Waticania in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationRTVV
National selection eventsCriplulbury Festival, Outerfest 01
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 9
Last appearanceOSC 29
Best result2nd: OSC 21, OSC 26
Worst result15th: OSC 24 SF

Waticania participated in the Outernatia Song Contest 20 times since their debut in the 9th Edition of the contest. Their best result is 2nd place in both the 21st edition with Amber Run's "I Found" and in the 26th edition with the EDM track "Stars Come Out" by RUNAGROUND & the Disco Fries. They hosted the 23rd edition of the contest due to Noxus' rejection to host the edition after winning OSC 21.

Waticania usually chose it's artists and entries internally, with the exceptions of the National Finals for the 16th and 27th editions of the contest - the Criplulbury Festival and Outerfest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Language Title Translation Place Points Semi Points
9th United States We Are the In Crowd English "Reflections" - 7 77 No semi-finals
10th United States Every Avenue English "Tell Me I'm a Wreck" - 6 74
11th Did not participate
12th North Macedonia The Hounds Macedonian "Kaj ni se srcata" Where are our hearts 25 36
13th United Kingdom The 1975 English "Sex" - 17 64 7 61
14th Iceland Hákon Guðni English "Better Left Unsaid" - 16 50 No semi-finals
15th SwedenDenmark Amaranthe English "The Nexus" - 6 98 6 71
16th North Macedonia Darko Ilievski Macedonian "Nikoj kako ti" Nobody like you 5 90 2 85
17th Iceland Of Monsters and Men English "Dirty Paws" - Failed to qualify 11 53
18th United States Imagine Dragons English "Monster" - 13 56 No semi-finals
19th United States Hunter Hayes English "Invisible" - 20 41 7 65
20th United Kingdom Passport to Stockholm English "All at Once" - 12 73 2 80
21st United Kingdom Amber Run English "I Found" - 2 94 2 89
22nd United Kingdom Sundara Karma English "Flame" - 14 77 7 50
23rd Canada Simple Plan English "Save You" - 11 101 Host country
24th Norway Kråkesølv Norwegian "Romskipet Revideres" The Spaceship Revises Failed to qualify 15 28
25th United Kingdom Rebecca Clements English "Coma Boy" - 23 31 14 37
26th United States RUNAGROUND English "Stars Come Out" (feat. Disco Fries) - 2 118 2 81
27th North Macedonia Project Orpheus English "The Ones Without a Name" - 17 62 5 71
28th North Macedonia Bernays Propaganda Macedonian "Povekje" More Failed to qualify 13 29
29th United States SAINTE English "Technicolor" - 3 106 1 74

Voting history[edit | edit source]

As of the 29th edition, Waticania's voting history is as follows (Finals only):