Akráku in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationAT
National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 29
Last appearanceOSC 50
Best result2nd: OSC 38
Worst result18th SF: OSC 39

Akráku debuted in the 29th edition of Outernatia Song Contest in Rhea, Gandhara.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Gandhara 29th United States BANKS "Gemini Feed" 18 47 8 54
Kimmystan 30th Ukraine Tamerlan & Alena "Potki Vetra" 21 19 7 59
Arcorar 31st United Kingdom Tsar B "Myth" Failed to Qualify 12 50
Kimmystan 32nd Sweden Günther "Ding Dong Song" 15 62 7 63
Did not participate between 33rd and 36th editions
Oalia 37th Albania Elvana "Forever Is Over" 3 122 3 73
Kaministiquia 38th Albania Arilena Ara "Nëntori" 2 136 5 67
Spinachia 39th Kosovo Nora Istrefi & Robert Berisha "Ska inat" Failed to Qualify 18 6
Did not participate between 40th and 48th editions
Kimmystan 49th Germany Kosovo Dhurata Dora "Jake Jake" Failed to Qualify 15 39
Mărium 50th Germany Vanessa Mai ft. Ukraine Olexesh "Wir 2 immer 1" Failed to Qualify 12 56