Riya-Sampetrina in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationRadio-Televisi Riya-Sampetrina (RTRS)
National selection events
Internal Selection
  • OSC 29
  • OSC 38-39
  • OSC 41-42
  • OSC 44-45
  • OSC 47-49
  • OSC 51-53
  • OSC 57-59
CirQuens National Final
  • OSC 40
  • OSC 43
  • OSC 46
  • OSC 50
  • OSC 56
  • OSC 59
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 29
Last appearanceOSC 59
Best result7th: OSC 53
Worst result18th SF: OSC 41

Riya-Sampetrina debuted in the 29th edition of Outernatia Song Contest.

History[edit | edit source]

(Be warned that this section is under construction, apologies for the inconvenience.)

Humble beginnings (2016-2017)[edit | edit source]

The early beginnings in Riya-Sampetrina's participation goes back to the time when their Holy Ruler Eulaliya and her cohorts made their evacuation to a new world called Outernatia due to their difficulties encountered in their other side of the world (refers to the ESCunited forum experiencing technical difficulties way back October-November 2016). And on 19th November 2016, a new incarnation of Riya-Sampetrina was born - and Eulaliya was crowned the Lady Warden Alunsina, the Head of Delegation who would oversee their participation in the Outernatian world.

Riya-Sampetrina confirmed their first participation in the 29th edition of the Outernatia Song Contest held in Rhea, Gandhara, with the Swedish group One More Time internally picked to represent them with the song "Song of Fête". Unfortunately everything went wrong, with their HoD failing to send their votes on time, causing them to disqualify with 25 points wasted. As a result, the Lady Warden had ordered their withdrawal - known as the First Dormition - that lasted eight editions.

Entries[edit | edit source]

Table key

  Winner   Second place   Third place   Last place   Disqualified   Jury qualifier   Did not compete

Edition Artist Title Language Place Points Semi Points
Gandhara 29th Sweden One More Time "Song of Fête" English Failed to qualify 16 25
Did not participate between 30th and 37th editions
Kaministiquia 38th United Kingdom 9Bach "Llyn Du" Welsh 21 59 8 56
Spinachia 39th Singapore Vanessa Mae "Happy Valley" Instrumental1 22 53 3 74
Auspikitan 40th United Kingdom Renaissance "Carpet of the Sun" English Failed to qualify 15 42
Kimmystan 41st Australia Courtney Barnett & United States Kurt Vile "Over Everything" English 18 36
Alteus 42nd Canada Ashley MacIsaac feat. Mary Jane Lamond "Sleepy Maggie" Scots Gaelic2 15 24
Kosma 43rd Germany Pharao "There Is A Star" English 15 62 2 71
Asankon 44th United States Christina Aguilera "Fighter" English 14 80 1 95
Mărium 45th Poland Justyna Steczkowska "Terra" Polish3 Failed to qualify 16 37
Alteus 46th Greece Vangelis "Chariots of Fire" Instrumental 9 92 2 74
Unovah 47th Kazakhstan Dana Kentai "Konyrau" Kazakh 15 72 6 64
Kimmystan 48th United Kingdom Tears For Fears "Shout" English 11 90 2 73
Kimmystan 49th Sweden Wintergatan "Marble Machine" Instrumental 19 73 9 52
Mărium 50th Russia Ivan Kupala "Pcheli" Russian 23 45 20 14
Alteus 51st Belgium Kim Kay "Li La Li" French 20 45 9 60
Daǔlska 52nd Denmark Safri Duo "Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)" Instrumental 11 81 10 55
Auspikitan 53rd Sweden First Aid Kit "Fireworks" English 7 101 5 66
Did not participate between 54th and 55th editions
Mărium 56th Japan MAN WITH A MISSION "Dead End in Tokyo" English 9 111 14 44
Pönö 57th Sweden Linnea Henriksson "Halmstad" Swedish 19 60 5 63
Kharó/Mărium 58th France Clara Luciani "La grenade" French 19 61 9 60
Levië 59th Turkey Tarkan "Yolla" Turkish 11 87 9 47
Did not participate between 60th and 61st editions
Mărium 62nd Russia Splean "Vyhoda niet" Russian TBA TBA


1.^ Contained choral parts in Chinese.
2.^ Although the title was in English, the song was in Scots Gaelic.
3.^ Although the title was in Latin, the song was in Polish.

Participation History[edit | edit source]

OSC Congratulations[edit | edit source]

Edition Artist Title Language Final Points Semi Points
Gandhara 2nd Greece Vangelis "Chariots of Fire" Instrumental 6 91 11 58

Voting History[edit | edit source]

Voting History - Finals
Edition 12 10 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01
38th  Uubell  Folkloria  Akráku  Gandhara  Auspikitan  Mărium  Bitland  Spinachia  Republica Libera  Kaministiquia
39th  Mărium  Unovah  Lost Islands  Polland  Oalia  Kaministiquia  Enot'ebia  Pinnipedia  Grolskira  Edoriada
40th  Mărium  Uubell  Rialwe  Huania  Grolskira  Spinachia  Lettuce  Bartlett  Pinnipedia  Asankon
41st  Laranjeiras  Baabutia  Mărium  Folkloria  Daǔlska  Grolskira  Kosma  Mergina  Spinachia  Bartlett
42nd  Oalia  Uubell  Daǔlska  Folkloria  Mărium  Grolskira  Kosma  Spinachia  Alteus  Enot'ebia
43rd  Limnoupolitana  Enot'ebia  Uubell  Lost Islands  Mărium  Folkloria  Grolskira  Dagon-Azuria  Spinachia  Kosma
44th  Polland  Mărium  Spinachia  Uubell  DimkaRUS  Limnoupolitana  Kimmystan  Ponásikwa  Daǔlska  Kosma
46th  Uubell  Misa  Aevis  DimkaRUS  Kimmystan  Ponásikwa  Grolskira  Mărium  Ladoga  Daǔlska
47th  Mărium  Thorway  Islas Wadonias  Kimmystan  Oalia  Limnoupolitana  Misa  Polland  Ladoga  Alcadia
48th  DimkaRUS  Bearland  Unovah  Auspikitan  Folkloria  Grolskira  Ponásikwa  Kimmystan  Saónas Fe Pier  Mărium
49th  Polland  Daǔlska  Mărium  Kosma  DimkaRUS  Spinachia  Enot'ebia  Asankon  Misa  Ladoga
50th  Daǔlska  Asankon  Grolskira  Folkloria  Jungalero  Mărium  Pönö  DimkaRUS  Oalia  Celestiana

ISC[edit | edit source]

Riya-Sampetrina, as part of the Waiting List, is required to vote in the Internatia Song Contest finals. As of ISC 68 (except ISC 64 and ISC 67 that they failed to vote in time for some reason, Riya-Sampetrina's voting history (as part of the Waiting List jury) is as follows:

Points awarded by Riya-Sampetrina[edit | edit source]

Most points given in the finals
Rank Country Points
1 Territrius Territrius 41
2 Bubblique Bubblique 29
3 Fierce Fierce 27
Zephyrus Zephyrus 27
4 Bitland Bitland 26
Trešlend Trešlend 26
5 Dulcet Ebullience Dulcet Ebullience 21
Leshia Leshia 21

Preselections[edit | edit source]

Retrosong National Final #2 featuring Italy[edit | edit source]

Place Artist Title Score
4 Italy P. Lion "Happy Children" 17
3 Italy Alice "Per Elisa" 18
2 Italy Carrara "Shine on Dance" 30
5 Italy Riccardo Fogli "Storie di tutti i giorni" 17
1 Italy Baltimora "Tarzan Boy" 34

CirQuens 4: All The Way With Turkey[edit | edit source]

Place Artist Title Score
Turkey Atiye "Abrakadabra"
Turkey Flört "Dün Trt'de İzledim"
Turkey Nil Karaibrahimgil "İyi ki"
Turkey Mabel Matiz ft. Sibel Gürsoy "Mendilimde Kırmızım Var"
Turkey Tarkan "Yolla"
Turkey Mahmut Orhan & United Kingdom Colonel Bagshot "6 Days"

The Best of the Best OSC[edit | edit source]

Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points Quarter Points Round 1 Points
Unovah 30's Wales 9Bach "Llyn Du" Failed to Qualify 13 8 Automatically qualified to the quarterfinal
Singapore Vanessa Mae "Happy Valley" Failed to Qualify 14 20 Automatically qualified to the quarterfinal
Mărium 40's United Kingdom Renaissance "Carpet of the Sun" Failed to Qualify 6 0
AustraliaUnited States Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile "Over Everything" Failed to Qualify 6 0
Canada Ashley MacIsaac ft. Mary Jane Lamond "Sleepy Maggie" Failed to Qualify 6 0
Germany Pharao "There is a Star"
United States Christina Aguilera "Fighter" Failed to Qualify 6 0
Poland Justyna Steczkowska "Terra" Failed to Qualify 6 0
Greece Vangelis "Chariots of Fire" Failed to Qualify 24 5
Kazakhstan Dana Kentai "Konyrau" Failed to Qualify 3 3
United Kingdom Tears for Fears "Shout" Failed to Qualify 5 1
Sweden Wintergatan "Marble Machine" Failed to Qualify 4 2

Artists[edit | edit source]

Riya-Sampetrina in ISC and related spin-offs[edit | edit source]

Riya-Sampetrina is currently number one in the WL and is expected to debut at ISC on the 85th edition in Pen Island, replacing Ponásikwa. Since their application to the WL, it has become a mandatory tradition to vote in the ISC finals as part of the Waiting List jury (with the exception of failing to vote in time twice, causing them to move six places down the list in total). They can vote in the ISC semis if they wish to do so.

For the spin-off participations, see Riya-Sampetrina in the ISC spin-off contests.

Alunsina in non-Outernatian contests and beyond[edit | edit source]