Rialwe in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationDegeshwele Rialgelshyung (DRG)
National selection eventsInternal selection
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 40
Last appearanceOSC 50
Best result15th: OSC 40
Worst resultSF last: OSC 43, OSC 50

Rialwe made their debut in the 40th edition of the Outernatia Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
Auspikitan 40th Uzbekistan Шахзода Shahzoda Кечалар Kechalar Uzbek 15 75 6 58
Kimmystan 41st Japan ディル・アン・グレイ Dir en Grey エンブリオ Embryo Japanese Failed to qualify 19 30
Alteus 42nd Hong Kong 王菲 Faye Wong 夢中人 Dream Person Cantonese Failed to qualify 14 32
Kosma 43rd Greece Filteria The Snuggling Snail Instrumental Failed to qualify 19 17
Asankon 44th Ukraine NikitA Mashina Russian Failed to qualify 11 56
Mărium 45th Finland M Sillat Finnish 22 38 11 54
Did not participate between 46th and 49th editions
Mărium 50th Japan Amadeus Kasumi Japanese Failed to qualify 20 9

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified

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