23rd Russia Bestiarium Votic "Vihma" Failed to qualify 19 30
24th Serbia Teodulija Instrumental "Vilinska igra" 13 68 6 59
25th Norway L.E.A.F. ft. Helisir Norwegian "Vinda" 4 104 8 52
26th Peru Danitse Spanish "Viaje" 17 62 11 40
27th South Korea Hoon English "Vastness" Failed to qualify 13 49
28th France S A Y C E T feat. Vietnam Phoene Somsavath English "Volcano" 3 115 1 69