Polland in the Outernatia Song Contest

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Member stationTVP
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 2
Last appearanceOSC 49
Best result1st: OSC 5
Worst result

Polland made their debut in the 2nd Edition of the Outernatia Song Contest.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

Table key
  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
2nd Poland Donatan/Cleo & Sitek "Cicha woda" 8 64 No semi-finals
3rd Poland Ewelina Lisowska "Jutra nie będzie" 11 43
Did not participate in the 4th edition
5th Austria Charlee "Boy Like You" 1 82
6th United States Lindsey Stirling & Kurt Hugo Schneider "Pokémon Theme" 8 62
7th United States Taylor Swift "The Story Of Us" 11 38
8th Sweden Timoteij "Het" 5 64
9th Poland Ich Troje "Dokąd idziesz Polsko" 18 31
Did not participate between 10th and 11th editions
12th Poland Maria Niklińska "Na północy" 12 65
13th Did not participate
14th Poland Aleksandra Strunin "Zaczaruj mnie" 29 27
15th United States Miranda Cosgrove "Raining Sunshine" Failed to qualify 16 18
Did not participate in the 16th edition
17th PolandCanada Paulla & Garou "Tyle słów na wiatr - Du Vent des Mots" Failed to qualify 13 34
Did not participate between 18th and 26th editions
Kimmystan 27th Poland Sylwia Lipka "Masz To Coś" Failed to qualify 17 18
Did not participate between 28th and 30th editions
Arcorar 31st Poland Kasia Popowska "Dryfy" 15 55 2 71
Kimmystan 32th Poland Natalia Szroeder "Skradne" 19 48 15 36
Did not participate between 33rd and 38th editions
Spinachia 39th Poland Delight "Divided" 20 57 10 50
Auspikitan 40th Poland UnSun "Whispers" Failed to qualify 12 44
Kimmystan 41st Poland My3 "Mammaje" Failed to qualify 19 24
Did not participate between 42nd and 43rd editions
Asankon 44th Germany Dschinghis Khan "Moskau" 6 98 6 67
Mărium 45th Poland TerazMy "Nie będę" Failed to qualify 12 49
Alteus 46th Poland Roksana Węgiel "Żyj" Failed to qualify 13 52
Unovah 47th Sweden Troll "Jimmy Dean" 18 62 7 62
Kimmystan 48th Poland Kasia Stankiewicz & Varius Manx "Mgła nad Warszawą" Failed to qualify 16 40
Kimmystan 49th Poland Clödie "GO!" 9 89 3 81
Did not participate between 50th and 58th editions
Levië 59th United States Sweetbox "Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Reborn)" Failed to qualify 17 62
Lahna 60th Belgium K3 "MaMaSé!" 13 87 6 66
Oalia 61st Poland Roksana Węgiel "Dobrze jest, jak jest" Failed to qualify 16 55
Mărium 62nd Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak "Rakiety"

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