Limnoupolitana in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationLIRT
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 21
Best result8th: OSC 34
Worst result19th SF: OSC 40, OSC 46

Limnoupolitana made their debut in the 21st Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Grolskira 21st Greece Vegas "Ego To Thialexa" Failed to qualify 13 36
Kimmystan 22nd Cyprus Evridiki "Pagos" Failed to qualify 10 57
Waticania 23rd Greece Nicole Saravakou "Love O' Clock" Failed to qualify 12 38
Sunetti 24th Greece Roni Iron "Onira" (ft. Xenia Gargali) Failed to qualify 16 20
Laranjeiras 25th Greece Anthia "Den Ise Edo" Failed to qualify 13 44
Auspikitan 26th Greece Demy "Tha Meineis Feugontas" 19 56 6 62
Kimmystan 27th United States Mandisa "Waiting For Tomorrow" Failed to qualify 11 52
Alteus 28th Greece Velix "Wish" Failed to qualify 12 32
Gandhara 29th Greece Angelika Dusk "Scream" Failed to qualify 10 49
Kimmystan 30th Bulgaria Tonita "Po Sladko Ot Meda" Failed to qualify 12 18
Arcorar 31st United States Bradley Sanches "You're a Superstar" Failed to qualify 11 36
Did not participate at OSC 32
Vydrja 33rd Georgia (country) Nutsa "Ghinionista" Failed to qualify 16 29
Timivar 34th Belarus Lia Berg "In My Space" 8 72 6 47
Timivar 35th Italy Noemi Colombini "The Only One to Blame" 26 23 No semi-finals
Kimmystan 36th None Masha "Over You Now" Failed to qualify 10 48
Oalia 37th South Africa Coffee Snobs "Utopia" Failed to qualify 13 47
Kaministiquia 38th Ukraine Gruppа XS "Julia" Failed to qualify 18 22
Spinachia 39th Estonia Maian "Say It First" 25 34 7 57
Auspikitan 40th Netherlands MAAN "I'll Find You" Failed to qualify 19 67
Kimmystan 41st Slovakia Zuzana Smatanová "Zo Zásady" 20 62 9 63
Alteus 42nd None Lydia Wegner "Hemmungslos" Failed to qualify 16 21
Kosma 43rd Greece Santia "" 23 42 6 62
Asankon 44th United States From The Stone "When Everything Is Gone" 17 78 7 69
Mărium 45th Sweden Em Appelgren "Game Over" Failed to qualify 13 53
Alteus 46th Cyprus Dorina "Don't Lie" Failed to qualify 19 26
Unovah 47th United States Hazen "This World Is Mine" 14 79 17 26
Kimmystan 48th Mexico Giselle Torres "16" Failed to qualify 15 33
Kimmystan 49th United States LeRive "Glow in the Dark" Failed to qualify 17 26
Mărium 50th United States Versace Rollins "The Queen" Failed to qualify 18 23
Alteus 51st Russia Rada "Reanimatsiya" 16 71 6 62
Daǔlska 52nd United States Eve Under Fire "The Strong" 13 77 7 62
Auspikitan 53rd United States Diamante "Black Heart" Failed to qualify 11 51
Enot'ebia 54th Italy Matteo Markus Bok "In The Middle" Failed to qualify 12 44
KosmaDaǔlska 55th Belarus Nuteki "Medlenno" 20 47 8 59
Mărium 56th United States Audrey "Red Flag" Failed to qualify 15 40
Pönö 57th Greece Vaggelis Kakouriotis "Isos" 12 93 12 52
KharóMărium 58th Spain MorphiuM "Everybody Is Dead in This House" Failed to qualify 16 4
Levië 59th United Kingdom Allegra "All About Us" 21 44 7 51
Lahna 60th United States Brooke Moriber "Cry Like A Girl" Failed to qualify 15 39
Oalia 61st United States Wes Quave "You Are" 16 63 6 64
Mărium 62nd Greece Nafsica ft. Canada Kresnt "Beat of my Drum" Failed to qualify 11 49

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