OSC Congratulations: 25 Editions of the Outernatia Song Contest

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OSC Congratulations:
25 Editions of the Outernatia Song Contest
Summer Time!
Final date 7th October 2016
Host city Victoria Mirabella, Victoria
Host broadcaster Victoria RTV
Laranjeiras EEL
Number of entries 21
Voting system 10 favourites are awarded 12, 10, then 8 through 1 points by all participants.

OSC Congratulations: 25 Editions of the Outernatia Song Contest was a television programme organised by the Outernatian Broadcasting Union (OBU) to commemorate the Outernatia Song Contest's twenty-fifth anniversary and to determine the Contest's most popular entrant of its twenty-five editions. It took place in Mirabella, Victoria after winning the bidding process for hosting the contest. The winning bid was announced by the OBU on 21 July 2016.[1] The format of contest, as well as participating countries will be announced by the host broadcaster.

Hosting[edit | edit source]

Bidding process[edit | edit source]

The bidding process to host the first Congratulations contest was officially launched on 1 July 2016 and 3 broadcasters announced their intentions to bid:[2]

Bids[edit | edit source]

Finally, the 3 bids were officially declared valid and received on time.

Transparent bar.svg
City Country Broadcaster Result
OSC CONGRATULATIONS 25.png Mirabella  Victoria RTV Winner
  • Slogan: Summer Time!
  • Venue: Victoria Stadium
OSC Congratulations 25 - Kimmystan-Alteus Logo.png Kimmystan: Nordfjord - Alteus: Wyverncliff  Kimmystan  Alteus KTV, BovineTV 1st round (2nd)

Kimmystan and Alteus will apply for a joint bid to host the OSC 25 Congratulations! The broadcasters responsible for the hosting will be BovineTV and KTV, this cooperation between these nations is a result of the the success they have achieved in OSC and ISC! The broadcasters have a good amount of experience with hosting the various event in Internatia and Outernatia!

Kimmystan is the country that have hosted the most editions of OSC, while Alteus have hosted the contest 2 times. The host cities will therefor be Nordfjord, Kimmystan and Wyverncliff, Alteus due to the successful hostings in these cities in the past.

The motto of this edition is #GetALife and the theme is Nintendo related! We came up with this idea after we counted how many hostings we had and we decided that we had to get a life ;;;; And we both love Nintendo of course!

  • Slogan: #GetALife
  • Venue: Nordfjord Castle (Nordfjord) - Wyverncliff Castle (Wyvercliff)
OSC Congratulations 25 - Laranjeiras Logo.png Pomar  Laranjeiras EEL 1st round (3rd)

After some preliminary talks between the laranjeiran government, OBU and the laranjeiran public broadcaster EEL, finally we could makea bid to host the first OSC Congratulations show. All the capitals submitted a bid, but only Pomar offered enough structure to make the show without major problems.

At Pomar, several venues offered to host the show, but after further analysis, the Pomar's Opera House were the venue that has been chosen since it offered a good acoustic, it's easy to reach by all the transports available at Pomar (taxi, bus and metro) and it's big enough to comport 150,000 viewers with ease.

The logo was made by the king, who said that "knew how to play with Photoshop". According to him, at it's a congratulation event, we all should celebrate non-stop, right? So, he came with the theme "Time to celebrate!" that became the motto. The logo is composed with a clock wich the pointers suggest that it's celebrate time, enforcing the idea of the motto.

I hope you all like it and the images you can see in the following pages of that document.

Sincerely, Victor Ramsés - King of Laranjeiras and President of EEL

  • Slogan: Time To Celebrate!
  • Venue: Pomar Opera House

Vote[edit | edit source]

The vote to elect the host country of the Congratulations Contest occured from 12th July to 20th July 2016.

All countries having taken part in OSC at least one edition or are in the main roster of ISC could vote. Bidders were allowed to vote but for the joint-bids, but only the first vote was taken.

The vote for the round was: 5, 3 and 1 points

Due to the few nations bidding, only one round was open for the votes. The country with the highest number of votes wins the right to host.

Congratulations contest bidding results
Country Host city Round 1
 Victoria Mirabella 53
 Kimmystan &  Alteus Nordfjord / Wyverncliff 47
 Laranjeiras Pomar 35

Results[edit | edit source]

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points Contest
1  Waticania Amber Run "I Found" 4 81 OSC 21
2  Gandhara Jess Lee "Snowstorm" 8 66 OSC 24
3  Trolofloppia Ida Corr "Down" 11 52 OSC 22
4  Ivanotia Guy Sebastian "Like A Drum" 20 49 OSC 23
5  Zephyrus Mahan Moin "Azizami" 2 91 OSC 13
6  Frostfall Caitlyn Shadbolt "Shoot Out The Lights" 16 33 OSC 18
7  Lost Islands Evanescence "Imaginary" 13 40 OSC 24
8  Land of Jhe Freeh Charlene Soraia "Caged" 7 66 OSC 12
9  Raingate Bring Me The Horizon "Throne" 1 96 OSC 23
10  Lettuce Kendi "Aşka inanmaz" 19 31 OSC 10
11  Republica Libera Kelly Rowland "Commander" 3 86 OSC 25
12  Aurävaan Stefanie Heinzmann "In The End" 10 55 OSC 11
13  Victoria Margaux Avril "L'Air De Rien" 6 68 OSC 9
14  Equatoria Hedley "Hello" 18 32 OSC 19
15  Polland Charlee "Boy Like You" 21 23 OSC 5
16  Kimmystan Josef Salvat "Punchline" 5 71 OSC 20
17  Sunetti Magdalena Cvetkoska "Placat i Najsilni" 15 34 OSC 24
18  Limnoupolitana Evridiki "Pagos" 17 33 OSC 22
19  Gebze Demet Akalın "İlahi Adalet" 14 39 OSC 1
20  Laranjeiras Alcazar "Good Lovin'" 9 65 OSC 4
21  Pönö Ayumi Miyazaki "Brave Heart" 12 48 OSC 15

Scoreboards[edit | edit source]

OSC Congratulations 25 Scoreboard.png OSC Congratulations 25 Scoreboard IJ.png

References[edit | edit source]

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