Nickymania in the Outernatia Song Contest

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National selection eventsInternal Selection
Participation summary
First appearanceOSC 35
Last appearanceOSC 61
Best result10th: OSC 44
Worst result18th SF: OSC 39

Nickymania made their debut in the 35th edition of the Outernatia Song Contest. It was discovered that Nickymania has random-voted (that means voting without listening to the songs) which is a clear violation to the rules, so OSC 49 was their last edition and the OSC mods have decided that Nickymania would not be allowed to compete in the following editions until further notice. It was only on OSC 53 when OSC mods lifted the ban.

Contestants[edit | edit source]

  Second place
  Third place
  Last place
  Jury qualifier
  Did not compete
Edition Artist Title Place Points Semi Points
Timivar 35th Angola Tchobari "Filha Alheia" 28 8 No semi-finals
Kimmystan 36th United Kingdom Birdy "Wild Horses" Failed to Qualify 16 77
Did not participate in the 37th edition
Kaministiquia 38th Portugal VIRGUL "Só Eu Sei" Failed to Qualify 13 45
Spinachia 39th Romania Alex Velea "Latino Vero" Failed to Qualify 18 9
Auspikitan 40th Netherlands Maan "Almost Had It All" Failed to Qualify 20 41
Did not participate between the 41st and 43rd edition
Asankon 44th Puerto RicoUnited States Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato "Échame La Culpa" 10 85 5 76
Mărium 45th Romania Feli "Acasa" Failed to Qualify 15 37
Alteus 46th United States Lions Head "When I Wake Up" Failed to Qualify 16 28
Unovah 47th Greece Giorgos Alkaios "Amane" Failed to Qualify 15 15
Kimmystan 48th Slovakia TWiiNS "Our Own Paradise" Failed to Qualify 13 57
Kimmystan 49th Georgia (country) Rati Durglishvili "Crazy" Failed to Qualify 18 27
Did not participate between the 50th and 52nd edition
Auspikitan 53rd Denmark Mattis "Loverboy" 17 85 6 64
Enot'ebia 54th Moldova Parfeny "Haina Evei" 21 55 13 49
KosmaDaǔlska 55th United Kingdom James Arthur & Anne-Marie "Rewrite the Stars" 15 81 8 58
Mărium 56th Switzerland DJ BoBo "Love is All Around" Failed to Qualify 15 37
Pönö 57th Germany Heino & Wolfgang Petry "Ich atme" Failed to Qualify 15 33
KharóMărium 58th Ireland Johnny Logan "It It What It Is" Failed to Qualify 17 25
Levië 59th Italy Eros Ramazzotti "Vita ce n'è" Failed to Qualify 12 39
Lahna 60th Germany Thomas Anders & Florian Silbereisen "Sie Sagte Doch Sie Liebe Mich" Failed to Qualify 14 41
Oalia 61st Netherlands Guus Meeuwis "Kom We Gaan" Failed to Qualify 15 36

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