List of host cities of the Outernatia Song Contest

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This page is a list of cities and venues that have hosted the Outernatia Song Contest, one or more times. Future venues are shown in italics. Since 3rd edition, the host city has customarily been in the winner country of the second previous edition. There may be exceptions, when certain issues prevent the winner to host the following edition contest. The host country then passed to the country that had come second, third, fourth, etc.

Cities that have hosted the Outernatia Song Contest.
Contests Country City Editions
10  Kimmystan Cwm 30th
Fettevika 19th, 32nd, 49th
Jokkmokk 41st
Nordfjord 17th, 22nd, 48th
Rosebud 36th
Uff Da 27th
6  Alteus Wyverncliff 1st, 20th, 28th, 42nd, 46th, 51st
5  Auspikitan Suacaerus 3rd, 16th, 26th, 40th
Arody 53rd
3  Mărium Xayyagar 45th
Velfornia 50th
Mayamea 56th
 Timivar Zanartano 14th, 34th, 35th
2  Noxus Zaun 5th
Ivory 11th
 Laranjeiras Pomar 13th
Paramucué 25th
 Gandhara Rhea 9th, 29th
 Kosma Timmins 43rd
Apollo 55th1
 Daǔlska Bresten 52nd
Anapa 55th1
1  St Gustav Toboggan 2nd
 Ponásikwa Apsolękh 4th
 Almarania Tihum 6th
 Polland Kraków 7th
 Dulcet Ebullience Lilitanisua 8th
 Gebze Anibal 10th
 Lettuce Hugo Chávez City 12th
 Victoria Mirabella 15th
 Trešlend Gorigrad 18th
 Grolskira Basnarke 21st
 Waticania Criplulbury 23rd
 Sunetti Adeulia 24th
 Arcorar Arakhor 31st
 Vydrja Akmoytra 33rd
 Oalia Coralia City 37th
 Kaministiquia Ojibwe Creek 38th
 Spinachia Olivepolis 39th
 Asankon Zhovaka 44th
 Unovah Veflinge 47th
 Enot'ebia Sadzaghlo 54th
1.^ Apollo, Kosma was the venue of OSC 55 semis while Anapa, Daǔlska hosted the Grand Final.